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Drink Review: Matahi Baobab Energy Juice



Matahi has its virtues in baobab fruit.
Full of vitamin B and C, minerals and caffeine,
Matahi is 100% baobab drink for all those who need natural energy during the day.
Matahi contains no coloring and preservative free.
The "pop" at the opening of the bottle guarantees the freshness of the product.
Drink cool to wake up your brain!



- Water
- Baobab fruit pulp with natural vitamin C
- Organic Sugar cane



About Baobab
Originally from Africa, the baobab, is the tree of life, tree pharmacist.

With a trunk up to 30 m in circumference and a longevity of up to more than 3000 years, this enormous and powerful tree seems to unite heaven and earth.

African traditional medicine uses the pulp of the fruit to balance the main functions of the body by bringing well-being and energy.







Company: Matahi
Brand: Matahi
Origin: France
Category: Juice
Packaging: 200ml bottle
Claims: Natural Ingredients, Eco friendly, Antioxidant, Vitamin Enriched
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Stockists
Website: matahidrink.com







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