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Burger King Launches Chicken Nuggets Identical to McDonald´s

Fast food chain Burger King continues to revamp it's menu and has announced that from next Monday it will be selling chicken nuggets in orders of four, 10 and 20.

Sound familiar? Well the new product looks a lot like McDonald’s more established McNuggets range, plus BK’s version is almost as nutritious.

A 10-piece order of Burger King’s nuggets will amount to 470 calories and 890 mg of sodium, almost identical to the 470 calories and 900 mg of sodium found in a 10-piece order of McNuggets.

Burger King launches a new range of chicken nuggets on MondayBurger King launches a new range of chicken nuggets on Monday


McDonald's Chicken McNuggets have been on it's menu since the 1980sMcDonald's Chicken McNuggets have been on it's menu since the 1980s

According to Burger King's website, the nuggets are ‘made with premium white meat... tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.'

The nuggets are coated in a 'flavorful tempura style batter.'

Burger King's crispier nuggets will replace 'chicken tenders'. McNuggets have been a popular feature of McDonald's menu since the 1980s.

After years of decline and stagnation of menu ideas, New York-based private equity firm 3G Capital bought Burger King last year. Since then BK is now on it's third major menu revamp in six months.

The Miami-based fast food chain re-launched as a public company in June and shortly afterwards underwent the biggest menu change in its history. Shortly thereafter, it announced its fall menu, which mostly consisted of new chicken items, including wraps and popcorn chicken.

For a limited time only, BK's menu will also include this molten fudge sundaeFor a limited time only, BK's menu will also include this molten fudge sundae


Another temporary addition to the BK menu is this Philly chicken sandwichAnother temporary addition to the BK menu is this Philly chicken sandwich

Earlier this year Wendy's knocked Burger King off the spot as second biggest burger chain. The changes appear to be working and BK is putting real pressure on McDonald's for the first time in years, in part by adding products very similar to those sold by its rival.

'As we move into 2013, we are focused on continuing to deliver best-in-class products to our guests,' global chief marketing officer Flavia Faugeres said in a statement. 'Our new limited-time menu options give guests even more delicious reasons to visit Burger King restaurants in the New Year.'

The nuggets are a permanent addition to the menu, but Burger King's six other new offerings are only available for a limited time. These include a Whopper with avocado and Swiss, cheese-filled tater tots, Philly chicken sandwich, an Italian chicken sandwich breaded and coated with marinara and cheese, and a molten fudge sundae.

This Italian chicken sandwich breaded and coated with marinara and cheese has been added to the menu at BK
This Italian chicken sandwich breaded and coated with marinara and cheese has been added to the menu at BK
Full Article @ DM

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McDonald’s Testing New Quarter Pounders in Northern California

This month McDonald's started testing three new variations on the Quarter Pounder with Cheese in the Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto areas of California, according to this press release (Brand Eating says the burgers are also in Ohio). The burger list:

  • Quarter Pounder Habanero Ranch: "Quarter Pounder with white cheddar cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, fresh leaf lettuce, ripe red tomato, and habanero ranch sauce"
  • Quarter Pounder Deluxe: "Quarter Pounder with American cheese, tomato, fresh leaf lettuce, red onion, crinkle-cut pickles, mayo, and mustard"
  • Quarter Pounder Bacon and Cheese: "Quarter Pounder with American cheese, hickory-smoked bacon, red onion, crinkle-cut pickles, ketchup, and mustard"

Here's a list of counties with participating locations:

  • Sacramento
  • Placer
  • Nevada
  • Sutter
  • Yuba
  • Yolo
  • El Dorado (not including S. Lake Tahoe restaurants)
  • Solano (not including restaurants west of Fairfield)
  • San Joaquin
  • Stanislaus
  • Amador
  • Calaveras
  • Tuolumne
  • Colusa

Have any AHT'ers tried these new burgers yet?

via SE

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Fry Guys: Japanese Teens Holding McDonald’s Potato Parties

While New Yorkers are clearing out every aisle of their local Gristede's, teenagers in Japan are apparently taking advantage of a McDonald's French fry promotion to … well … take pictures?

According to Kotaku, all McDonald's French fry sizes are currently ¥150, the equivalent of about $1.90 — pretty cheap! The low, low price is inspiring Japanese kids to order lots and lots of fries and take pictures of all those potato sticks, then post them to Twitter, at which point the shots get retweeted The record appears to be 60 large orders of fries.

So this is of course bothering people, since it's a waste of food and it means Japanese Mickey D's tend to run low on fries for other customers. But luckily, there's an end in sight: The promotion ends this week.

At McDonald’s in Japan, French Fries Are Causing All Sorts of Chaos [Kotaku]

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Jug of McJordan BBQ Sauce Has SOLD for $9,995

That 1992 vintage of McDonald's McJordan BBQ sauce, which was on eBay yesterday, has actually been sold to an anonymous buyer in Chicago, Illinois for the "Buy it Now" price of $9,995. Mort Bank, a former franchise owner (of McDonald's, not the Bulls), was the seller of the item. He tells the Daily News that "There was a lot of interest," and that he probably would have made even more money had he let it go at auction. Bank said that the anonymous buyer shelled out the ten grand for the jug without asking any questions. So, some have been left wondering: could it have been MJ himself? Developing.

via Eater

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McNoodles: Fast Food Spin on a Hot Trend

The fast-food chain will add Asian noodle boxes called 'McNoodles' to its menu, but only in Austria and only for a 2- or 3-month trial period.

Fast-food chain McDonald's is branching out: After salads and wraps, the burger restaurant is entering the noodle business.
On Sept. 20, the chain will add Asian noodle boxes — "McNoodles" — to its menu, but only in Austria and only for a two- or three-month trial period.
"They could theoretically become a fixed item one day," McDonald's Austria spokeswoman Ursula Riegler said.
This world premiere follows another Asian trend recently adopted by McDonald's in the alpine country: bubble tea, originally a milky black tea with tapioca balls drunk through a wide straw, now also available in other flavors.
The Asian trend has taken Austria by storm in the last 12 months, with new bubble tea shops springing up almost on a weekly basis in Vienna.
Asian-style stir-fried noodles, eaten out of a cardboard box with chopsticks, have also emerged as a strong competitor to Austria's beloved sausage stands, known here as Wuerstelstand, with some outlets now even combining the two snacks: fried noodles topped with sliced Bratwurst.
While bubble tea is also sold at McDonald's restaurants in neighbouring Germany, the McNoodles will debut only in Austria.
The idea was developed by the fast-food chain's Austrian section to respond to the recent popularity of Asian food in the small country, Riegler told AFP.

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McDonald’s China Unveils Black and White Burgers

Behold McDonald’s China black and white burgers. According to The Beijinger, the combo (you get both burgers in your order) is a nod to a Chinese saying: “Heibai liangdao tongchi (黑白两道通吃), which describes people who are so well-connected with both the government (that’s the white side) and organized crime (‘black society,’ as it’s called in Chinese) that they can ‘eat from both sides.’” Which is different from a previous black/white burger combination, the Darth Vader/Jedi burgers from Quick in Belgium, which made diners choose between the Force or the Dark Side.

Anyway, the burgers have differences other than their colors: the black bun is beef, while the white bun is chicken. The black bun has a pepper sauce and onions, while the white bun has lettuce and a sauce with “a spicy kick with a sweet finish.”

· McDonald’s Burgers Matter If They’re Black or White [The Beijinger via AHT]

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McDonald’s to Open First-Ever Vegetarian Outlets in India

In order to further accommodate customers whose religions prohibit eating pork, beef, or meat in general, McDonald's will be opening its first-ever fully vegetarian restaurant in northern India midway through 2013. The AFP reports that the outlet will be located near the Golden Temple in the Sikh city of Amritsar. It will be followed by a second location in Katra, "near the Vaishno Devi cave shrine in Indian Kashmir, a revered Hindu pilgrimage site that draws hundreds of thousands of worshippers a year."

The menu at the 271 McDonald's outlets currently open in India (a small number considering the chain's worldwide influence and the country's 1.2 billion inhabitants) already have a fifty-percent vegetarian menu. But according to a spokesman for the company, Rajesh Kumar Maini, they're looking to boost their presence, as well as open more strictly vegetarian outlets. "When you look at the potential of the country," said Maini, "it's one of the top priority countries and we're laying the groundwork for capturing the market."

· McDonald's to open first vegetarian outlet [AFP]

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McDonald’s Olympics Uniforms: “Mad Men” Chic

McDonald’s unveiled new uniforms that will be worn by the crew working its four restaurants at next month’s London Olympics and subsequently by staff at all UK restaurants. The look borrows from TV’s “Mad Men” while rejecting baseball caps as being “too American.”

Created by British designer Wayne Hemingway, co-founder of the Red or Dead label, the uniforms’ color palette that includes “gherkin green” polo shirts for women and “mustard yellow” shirts for men.

Managers get black pants and white shirts; customer care assistants wear checked shirts with dark green pants or skirt. Skinny ties for male managers are “just a little bit of ‘Mad Men,’” Hemingway told The Telegraph. “We wanted classic design. A narrow tie will always be fashionable. There is a very subtle hint to the mod look, which has never gone out of fashion. Fred Perry has never gone out of fashion,” Hemingway said. “That’s why we’ve gone for a polo shirt with a bit of a trim.”

Full Article @ BB

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McDonald’s Introduces A Healthier Fizzy Fruit Drink For Kids

The fast food giant has constantly been trying to clean up its brand image to become a more likeable family restaurant chain among its consumers. Most recently, the fast food giant has added a fizzy fruit juice to its menu that mainly targets children. The drink called Fruitizz contains 60% fruit juice blended in natural sparkling water. It contains no added sugar and is a healthier alternative to sugary sodas.

Fruitizz is just another move by McDonald’s to appeal to parents who are more health-conscious about what their children eat. The new drink will be rolled out nationwide in UK from 16 May. Jill McDonald, Chief Executive President of McDonald’s UK, stated that:

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