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Spirits Spotlight: Kimo Sabe ‘Anejo’ Set For September 15 Launch


Kimo Sabe 'Anejo' Takes Double Gold 94 Pt. Rating

LOS ANGELES and ZACATECAS, Mexico, Sept. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Kimo Sabe Mezcal, the fastest growing Mezcal in the United States, will launch Kimo Sabe Anejo, on September 15th.  Previewed by celebrated wine and spirits connoisseur Anthony Dias Blue, Kimo Sabe Anejo received a coveted 'double-gold', 94 rating, which will be published later this month on the renowned Blue Lifestyle website.

Kimo Sabe Anejo is aged for 18 months in American Oak casks – which have already been seasoned aging Kimo Sabe Reposado.  Its nose: refined notes of vanilla pod and sweet grass. Tasting notes include:  spicy vanilla, tropical banana, licorice with a butter crème finish. This ultra-premium Kimo Sabe Mezcal Anejo is 41.5% ABV and has a MSRP of $54.99.

Kimo Sabe Anejo joins Kimo Sabe's award winning Joven, Reposado and limited edition, super luxury expression, Cinco de Noviembre, giving it four Mezcal offerings in the marketplace.

"We're very proud to continue enhancing our line of exceptional mezcals, with our Anejo which builds on the quality, taste and smoothness of our gold medal-winning Reposado," said Jim Walsh, CEO of Kimo Sabe. "A great deal of care, innovation and quality goes into every bottle of Kimo Sabe. We want to attract the largest following possible to our spirit line, and that is why all of our mezcals are meticulously crafted while offering tremendous value."

Kimo Sabe has won back-to-back American Distilling Institute Best In Class honors in the agave spirit category. Kimo Sabe Joven took top honors in 2016 and the super-luxury expression Kimo Sabe Cinco de Noviembre won in 2017.  With Kimo Sabe Anejo getting the double gold 94 rating, it gives Kimo Sabe three award winning Mezcals.

Kimo Sabe is currently distributed in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Colorado.




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Company Spotlight: Kimo Sabe Mezcal



Kimo Sabe is a high-end approachable mezcal. By owning their own distillery and estate of 1200 hectars of agave, KS has consistency of flavor. The brand utilizes its renown flavor experts coming from the world of fine cacao, a secret element in the taste of Kimo, creating a premium flavor compared to any high end tequila with it's Joven mezcal. And with it’s oak profiles in the resposado and anejo mezals, KS has created a drink with the style and grace of sipping whisky and/or cognac.


Why Kimo Sabe?

Mezcal has, by law, lower high alcohols (the ones that make your brain hurt and lead to hangovers) than any other spirit including Tequila.Mezcal = 400 PPM
Tequila = 500 PPM
Bourbon/Whiskey = 1000 PPM

Kimo Sabe, unlike any other spirit, uses sound technology to homogenize the molecules in the spirit. This makes the liquid clean and smooth from the first sip to the last note.

Along with the energy of the sound waves, agave plants are like solar panels, they absorb sun during the day and grow at night. Harvested after 8 years of sun absorption you are drinking SUN and SOUND energy – a natural stimulant!

MEZCAL – Can use up to 42 types of agave plants, many processing choices and must be made with 100% agave.

TEQUILA – Can only use one agave type, one processing style, and can be made with only 51% agave.

Mezcal, like a multi-color picture,
has more ways to create complex depth of flavor than the black and white picture of tequila.




Company: Kimo Sabe
Brand: Kimo Sabe
Origin: Mexico / USA
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750 ml
ABV: 41.5 %
Claims: Family Crafted. Master Distiller
Where to Buy: Online Stores, Store Locator
Website: kimosabemezcal.com



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malacara feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Malacara Mezcal



Designed by


Monterry, Mexico




Created at the very heart of Oaxaca’s most iconic Mezcal Region, Santiago Matatlán, by local artisans whose families have worked this land for centuries. Crafted by imperfect souls and hard working hands—with the aid of the sun, the earth, and a deep respect for tradition. Malacara is meant to be celebrated and shared. Easygoing and inviting—yet full with flavour—it balances citric and herbal notes with a delicate smoky touch.


Rooted in an ancient culture of imperfect souls and hard-woking hands, Mezcal Malacara displays an imaginary universe inspired by mystical elements that complement the unique flavour characteristic to the brand. The twisted legend of Silvestre Malacara is depicted through hand drawn imagery. All of which were created using traditional illustration techniques that are enhanced by classical printing methods on a variety of carefully curated rudimentary materials. The monochromatic palette is the finishing touch on the uneasy atmosphere of all that is Malacara: and unknown universe that was never meant to remain hidden.





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viejoinde cente feat1

Spirits Spotlight: Mezcal Viejo Indecente



Unlock the door, and come visit a new world of mezcal with Viejo Indecente.






MEZCAL VIEJO INDECENTE is produced in the small community of San Isidro Guishe, within the district of Miahuatlán, Oaxaca, by the Lucas family, who has been producing mezcal for three generations. 














Company: Viejo Indecente
Brand:  Mezcal
Slogan:  Viejo Indecente
Origin: US, Mexico
Category: Spirits
Packaging:  750ml
Claims:  Produced in the community of San Isidro Guishe
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $59.99
Where to Buy: US, Mexico, Buy Online
Website: http://www.viejoindecente.com/



viejoindecente 1



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aprendiz feat1

Packaging Spotlight: APRENDIZ mezcal



Designed by

Toro Pinto





APRENDIZ  is a mezcal by destilería Santasabia. APRENDIZ transalates as apprentice: the goal was to create a friendly product that would feel as an introductory beverage for those who wish to start drinking mezcal . We developed the brand, original artowrk and label design based on the concepts of mystics, alchemy and pop culture . This way we aimed the brand to appeal to a contemporary market yet at the same time with a narrative that made references to a mysterious place of origin: A mystical, mysterious Oaxaca, México. As part of the communication design project we also developed the web design and overall narrative contents of the project.





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Alcohol Spotlight: Mezcal IBÁ




The word IBÁ means HEAVEN in the ZAPOTEC language (indigenous to the Mexican state of OAXACA), hence our slogan MEZCAL OF THE HEAVENS.

Mezcal Ibá is the result of a partnership between the company BEBIDAS PROACTIVAS DE MEXICO, and the artisanal production house, or palenque, El Dos de Oros, located in San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca. Don Fortino Ramos, the legendary maestro and pioneer in traditional mezcal production, is the backbone of “El Dos de Oros.” In Mezcal Ibá, he sought to create a high-quality, 40% ABV mezcal with smooth, refined flavors. The use of triple distillation subdues the smoky flavor and accentuates the sweet, citrus aromas of espadín agave.

Mezcal Ibá is a smooth, pleasant mezcal intended for all palates.



MEZCAL IBÁ is made with ESPADÍN agave with which we produce two labels.
MEZCAL IBA 40% alcohol by volume. Triple distilled.
IBA 55 as its name indicates, contains 55% alcohol by volume, the upper parameter allowed by government standards (NOM 070). For those who prefer an artisanal MINERO mezcal.

Mezcal is classified according to its age as joven, or blanco; reposado; or añejo. A new category called extra añejo is currently under consideration.

To introduce consumers to something unique, we have developed a third label that we call:

IBÁ PREMIUM a medley of three wild agaves—tobalá, quixe, and jabalí—in a distinctive blend of exotic aromas and flavors created using ancient techniques such as hand crushing and the use of clay stills.

All three of our labels are made with MEZCAL JOVEN. We do not want to add any external flavors or aromas from the barrels.




How They Make It
Mezcal is made with the piña, or heart, of the agave. When the agave reaches maturity (from 7 to 14 years old, depending on the plant) the leaves are removed leaving only the piña. The piña is then split open and baked in a cone-shaped oven in the earth. Next, it is ground either in a simple, horse-powered, mill or on a flat surface by a large wooden roller.

The ground agave is placed in wooden tubs with clean water, covered in bits of crushed agave and allowed to ferment naturally with its own yeasts and sugars for six to eight days. Once the fermentation stage is complete, the mass and the liquid are distilled together.

For a better quality product, the mezcal is redistilled in order to standardize the alcoholic content. It is then mixed with water to reach a strength of 40% ABV. Mezcal can be aged or matured by storing it in white oak barrels for periods ranging from two months to seven years.

Also, the type of mezcal is directly linked to its concentration of alcohol. This makes it a very interesting drink as regulatory standards allow for mezcals ranging from 36-55% alcohol by volume. Our IBÁ 55 label has the highest alcohol content in the market. Many mezcals of this kind were used in religious ceremonies.

Some mezcals have fruit, herbs, or other ingredients such as worm or chicken breast tied and hanging in the still on the third distillation. Mezcal de pechuga (chicken breast) is a highly-prized mezcal that is prepared for special ceremonies. Mezcal IBÁ is distilled three times, but we prefer to keep it refined.





Company: Bebidas Proactivas de Mexico
Brand: Mezcal IBÁ
Origin: Mexico
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 40% - 55%
Variants: Mezcal IBA, IBA 55, IBA Premium
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: La Europea (Mexico)
Website: mezcaliba.com











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Alcohol Spotlight: Sabios de Luá Madrecuixe Mezcal


The land of Oaxaca unmasks this Madrecuixe with its complex nose and mouth. This, along with memories of peach, banana, orange peel, seduces with aromas of freshly cut grass and jasmine. One of its most notable features are the flashes of forest in its long finish.


Distilling Process
Mature and shaved Maguey are cut with a machet and then baked in an ecological masonry oven. The product is then naturally fermented in oak barrels and double distilled in traditional copper stills.

Agave: 100% Agave karwinskii (Silvestre)
Source: San Isidro Guishe, Oaxaca • Packaging Source
Master Mezcalillero: Don Mario Lucas and Family
Vintage: 2013
Bottles Produced: 732
Alcohol Level: 48 Degrees
Content: 750 ml



Company: Sabios de Luá
Brand: Sabios de Luá
Origin: Mexico
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 48%
Variants: Madrecuixe, Mexico, Joven, Espadin
Price: $73.34
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: sabiosdelua.com





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Product Spotlight: Wahaka Espadin Joven Mezcal


Wahaka Mezcal is an artisanal mezcal produced by 5th generation mezcaleros from San Dionisio Ocotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. Certified USDA organic, Wahaka comes in five unique varieties: Joven Espadin and Reposado con Gusano (with our estate farmed agave, Joven Tobalá (wild agave from the highlands), Joven Madre-Cuishe™ (wild from the lowlands) and our signature Joven Ensamble (a blend of all our agaves). Wahaka products are 100% agave, 100% organic and 100% authentic. Always. Wahaka Mezcal produces its mezcales using sustainable harvesting techniques and traditional production procedures. The story of Mezcal, like all knowledge, is a personal journey. Salud! “El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.” – Don Benito Juarez (loosely translates as: “Respect for each others’ rights is the basis for peace.”)




Mezcal is one of the few distilled spirits where the drinker can actually taste the source, in this case, the agave plant. As some have described it, “young mezcal is jagged and primeval, ethereal and alluring, its flavor defined by elemental forces of fire and earth”. Our young mezcal series – Joven Espadin – delivers fantastically what pure, artisanal mezcal should be all about. The aroma wakes up your senses. Upon tasting it, you are immediately transported to Maestro Alberto’s palenque in San Dionisio, Oaxaca, which he describes as “a place of respect and harmony, where no arguments or even bad words can be uttered”. You can then taste the smokiness of the pit and the sweetness of the cooked piñas, and perceive the lengthy, caring process required to ferment, distill and then rectify the mezcal. Our Joven Espadin series is maestro Alberto’s specialty, and one we have chosen to present at 38% so that everyone can enjoy sipping it but also use for mixed drinks.


Joven Espadin is our more readily-available spirit. It is easier to produce, so Wahaka can deliver more spirits in this variation. Many mezcal cocktails are made with the Joven Espadin, and mescal enthusiasts can find the Joven Espadin in their favorite watering hole.




Their Story
The Zapotec highlands are known for their rich cultural mosaic, as well as for their unrivaled biodiversity. Of all the states of Mexico, Oaxaca has the greatest variety of agave, and, naturally, the largest production of mezcal. This spirit, with a centuries-old history, has become an integral part of special occasions, as well as everyday life. Wahaka is crafted in San Dionisio Ocotepec (located in the Central Valleys of Oaxaca in the District of Tlacolula, 16º48´ N 96º24´ W, 1,670 meters above sea level). Founded in 1610, this village has sat at the epicenter of mezcal country throughout the spirit’s existence. Within the village of San Dionisio, the Morales family has perfected the art of mezcal creation over generations. Today, young maestro Alberto is the principal author of our label, managing the family's five stills and overseeing the process from harvest to market.



Company: Wahaka Mezcal
Brand: Wahaka Mezcal
Origin: Mexico
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 40% (100% Espadin)
Price: $389.18 MXP
Where to Buy: More info on their website
Website: wahakamezcal.com


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Product Spotlight: Illegal Mezcal


Desperate for a good agave-based spirit to stock at his bar (Café No Se) in Antigua, John Rexer began smuggling artisanal mezcal from Mexico to Guatemala using banditos, river rafts, bribes, disguises, and late night drop points. As word spread about Rexer’s illegal mezcal, travelers and tourists, journalists and photographers and lawyers and businessmen began patronizing Rexer’s bar and smuggling the mezcal from Guatemala back to the United States. Simply put, Ilegal Mezcal began as an illegal pursuit to stock Café No Se with some of the finest spirits being distilled in Mexico.

Today, the journey of Ilegal Mezcal begins in the agave fields of Tlacolula, Mexico. There, under the watchful eye of master distiller Eric Hernandez, expert mezcaleros harvest agave plants that are nearly a decade old and have reached their peak of maturity. After the agave have been harvested, the hearts of the agave, or piñas, are transported to Hernandez’s distillery.

At the distillery, the piñas are cooked in a pit oven for approximately five days. The oven is heated by a wood furnace dug below the pit, and kindled with oak, mesquite and eucalyptus (this gives the mezcal its signature, smoky flavor). After the piñas have been cooked, they are chopped into smaller pieces and finally crushed to a mash by a tahona, a stone mill drawn by a horse (Hernandez’s horse is named Caballo Sin Nombre, which means “a horse with no name”). The mash is then fermented for up to two weeks by airborne yeasts before it is distilled twice, first through small, stainless steel alembic stills and then again through copper alembic stills.

Ilegal Mezcal Joven is unaged and has notes of sweet agave, eucalyptus and minerals, complimented a light floral note. The notes of rich agave are well-balanced with hints of pear, apples and citrus, and are followed by a long finish.

Ilegal Mezcal Reposado is aged for four months in 200-liter, medium-charred American oak casks. It has notes of smoky agave, along with a touch of green apple, mesquite, and oak.

Ilegal Mezcal Añejo is aged for thirteen months in medium-charred American oak, medium-charred French oak and used bourbon casks. As a result, while each batch of Ilegal Mezcal Añejo is slightly different, the mezcal boasts expressive notes of roasted pineapples, citrus and smoke. The flavors open up to notes of figs, tobacco, and slight hints of caramel, which are layered over a chocolate, peppery finish.

Each Ilegal Mezcal is certified by COMERCAM (Mexico’s regulatory body for mezcal) as being produced naturally — the only ingredients in the mezcal are 100% wild espadín agave, Oaxacan sun, water and time.

“Mezcal is very small, very artisanal,” says Rexer. “You can taste the difference from village to village, because of the water, because of whether the agave are processed in a clay pot or a copper pot. It’s handcrafted.”



Tasting Notes

Joven: Notes of sweet agave, eucalyptus and minerals, complimented a light floral note. The notes of rich agave are well-balanced with hints of pear, apples and citrus, and followed by a long finish.
Reposado: Notes of smoky agave, along with a touch of green apple, mesquite, and oak.
Añejo: Expressive notes of roasted pineapples, citrus and smoke. The flavors open up to notes of figs, tobacco, and slight hints of caramel, which are layered over a chocolate, peppery finish.



Company: Illegal Mezcal
Brand: Illegal Mezcal
Origin: Mexico
Category: Alcohol
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Variants: Joven, Reposado, Añejo
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Price: $46.99 (Joven), $64.99 (Reposado), $95.99 (Añejo)
Where to Buy: View Locations, Buy Online
Website: illegalmezcal.com

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