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Industry News: Brand Marketing Trends for 2018


Dr. Robert Passikoff
founder and president


“Legends of prediction are common throughout the spectrum of mankind. Gods speak, spirits speak, and computers speak,” author Ursula Le Guin wrote. What she missed, however, were consumers. Consumers speak too. Volumes if you know how to listen.


Predictive brand loyalty and engagement metrics allow marketers to more accurately decipher consumers’ words, emotions and expectations, aspirations and inclinations, propensities and passions. And all those allow us market researchers to predict behaviors in the marketplace, which Brand Keys (www.brandkeys.com) has been doing for over two decades..


This year’s insights are based on over 100,000 consumer psychological assessments that measure the direction and velocity of category values 12 to 18 months in advance of the marketplace. That permits us to identify future trends with uncanny accuracy and we offer up 11 trends that will have direct consequences to the success – or failure – of 2018 branding and marketing initiatives.


1) Value Will Become What the Consumer Says It Is
How consumers define “value” will get more complex, and only the consumer will be able to tell you why they buy the way the do. Any appearance of ubiquity will create trouble for brands seen to have no authentic meaning or emotional resonance to engage consumers. The consumer “voice” will be more important that ever! Learn how to listen!


2) Establish A Brand Surrogacy
Brands will increasingly need to become surrogates for “value” based on what’s wrapped up in the brand promise and what consumers believe the brand means to them. In the consumer-owned, digitally-driven marketplace accomplishing that only gets harder. Brands will have to work much harder to avoid reliance on price-points.


3) Consumers Will Only Expect More (and More)
Over the past five years cross-category consumer expectations have increased 28% while brands generally keep up by only 7%, leaving a big gap between what is desired and what is delivered. Expectations will continue to increase. The ability to accurately measure unarticulated expectations will become critical for brand stewards.


4) Consumers Will Talk to Each Other Before Talking to the Brand, More and More Often
Social networking outside of the brand space will continue to increase as consumers become more and more comfortable with their power to get what they see as the truth from total strangers. Brands will have to drive positive feedback in the virtual world like never before, necessitating a deeper understanding of their categories – particularly the emotional aspects– than they currently possess.


5) The Funnel Will Continue to Flatten
What marketers call the “purchase funnel” has morphed into a “path-to-purchase,” and will become an extraordinarily category-specific “multi-path-to-purchase.” Content and communication with the right platforms in the right way will become the only way to create emotional engagement, which happily, always comes with significant brand profits.


6) Real Differentiation Will Become More Emotional
Differentiation will remain critical to brand success. Every marketer nods at that, but it’s just getting harder to achieve. While true innovation will continue surprise, increasingly differentiation will be dependent upon what the brand is able to offer consumers emotionally.


7) The Need For Emotional Engagement Will Not Be Going Away
Engagement is how consumers do business with you. Period. Marketers will need to continue to use the right platforms, programs, messages, and experiences to connect but brand engagement will be the ultimate objective that will guarantee future growth and customer loyalty.


8) The Ability to Distinguish Between Engagement and Entertainment Will Be Critical
Entertainment is the action of providing amusement. It’s a nice way to get consumer attention, and it’s fun, but it doesn’t guarantee engagement. Real engagement is the consequence of any marketing or communications effort that results in an increased level of how well your brand is seen by consumers to meet their very high expectations. See Trend #3.


9) Brands Will Need to Get More Emotional
(See Trends #6 and #7) If it makes your marketing folks feel less anxious tell them emotional engagement can be entertaining. Successful brands will need to identify which emotional values exist in their category first, and then worry about the entertainment factor.


10. Visuals Will Need to Enthrall the More Visually-Literate Consumers
Today’s consumers are more visually literate and agile than ever. Video will dominate social. Major platforms and social networking apps will need to improve feed quality and add interactive features.


11. You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eye Off the Brand
Increased consumer expectations will come with a greater sense of commoditization. You may be known, but you will need to be known for something meaningful and important to consumers. This is already true for Baby Boomers and will be something you’ll need to worry about for Millennials.


Accommodating these trends will require changes in the way companies measure, manage, and market their brands. Yes, change can sometimes be terrifying, but change is, more or less, another chance. But if brands ignore these trends, it could very well be their last chance, as our What Happened? recording series proves every year.


One final prediction
The best way brands can manage change will be through validated and predictive loyalty and emotional engagement metrics. Such data can help marketers to accurately hear and interpret the voice of the consumer.


We wish brand stewards everywhere an accurate, engaging, and profitable 2018.


About Brand Keys:


Brand Keys is a world leader in brand equity, loyalty and emotional engagement metrics.


These metrics have been validated to be the most accurate brand assessments and benchmarks available for brand evaluation, architecture, tracking, media optimization, and strategic communications research applications. Brand Keys metrics are predictive of future in-market behavior. Independent validations have shown these assessments to to correlate highly (0.85+) with positive behavior, sales, and profitability.


Brand Keys’ independently validated research approach fuses emotional and rational aspects of the category where your brand competes and identifies the four behavioral drivers for the category-specific ‘Ideal.’ In addition, they identify the values that form the components of each category behavioral driver. These validated assessments measure how well brands are seen to meet expectations that consumers hold for each path-to-purchase driver that makes up the Ideal for a specific category.


The research, a combination of psychological inquiry and higher-order statistical analyses, has a test/re-test reliability of 0.93, and results generalizable at the 95% confidence level. It has been successfully used in B2B and B2C categories in 35 countries.


Dr. Passikoff can be reached at robertp@brandkeys.com or 212.532.6028







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Industry News: Mezzetta Celebrates Rich Mediterranean Traditions With New Promotional Campaign



Leading Provider of Peperoncini and Traditional Mediterranean Ingredients in the US Inspires Coming Together Over Delicious Meals

American Canyon, CA (August 29, 2017) – Mezzetta, the Napa Valley-based purveyor of delicious Mediterranean products, introduces the Brighten Every Bite campaign, highlighting its authentic and flavorful Greek-grown peperoncini as the perfect touch for adding wow flavor to any meal. The campaign kicked off with a pop-up neighborhood dinner in New Rochelle, New York, and continues its term with online sweepstakes, and an exclusive partnership with Chef’d, providing customers with unique opportunities to brighten their meals with Mezzetta’s irresistible peperoncini.

The Brighten Every Bite campaign centers on Mezzetta’s zingy, zesty and flavorful peperoncini sourced from small family farms in Greece. Mezzetta believes that, unlike any other pepper, the peperoncini adds flavor without overwhelming a dish. Peperoncini are commonly enjoyed in everything from sandwiches to pastas to pizzas for a touch of crunch, texture and excitement.


Mezzetta always strives to deliver the perfect ingredients for a thrilling and colorful dining experience. We harvest the world’s best, sweetest peperoncini from Greece in order to ensure a crisp texture, vibrant appearance and slightly sweet heat,” says CEO Jeff Mezzetta. “We are excited to share new recipes, meal kits and other ways for customers to use our Mezzetta peperoncini, giving their meals a bright, Mediterranean touch.”


As a part of the campaign, consumers will have the chance to win 52 meal kits from the Chef’d marketplace, which will feature three unique recipes inspired by Mezzetta family favorites. Consumers can enter the sweepstakes by visiting mezzetta.com/brightideas. Additionally, every entrant will receive 10 percent off their first Chef’d order, and 10 lucky runner-ups will win a $50 Chef’d gift card. Customers are free to enter the sweepstakes every day through October 31 to increase their chances of winning.

To learn more about Mezzetta, please visit www.mezzetta.com.


About Mezzetta

Since 1935, Mezzetta® has brought the best of the Mediterranean to the USA. What began as a “mom and pop” store in San Francisco has grown into a nationally distributed category leader, and the Mezzetta name has become synony­mous with vibrant flavors and unwavering quality. Now led by CEO Jeff Mezzetta and headquartered in Napa Valley, the company has expanded to showcase a wide variety of premium products from across the globe. To explore Mez­zetta’s full line of Mediterranean flavors, visit www.mezzetta.com.










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Advertising Spotlight: Chips Ahoy! THINS Celebrates New Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Flavor Varieties with ‘THIN-credible’ 10-Foot-Tall Cookie Jar




Fans Guess Number of Chips Ahoy! THINS in Custom Cookie Jar for Chance to Win Free Cookies for a Year



EAST HANOVER, N.J., Jan. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Chips Ahoy! cookies celebrates the launch of the two newest flavor varieties to its THINS product portfolio: Oatmeal and Double Chocolate. Chips Ahoy! THINS cookies first launched nationwide in the summer of 2016, offering a thin, crispy version of the country's number one chocolate chip cookie -- bursting with the rich, delicious flavor that's made Chips Ahoy! famous for more than 50 years.

To showcase this delicious new flavor variety duo, Chips Ahoy! THINS has created an oversized cookie jar with a THIN-credible, stop-you-in-your-tracks twist in New York City! Measuring ten feet tall, but only one foot thick, the custom cookie jar will be featured in the iconic Time Warner Center and will be filled to the brim with new Chips Ahoy! THINS in Oatmeal and Double Chocolate flavor varieties. Thanks to its ultra-thin shape, the Chips Ahoy! THIN-credible Cookie Jar is a one-of-a-kind photo opp that shows just how Chips Ahoy! is "Made With !" But the cookie celebration doesn't stop there: fans in New York are invited to try a free taste of the new varieties and guess exactly how many Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies fill the THIN-credible Cookie Jar for a chance to win a year's supply of the crispy, chip-filled cookies!  What could be sweeter than that?

"Our Chips Ahoy! THINS product line has been met with incredible excitement and enthusiasm," said Sofia Oliveira, Sr. Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! North America."To continue this excitement, we're thrilled to celebrate our delicious new flavor varieties, Oatmeal and Double Chocolate, in a way that only Chips Ahoy! THINS could do. Our THIN-credible Cookie Jar not only embodies our larger-than-life passion for cookies, it's also a very fun way to interact with our fans."

Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies in Oatmeal and Double Chocolate flavor varieties are available nationwide. The Chips Ahoy! THIN-credible Cookie Jar will be located in New York City's Time Warner Center (10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019) from noon to 6 p.m. EST today, for one day only and will provide an opportunity to enter the Chips Ahoy! THINS for a Year contest and receive a serving size sample of the new varieties. Fans anywhere in the country can join the guessing game by visiting http://bit.ly/2ikLQtI and entering online before 1/27/17 (11:59pm EST). There they can watch a 360-degree video of the THIN-credible Cookie Jar and submit their guess of how many Oatmeal and Double Chocolate Chips Ahoy! THINS Cookies are in the oversized cookie jar for a chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER THE Chips Ahoy! Thins For a Year Contest.  Promotion ends 11:59 pm ET on 1/27/17.  Open to residents of the 50 U.S. (D.C.), 18 and older. Enter online at http://bit.ly/2ikLQtI.  See Official Rules for alternate method of entry. Limit 1 entry per e-mail address/person. A one (1) year supply of Chips Ahoy! THINS awarded as fifty-two (52) free product coupons that expire 12/31/17. Each coupon will be for a free product (each up to a $4.29 value) of any one (1) Chips Ahoy! THINS (any variety, 7oz or larger). ARV: $223.08. Void where prohibited.  Sponsor: Mondelēz Global, LLC, East Hanover, NJ 07936.

About Mondelēz International
Mondelēz International, Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is a global snacking powerhouse, with 2015 net revenues of approximately $30 billion. Creating delicious moments of joy in 165 countries, Mondelēz International is a world leader in biscuits, chocolate, gum, candy and powdered beverages, with billion-dollar brands, such as OREO, LU and Nabisco biscuits; Cadbury, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka chocolate; and Trident gum. Mondelēz International is a proud member of the Standard and Poor's 500, NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones Sustainability Index. Visit www.mondelezinternational.com or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/MDLZ.

SOURCE Mondelez International, Inc.

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Advertising Spotlight: Yoplait® Features the Stories of Real Amazing Teens In Latest Marketing Campaign



First-ever spot for Yoplait® Go Big™ highlights California teen Brianna Cabrera and launches nationwide search for more amazing teen stories

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From learning second languages to writing music to coding, teens today are single-handedly crushing everything life throws at them. That's why when Yoplait® created Go Big, a new, large yogurt pouch made just for teens, they kept teens involved in every step of the product development process.

This fall, Go Big is taking that commitment one step further, and featuring the stories of real teens in the brand's first advertising campaign. The new campaign highlights the incredible creativity, passion, dedication and drive of teens across the country, and brings their stories to life through the eyes of their mothers, with executions that are inspiring, heartwarming and upbeat.

The campaign debuts this week with a :15 digital spot titled, "Yoplait Go Big – Brianna's Story," which tells the story of Brianna Cabrera from the perspective of her mom, Kimberly. Brianna is a 16-year-old high school student from Chino, Calif. who not only excels in school and on her track team, but also volunteers with special needs students at her school and trains guide dog puppies for the blind. The animated spot follows Brianna throughout her full day. Brianna's mom, Kimberly Cabrera, narrates the spot with her comments on how amazed she is at her teenage daughter. Brianna's story also comes to life on the Go Big Facebook page.

"Go Big was created with teens to fit their active lifestyles. We were continually in awe of everyone we worked with so when we set out to create Go Big's first-ever campaign, it only made sense to take real teen stories and give them a platform to shine," said Betsy Frost, director of marketing for yogurt. "Brianna is a perfect example of how today's teens are single-handedly crushing everything they take on, and we're so excited to keep telling these amazing stories throughout our campaign."

In fact, Go Big believes teens everywhere have amazing stories to tell, which is why now through Nov. 4, the Go Big Amazing Teens Contest* is searching for teens like Brianna who want to share their story with the world. Through an entry form located on Go Big's Facebook page, parents can share a photo of their teen and their amazing, unique story. Up to three teens will be featured in future campaign executions, and receive a cash stipend to help fuel the amazing things they are doing every day.

Inspired by real teens like Brianna, Go Big's portable pouches contain four ounces of yogurt in each individual pouch and are twice the size of Go-GURT tubes. Now available nationwide in the yogurt aisle, Go Big yogurt is packed with flavor from pieces of real fruit, is gluten free, contains no high fructose corn syrup, and has no colors from artificial sources. The new product also features easy to open, "grip-and-rip" packaging that tears effortlessly along a perforated edge to reveal a convenient and mess-free product opening.

The Go Big campaign will also come to life on social, online through content partnerships with Scary Mommy, Café Mom and Linqia and through display and search advertising. To follow the campaign or learn more about Go Big, please visit Facebook.com/YoplaitGoBig or www.yoplait.com.

About General Mills, Inc.
General Mills is a leading global food company that serves the world by making food people love. Its brands include Cheerios, Annie's, Yoplait, Nature Valley, Fiber One, Haagen-Dazs, Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Old El Paso, Wanchai Ferry, Yoki and more. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, General Mills had fiscal 2016 worldwide sales of US $17.6 billion, including the company's US $1.0 billion proportionate share of joint-venture net sales.

* NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to legal residents of the United States, 18 years of age or older. Submit your entry online. Entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. CT on November 4, 2016. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules for details. Sponsored by General Mills Sales, Inc., One General Mills Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55440. Information collected from entrant is subject to Sponsor's Privacy Policy.






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TEMPTATIONS(TM) (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)

Advertising Spotlight: TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Launches “TREAT THEM TOO™” Campaign



The first digital content release of the TEMPTATIONS(TM) TREAT THEM TOO(TM) campaign features a feline rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Aug. 8, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand launched a new online media TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign encouraging cat owners to remember their feline friends with America's No. 1 cat treat.

Created by Adam & Eve/DDB London, the campaign's first digital content release features a 1980s-style music video starring the Electric Furs – a fictitious band made up of real cats "singing" and "playing" instruments – performing a feline rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ninian Doff, the entertaining video takes a tongue-in-cheek look into how cats may try to convince their human counterparts to remember to treat them also.

"With only half of cat owners treating their cats1, the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand always looks for fun, creative ways to bring attention to the cat treating category," said Arren Beach, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Manager.  "The TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign uses entertaining digital content – like this music video – to showcase TEMPTATIONS™ treats and encourage cat owners to treat their cats when they treat themselves."

"Cat videos are brilliant fun, and millions of people watch them every day," said Richard Brim, executive creative director at Adam & Eve/DDB London. "In order to reach that audience, we made a music video starring the Electric Furs, with one simple message – reminding cat owners to 'TREAT THEM TOO.' "

Live now on TEMPTATIONS Brand's Facebook and YouTube channels, the "Don't You (Forget About Me)" video remake includes one long-form edit and one 30-second spot, and will have shorter video cut downs for release on TEMPTATIONS™ Brand's social channels in the coming weeks. The video will be supported by a number of integrated marketing efforts, including creative digital content, social media posts and partnerships on popular platforms such as the Snapchat Discovery and BuzzFeed.

For more information on TEMPTATIONS™ treats and the TREAT THEM TOO™ campaign, visit Facebook.com/Temptations or www.TemptationsTreats.com.

About the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand
TEMPTATIONS™ treats are America's favorite cat treats* and offer a fun, playful treating experience for both cats and their owners.  With a one-of-a kind, patented texture that's crunchy on the outside with a soft, meaty center, a shake of the bag is all it takes to make your cat's mouth water! Look for TEMPTATIONS™ Treats for cats nationwide where pet food is sold. For more information, please visit www.TemptationsTreats.com.

About Mars Petcare
Mars Petcare US is the U.S. operations of the world's largest petcare company at the privately-held Mars, Incorporated. Mars Petcare US produces some of the world's most beloved pet care brands, including PEDIGREE® Food and Treats for Dogs, CESAR® Canine Cuisine, IAMS™ Pet Food, SHEBA® Entrees for Cats, WHISKAS® Food for Cats, GREENIES™ Dental Chews and PILL POCKETS™ Treats, NUTRO™ Pet Food, EUKANUBA™ Pet Food and TEMPTATIONS™ Treats for Cats, as well as exclusive brands products for some of the leading retailers in the U.S. Headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., more than 3,700 Mars Petcare US associates make, sell and distribute its high-quality pet food from 20 manufacturing facilities located in communities across the U.S. For more information, please visit www.mars.com.


The first digital content release of the TEMPTATIONS(TM) TREAT THEM TOO(TM) campaign features a feline rendition of "Don&apos;t You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds. (PRNewsFoto/Mars Petcare)



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Marketing Spotlight: Meet the Manfluencer


They called it the “Great Mancession.” As the post-2008 economic decline put more men out of work than women in the US, marketers began to notice a trend: Men in opposite-sex couples were taking over what had traditionally been women’s roles. In focus group after focus group, Julie Murphy, an account planner at Midan Marketing, heard from under- and unemployed men who were buying and preparing most of the food in their households. Robbed of their economic potency, men were transforming themselves from chest-waxing metrosexuals into helpmates.




Smelling a trend, Midan conducted a survey that revealed that 47% of men in the US are buying most of of the groceries and doing most of the cooking in their homes. Murphy decided to call this group “Manfluencers™” in order to highlight their newfound power over purchasing decisions. (Yes, the term is trademarked.) Contrary to decades of dogma in the consumer packaged-goods industry, they, rather than the archetypal “mom,” were deciding what their families would consume.

Continue Reading @ Quartz


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Kraft Has Tapped the Sexy Zesty Guy to Promote the Italian Dressings in the U.S.

Kraft discovers the sexy side of cooking in the new “Let’s Get Zesty” campaign launched for the Kraft Italian Dressings range in the U.S. The promotion by BEING Los Angeles is fronted by a hot guy, the Zesty Guy (apparently, a cousin of Old Spice Guy), who unleashes his macho charisma while cooking simple dishes like salad or pizza. The product itself seems to play a supporting role in the humorous promotion, serving as a tool to help the hot cooking guy show more of his prefect body.

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Vintage-Style Bags Get a Boost From Online Marketing

In February 2010, after playing around with an industrial sewing machine and commercial cutting table he bought via Craigslist, Chris Hughes launched Artifact Bag Co. The Omaha, Neb.-based business sells handmade, American-sourced, waxed canvas and leather bags (priced $65 and up) through Etsy, the crafts marketplace.

A former musician who worked briefly in the world of tech startups, Hughes says Artifact's popularity--he has received hundreds of orders following write-ups in The New York Times, GQ and Rolling Stone--is the result of running a "19th-century manufacturing company using 21st-century marketing channels."

His small workshop drips with vintage industrial aesthetic: hardware-filled muffin pans, swaths of high-quality Horween leather spilling out of metal bins, walls lined with vintage hand tools. But the leathersmith's big break was anything but old-school: Hughes credits his initial success to a Twitter exchange with an influential design blogger.

In 2010, after a year of quietly following Michael Williams' style blog, A Continuous Lean, Hughes spotted a tweet about a set of chairs that the blogger thought looked cool but were overpriced. Turns out, Hughes had won those exact chairs on eBay, and he commented on the post. Then he crossed his fingers, hoping Williams would take a few seconds to click through to the Artifact website.

Within an hour, Williams' pivotal tweet came: "This waxed canvas lunch bag is nice-looking" (with a link to the item). Soon the fashion press came calling, and after the tote was featured in A Continuous Lean's holiday buying guide, Hughes found himself with a more than 400-unit backlog that took six months to whittle down, even with the help of contract workers.

"A lot of artists make great products but don't know how to leverage the internet. And if you don't make enough from local sales, you have to go online," Hughes says. But he warns that it's easy to abuse social media. The thing to remember, he notes, is that you must contribute "thought capital," such as his relevant reply to Williams' tweet.

Thought capital extends to Artifact's new online storefront, which is much more than a simple shopping portal.

"E-commerce works only if you present the product right," Hughes says, stressing the importance of video and high-quality blog content to help tell the company's story. "I don't have customers who get to hold and smell the bags, but I've found that people respond to knowledge of how things are made."

Cash-flow positive within months of opening and without outside investors, Artifact is on the verge of a new chapter. Hughes is expanding his product line to include aprons and briefcases, while moving ever closer to apparel. Throughout the process, he has turned down lucrative orders from department stores, because "bigger isn't better if it means I have to compromise," he says. He plans to continue using contract help to meet seasonal or press-driven demand and keep his overhead low.

For now, Hughes expects growth to come almost exclusively through his digital efforts. "I've collected a lot of e-mail addresses, but I've never pestered anyone," he says. "I think it's time to start communicating, maybe with a short monthly e-mail or newsletter." Of course, he adds, "I'll only write when there's something to say."

Full Article @ Entrepreneur

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Screens: Coming to a City Block Near You

Many of us spend several hours of the day face-down into our laptops. We navigate our cities and communities from the control panels of our smartphones. And at the end of the day, we cozy up with our flat screens or e-readers.

Although some people fight mankind’s preoccupation with and dependency on screen technology, it’s safe to say, the jig is up. We’re hooked.

And today’s major cities have begun not only to accept our gadget obsession, but to encourage it.

It doesn’t matter where you travel, these days. Where there’s electricity, there will be screens — waiting, encouraging and urging your interaction. Head out on the highway (so to speak) and you’ll encounter digital billboards, perfectly alternating advertisements to the flow of traffic. Take a brave trip to New York City’s Times Square, where you can interact with 40-foot-tall augmented reality LED displays. Hop in a TV-outfitted taxi and head out shopping, where store clerks await with mobile credit card readers attached to their iPads.

In fact, digital marketing strategies prove so successful that cities are integrating like-minded technology into their very infrastructures, whether through information services, artistic programs or transportation improvements.

Full Article @ Mashable

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The service sucked, but that new logo looks great

Have you ever been drawn to a restaurant because of the advertising? The images on TV sizzle with dishes so tempting that you can almost taste them. You weren't even hungry, but after watching the commercial you're ready to hop in your car and go find the nearest location.

How about receiving a great offer in the mail? The bright colors and slick design on the outside of the brochure are laid out in a way to ensure you open it. Once you do, the eye-catching menu items and two-for-one specials draw you in, putting this restaurant at the top of your to-do list for the week.

Maybe you've joined your favorite restaurant's email list. Frequent discounts and offers for free appetizers make their way to your inbox. Catchy subject lines — designed to steer you away from the delete button — draw you in.

What about the great deals you get from Groupon or LivingSocial? The headline and deal are compelling. And the description makes you want to click 'buy now' right away. You couldn't possibly pass up this deal.

Marketing at its best is designed to help get customers in the door. We're all subject to the tactics. As a consumer, many times we give in. This makes the time, effort and dollars spent on preparing the various touch points worthwhile for the restaurant owner.

Full Article @ FC

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