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Drink Spotlight: Buho Mexican Sodas




"A new generation of sodas for a new generation of consumers!" This is the result of a great trip with friends to Oaxaca and more than a year in development of the product till its perfection. The idea of this project begun in a visit I made from my native country Germany to Mexico.  The trip was organized to the city of Oaxaca with some friends that I met during a university exchange.  After buying cola flavored sodas and energy drinks, to avoid falling asleep while driving back to Mexico City, we crossed the beautiful Sierra Madre and its incomparable nature and thought it was illogic to love nature so much and yet consume artificial drinks.


On my way back to Germany, I decided to make the dream of making modern and honest sodas a reality: a combination of exquisite flavor, less calories, natural ingredients, spring water and sweetened with a Mexican organic product  as is the agave nectar of Jalisco in combination with natural stevia.


I didn't understand why Mexico being a producing country of delicious and varied fruits, its population must drink artificial drinks with great doses of sugar. It is important to care for the health of those that inhabit this beautiful country.


Now in Mexico, I started the materialization of the project. It took awhile to see its crystallization, but you can be sure that we offer you a product of Germany quality with Mexican flavor which has been revised down to the smallest detail so that you can enjoy the authentic Buho flavor with every sip you take - and without having to fill yourself with a calorie bomb!





Your New Soul Mate

  • Delicious Orange juice mixed with mandarin and lemon juice (15% of total juice)
  • Mexican sweet orange intense flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and Stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor, low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low Sodium






When Life gives you limes, make Limonada

  • 7% Lime Juice with a touch of mint flavor
  • Slightly sweetened with agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • 100% flavor, low in calories
  • With Vitamin C
  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sodium






Wake up Naturally

  • One of the strongest Kola's in the world with a natural shot of caffeine
  • With natural lemon juice
  • Without phosphoric acid
  • Slightly sweetened with organic agave nectar from Jalisco and stevia extracts
  • Reduced in Calories
  • Low Sodium






Company: Mima Sodas
Brand: Buho
Slogan: A New Generation of Sodas
Category: Soft Drinks
Origin: Mexico
Claims: Low Calorie, Sweetened with Stevia
Packaging: 12fl oz (355ml)
Varieties: Naranjada, Limonada, Kola
Price: $1.45
Where to Buy: Mexico
Website: buho-soda.mx










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Drink Spotlight: Zoe Alkaline Water




Zoe Water. Created with the most advanced water purification process for people like you that take care of your health.  Zoe Water is alkaline water with a pH of 8.5 which provides for a more efficient hydration process, maintaining your body in balance.

  • Alkaline - pH 8.5
  • Antioxidant
  • Light
  • Does not contain Chlorine


Zoe SPORT® Water is intelligent hydration. You cooked for you that you run, go to the gym , practice yoga , play fut 're active or exercising your body. It is the perfect water to hydrate during and after exercise , thanks to the combination of elements with which it was designed.




kidsZoé Water Kids.
Your kids played , ran , jumped and you thirsty ? Zoe Kids® Water is a healthy , practical and fun option to hydrate longer. Zoe Kids® Water hydrates effectively, for those who want to continue playing.




Water Zoe BOX is an ecological packaging developed especially for the water does not come into contact with the air and you obtain all the benefitsto the last drop !




Company: Zoe
Brand:  Zoe
Slogan: It's not just Water, it's Life
Origin: Mexico
Category: Water
Packaging:  500ml, 900ml
Claims:  Alkaline, Ionized, Sodium Free, Antioxidant, Light, BPA Free
Variants: Original, Sport, Kids
Price:  View Current Pricing Here
Where to Buy: Mexico, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: tomazoewater.com









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Snack Spotlight: Yobits Cranberry Rice Snacks


Are you also tired of eating the same types of snacks?

We have innovated how to introduce products with these funny cubes called Yobits and also offer you the opportunity to give your body a snack that is not only tasty, but also NUTRITIONAL ...


The Perfect Mix

Well for starters Almond is one of the nuts with greater intake of vitamin E, reduces cholesterol and insulin in the body, is an excellent source of vegetable protein and soluble fiber and last but not least, also it contributes to the smooth heart function and circulation ... it sounds good does not it?


It is an ingredient that offers many more benefits to your health than its size might indicate. Unless you or someone in your family are allergic, consider them key to a diet low in fat, as it contains the "right kind" of fat in small portions help lower "bad" cholesterol and maintain constant levels of cholesterol "Okay". In addition, the nut is very low in sodium and contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals such as the thiamine, niacin, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium and vitamin E. All these benefits in one package Amazing is not it?


And to conclude the blueberry is a great antioxidant, it is proven that one of its greatest benefits is related to the prevention of infections of the urinary tract, includes a significant supply of vitamin C, which increases the immune system or defenses of the body and contributes to decrease the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. So if you're looking to be healthy, this is the perfect complement to achieve.







- Products are low in sodium, 0 % cholesterol and the ideal amount of calories to your snack .

- By consuming Yobits between meals you are helping to accelerate your metabolism , because having fasts longer than 3 or 4 hours makes this becomes slower.

- Portions are ideal for a snack

- Contribute to a healthy diet, you can easily adapt each of our products to your nutritional requirements.

- Yobits, besides being delicious have an affordable price.

- Its size makes it easier to chew and thus achieve better digestion.



About the Company

A world where lots of foods high in fat, sodium, carbohydrates and low in nutrients, began to cause people to have weight problems, hypertension , diabetes, among others ...

But gradually people began to be more aware of the importance of a good diet, health care and the need to eat more healthy foods ...

And I was one of them, for this reason we created YOBITS. As a result of different experiences, a love of life and the need for new options for healthy snacks we now make YOBITS accessible to everyday people like you.




Company: Yobits
Brand: Yobits
Slogan: I love myself, I take care of myself
Origin: Mexico
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 30g
Claims: Low in Sodium, 0 Cholesterol
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $340 MXP (24 x 30g)
Where to Buy: Mexico, Buy Online
Website: yobits.mx








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Drink Spotlight: Coco Niau Coconut Water


The Beginning
A Visionary Crocodile in a remote island and a heavy storm is how it all started...

Our story begins in the French Polynesia at a tiny and beautiful atoll island named NIAU.
Is in this far place where Fred, an entrepreneur and visionary salt water crocodile founded COCO NIAU.

The idea of launching his coconut water brand came after the pass of the tropical storm OLI which devastated Fred's island. It is well known that Fred survived this monstrous cyclone with his best friend Macabea the frog, feeding and hydrating from only the coconuts that fell from the palm threes.



After listening to Nalas story Fred decided to verify this and traveled all the way to Michoacan. Obviously with the company of his friends Macabea and Nala.

Fred was amazed from the start, he not only confirmed the quality of the coconuts but also loved the beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains. He decided to produce his product in Mexico and also established there as his new home.

Finally he named his brand COCO NIAU in honor to his homeland in the French Polynesia.
"Coconut water is not only delicious, it has all of the good but non of the bad"
CEO & Founder





Company: Coco Niau
Brand:  Coco Niau
Slogan:  Coconut Water
Origin: Mexico
Category: Water
Packaging:  330ml
Claims:  100% Natural, No Added Sugar, Only 71 Calories per serving, Kosher, Cholesterol Free, Hydrating
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Mexico, Store Locator
Website: coconiau.com








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Drink Spotlight: Nature’s Heart Almond Vanilla Drink


• For the entire family
• Enriched with vitamins A, D and calcium
• Suitable for nursing mothers
• lactose and dairy components
• Low-fat
• Cholesterol free
• 100 % suitable for vegetarians
• Gluten Free
• Low sodium
• Available in 946 ml




About the Company
TerraFertil is the work of five friends who all shared the same dream: offer natural products that offer very real health benefits because of their quality, nutritional properties and unique flavor. The company was founded on this principles and their brand name is Nature's Heart.


Company: TerraFertil
Brand: Nature's Heart
Origin: Mexico
Category: Dairy Alternatives
Packaging: 946ml
Claims: Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Low Fat, Vitamin Enriched
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $44.00 MXP
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: naturesheartterrafertil.com





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Drink Spotlight: Del Valle Limón & Nada



It is a refreshing drink of lemon juice ( 13.5 % ) and with a delicious taste to really refresh you! No conservatives, Limón & Nada , a simple and surprising way to quench your thirst .


Available in bottles of 1 L , 200 ml Glass and canned 330ml for individual consumption.


Nutritional information (per 100 ml . ) :
energy value 229 kJ , 54 kcal ; 0 g protein ; 13.0 g carbohydrates , of which sugars 13.0 g ; 0 g fat , of which saturates 0 g ; 0 g dietary fiber ;





Company: Coca Cola
Brand: Del Valle
Origin: Mexico
Category: Juice
Packaging: 1 liter, 200ml, 330ml
Claims: No Conservatives
Variants: View Range
Where to Buy: Mexico
Website: cocacola.es










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Packaging Spotlight: Ankori Tea






Designed by
Monterry, Mexico

Ankori is a house of tea inspired by a moment of harmony that can only be achieved through the experience of drinking a fine tea. It acknowledges tea as that emotion of calm and tranquility. Ankori is guided by serenity, mysticism, and reflection. It is devoted to promoting tea culture, through the creation and distribution of tea and related products, as well as the design and implementation of workshops and tea tastings.

The objective was to create a brand that would reflect the connection between humans and nature with tea as the means. The path of cultivating tea served as our inspiration. We followed the process, from the tea's inception in the mountains where the ingredients are blossoming, to the blending of herbs and mastering the brewing of the tea. We wanted the brand to transmit spirituality through organic shapes that flow in peaceful atmospheres.

Ankori’s emblem takes from the flower Camellia Sinensis, which leaves are used to produce tea and the K that holds together Ankori. The typographical elements of the brand are aligned vertically, following common practices in Asian writing and symbols.

A visual system for the packaging was developed using Chinese ink textures and different combinations of color, it also o incorporates alphanumerical codes that identify each product.


















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Packaging Spotlight: The Oaxacan Coffee Company


Designed by
Nacho Huizar
Mexico City, Mexico


Design and development of image and brand products for TOCC · The Oaxacan Coffee Company, organic coffee, planted under shade delighting your palate with its strong flavor, from San Miguel Talea de Castro, Oaxaca, Mexico. A product designed and developed for all those who visit Oaxaca and want to carry with them a small part of this beautiful city, "take a piece of Oaxaca here".

Visit: The Oaxacan Coffee Company on Facebook










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aprendiz feat1

Packaging Spotlight: APRENDIZ mezcal



Designed by

Toro Pinto





APRENDIZ  is a mezcal by destilería Santasabia. APRENDIZ transalates as apprentice: the goal was to create a friendly product that would feel as an introductory beverage for those who wish to start drinking mezcal . We developed the brand, original artowrk and label design based on the concepts of mystics, alchemy and pop culture . This way we aimed the brand to appeal to a contemporary market yet at the same time with a narrative that made references to a mysterious place of origin: A mystical, mysterious Oaxaca, México. As part of the communication design project we also developed the web design and overall narrative contents of the project.





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