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Snack Spotlight: Cave Foods Coffee Protein Bars



Hand Crafted, Gluten Free & All Natural. Non GMO

Raw Organic Whey Protein, Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Raw Organic Honey, Organic Almond Meal, Organic Hazelnut Meal, Raw Organic Cacao Powder, Single Origin Speciality Grade Ground Coffee, Raw Organic Cacao Nibs. No Artificial Anything.

The Cave Foods Coffee Protein Bar will fuel your adventures, exceed your energy demands and provide you with the right amount of protein to replenish your body. Our Primal, low sugar protein bars are packed full of nutrient-dense ingredients sourced directly by us and are a great source of healthy-heart fats, vitamins and minerals on-the-go.



Coffee Protein Bar Servings per pack 1
Serving Size 45g
Ave Qty per Serve Ave Qty per 100g
Energy 736kj 1640kj
Protein 11.6g 25.9g
Fat, total 17.7g 39.3g
- saturated 7g 15.7g
Carbohydrates 10.6g 23.6g
- sugars 7.5g 16.6g
- sodium 19mg 42mg



About the company

The roots of Cave Foods were planted when Stuart Gadenne was diagnosed gluten intolerant in 2010. Studying nutrition and in need of sustenance which suited his adventurous lifestyle, he began creating his own high protein snacks which were nutritious and packed full of wholesome ingredients, but lacking in taste.

Seeking the assistance of Australian paleo chef, Daniel Barrett, was a masterstroke. Together they developed a better tasting bar without compromising on the natural and nutritional integrity of the produce – quality raw, organic/biodynamic ingredients; free of gluten and artificial additives

The final ingredient was Ben Moon. A friend of Stuart’s and former colleague in the Australian Special Forces. On leaving the Special Forces, Ben was looking to maintain and excel his ingrained level of professionalism in a more socially responsible way. His drive and organisational skills provided the springboard to ensure other health-conscious adventurers could benefit from Cave Foods.

Beginning at the local Bondi Farmers Markets in July 2014, their journey so far is testament to the quality of the product they hand craft. Cave Foods continues to explore opportunities to create healthy, nutritious wholesome foods while retaining its buy local ethos and sustainable and socially responsible practices.



Company: Cave Foods
Brand: Coffee Protein Bars
Origin: Australia
Category: Bars
Packaging: 45g per bar
Claims: Gluten-free, all natural, non-GMO, organic.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $5.60
Where to Buy: Australia, Buy OnlineStore Locator
Website: http://cavefoods.com/


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Snack Spotlight: Exo Savory Meal Bars


Whether you’re on the trail or getting off the track, Exo’s Savory Meal bars will satisfy with salt over sugar. Made with the same minimally-processed cricket flour and real food ingredients that Exo is known for, our genius three-Michelin-starred chefs have dreamed up these bars to fulfill all your ultimate umami cravings. High in protein and ultra-low in sugar, they hit the sweet spot--without the sweetness.

For those days when you can’t get to the nearest smokehouse, our Barbecue bar packs the same hearty punch of seasoning as your favorite rub. Satisfy your meat craving without the messy fingers.

The Mango Curry bar blends real coconut and mango with the tang of tamarind and aromatic spices. It's all the comfort of your favorite curry, compacted.

Our Mediterranean bar brings you all the flavors of Greece without the international flight. Made with real food ingredients like olives, tomatoes and sesame seeds, this bar will send your taste buds on holiday. BYO red wine.







About the company:

They arrived in two shoebox-sized containers. And they were very, very loud. We wanted to find out if we could make a food product using insects that actually tasted good. Armed with Google research, a vague recipe for cricket flour, an oven, and a blender, it was time to walk the walk...

Gabi had created a basic protein bar recipe while on his own quest to make a snack both healthy and delicious, prompted by his frustration at the nutrition-taste tradeoff marring everything commercially available. The idea to add insects came when Greg, one of Gabi’s five college roommates, attended a conference at MIT on the breakdown of global systems that sparked a conversation about insects’ tremendous environmental benefits relative to other food sources. He intuitively understood that only by combining insects with something more familiar—protein bars, for example—could people here be convinced to eat them. Read More




Company: Exo, Inc.
Brand: Exo
Origin: USA
Category: Protein Bar
Packaging: 2.1 oz (60 g) x 12 bars per box
Claims: Gluten Free. No Soy. No Dairy
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $36.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: exoprotein.com








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Food Spotlight: Celebrity Slim Choc Mint Meal Replacement Bar


Our yummy Celebrity Slim Bars can be used to replace a meal, just like our Celebrity Slim Shakes or Soups. They contain special proteins that digest slowly to make you feel fuller longer and each 55g bar makes a satisfying meal. Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Bars are super convenient, and perfect for on the go because you can take them anywhere. Now you don't have to break your diet just because you have a busy lifestyle - just take along a Celebrity Slim Meal Replacement Bar when you're out and about! while you lose weight.


They also contain several important nutrients that can help accelerate weight loss and improve your health:


Green tea extract, which is rich in antioxidants, has been shown to accelerate natural fat burning, resulting in quicker weight loss.

Dairy Calcium, a source of calcium and minerals extracted from milk, has been shown in several studies to stimulate fat loss.

Caseinate, a dairy protein rich in amino acids, provides you with a feeling of fullness to help control your appetite.

Whey Protein Concentrate provides high levels of certain amino acids which have been shown to assist in weight loss. It is also a rich source of easily digested proteins and immune enhancing nutrients to boost your health and immunity.

Soy Protein Isolate contains specific plant nutrients, known as Isoflavones, that help regulate many body processes to keep hormone and energy systems in balance.

Directions for use: Simply replace two meals a day with Celebrity Slim Shakes, Soups or Bars and eat one healthy balanced meal and several healthy snacks each day.

Celebrity Slim Bars are available in a wide range of delicious flavours to satisfy every taste.




About the Company
Beacon Pharma is a dynamic, passionate company enjoying rapid and substantial growth through out Ireland.With a proven formula of sourcing innovative products , coupled with a focused, targeted and aggressive marketing strategy and a passionate sales team we continue to grow successfully

We source innovative health & beauty products from around the world for distribution in Ireland and Europe. Specialising in natural and organic products with a point of difference.

Our clients range from pharmacy chains, independent pharmacies to health stores and department stores to the grocery sector.


Company: Beacon Pharma
Brand: Celebrity Slim
Slogan: Nutritious Meal Replacement Bar
Origin: USA
Category: Bars
Packaging: 60g
Claims: Low Calorie, Meal Replacement
Variants: Choc Mint, Choc Caramel, Fruit & Nut
Price: £27.48 (12 bars)
Where to BuyDirect on Website, Store Locator
Website: celebrityslim.co.uk


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