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Product Spotlight: Marijuana Infused Body Lotions

If you want a side of marijuana with your beauty products, head to Apothecanna.

The cannabis-infused skincare line boasts THC-packed ingredient lists that promise to moisturize skin, relieve pain and awaken senses with doses of grapefruit, peppermint and lavender.

Despite the pot plant stamped on its bottles, the company insists it’s not catering to the 4:20 crowd.

“Our consumer is more of a 50s, 60sish individual looking for relief from arthritis or a sore hip,” founder James Kennedy told the Daily News.

The lotions get their moisturizing and healing properties from cannabis oil and THC-heavy flower oil extracted from pot plants.

They’re powerful anti-inflammatories that can reduce swelling and pain, Kennedy said.

“We’re really trying to explore some different benefits of the [marijuana] plant.”

And now’s a good time — Colorado recently passed Amendment 64 legalizes recreational marijuana use in the state.

The company hasn’t yet had its official launch, but the lotions (in three varieties: calming, stimulating and pain creme) are available on Apothecanna.com. A 2 oz. bottle is $12.

Lip balms and salves are coming soon.


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A Sandwich Chain Targeting Marijuana Users?

If your funny bone tickles at the sound of ordering a ‘nug’ or ‘blunt’ sized sandwich, the growing Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs chain might be worth your patronage.

The high concept* behind Cheba Hut is simple (*no pun intended) — a friendly fast-food chain themed entirely around the cannabis lifestyle. The best part about it — well, besides the awesome names of their sandwiches — is that the chain is not a joke.

In fact, the chain has been in business since 1998, where Cheba Hut opened its first location near Arizona State University, which we were recently reminded is ranked as #17 on a recent “Higher Education: Top Colleges for Marijuana” list.

That’s right stoners, if you walk in to one of Cheba Hut’s roughly 15 locations, you’ll be ordering sandwiches that come in one of three sizes: Nugs (4″), Pinners (8″) and Blunts (12″).

Not tongue-in-cheek enough for you stoner synonym seekers? All the sandwiches are named after that ‘good good’ like a Majic Mushroom (portabella sub), the Silver Haze (hummus sub),  Kush (BLT), Endo (reuben sub) and the Dank (a pizza sub).

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Cannabis Wine Catching on in California

A number of California winemakers are secretly producing wines laced with cannabis, with Cabernet Sauvignon the grape variety of choice for the blend.

“Pot wine is increasingly fashionable in wine country – much of the marijuana used for the wine comes from California’s weed capital Humboldt County,” Crane Carter, president of the Napa Valley Marijuana Growers said.

“Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stag’s Leap district is thought to pair particularly well with pot,” Carter added.

According to Carter, pot wine delivers a quicker high than pot brownies, and the combination of alcohol and marijuana produces “an interesting little buzz.”

He believes cannabis wine has a bright future in Napa, but for the moment, producers are making the wine in small quantities to be shared in “convivial moments with like-minded people,” according to wine writer Mike Steinberger.

Offered a cannabis cuvée at a Burgundy dinner in New York, Steinberger describes it as having “a pungent herbal aroma that called to mind a college dormitory on a Saturday night – that, or a Grateful Dead concert.”

One Californian producer, who chose not to be named, said cannabis-laced wine is “the only truly original style of wine created in the New World.”

He is just one of a number of winemakers on the Central Coast who are blending two of California’s most prized crops.

To make cannabis wine, one pound of marijuana is dropped into a cask of fermenting wine, which yields around 1.5 grams of pot per bottle; the better the raw materials, the better the wine.

The alcohol from the fermentation process extracts the THC – the major psychoactive compound – from marijuana.

Some producers opt for maximum extraction, keeping the wine in barrel for nine months before bottling it.

In the ‘80s, weed wine was typically made with rosé, with bottles selling for more than US$100 due to the legal risk involved.

Today, possession of one ounce (28.5g) or less of marijuana in California is punishable by a maximum US$100 fine with no criminal record. Medical marijuana was legalised in the state in 1996.

Cultivation of any amount of marijuana is a felony, though people who grow for personal use are eligible for diversion so long as there is no evidence of intent to sell.

There are no fixed plant number limits to personal use cultivation.


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