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Food Spotlight: MixedMade Trees Knees Spicy Syrup – chili-infused maple syrup



-FREE US SHIPPING on orders of 2 or more

-Hand-made with maple syrup from a family farm in the Catskills and a special combination of chili peppers

-Each batch is carefully infused by hand for maximum flavor

-Great paired with a smörgåsbord of foods

-13.5 OZ of mouth-watering goodness

-Paleo Friendly


-Sting-Free Guarantee: If you don't like it, for any reason, we'll give your money back



About the company:
MixedMade is the combined efforts of a few young (we think?) dudes - a homemade gourmet, an entrepreneur, and a foodie who found that the most interesting things come from mixing the unexpected, allowing life (and food) to be un-boring.

We believe our food can taste extraordinary using only natures' finest ingredients. With that belief,
we set out to make the most versatile and delightful hot sauce using just two ingredients: honey and chili peppers. Now we've created our second product with that same mentality using maple syrup and chili peppers. Read More



Company: MixedMade
Brand: MixedMade
Origin: USA
Category: maple syrup
Packaging: 13.5oz (383g)
Claims: Hand-made, Paleo Friendly, vegan
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $ 12.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: mixedmade.com






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Crowdfunding Spotlight: UnTapped Pure Maple Syrup



UnTapped is sport-packaged maple syrup brought to you by Vermont's Slopeside Syrup and professional cyclist Ted King.


What is UnTapped?

UnTapped is pure organic Vermont maple syrup in portable packaging. Maple syrup naturally delivers the energy kick and athletic nutrients sought by runners, cyclists, skiers, and anyone else playing in the outdoors.

For too long athletic nutrition has been sweetened with cheap synthetic sugars. The simplicity of endurance sports deserves a simple ingredient — 100% pure, unadulterated, organic Vermont maple syrup, the all-natural, low glycemic-index sports fuel.


Maple Syrup:

UnTapped is produced simply by boiling maple sap directly from a maple tree. Because it’s unprocessed, it’s rich in vital minerals such an manganese, iron, calcium, and zinc. It also has essential vitamins, is high in critical amino acids, and is bursting with antioxidants required for proper recovery.

Philosophically aligned with the most recent sports nutrition science, UnTapped has a lower glycemic index than most other sugars or gels, meaning it breaks down more slowly keeping you fueled longer.

UnTapped is all natural. No lengthy list of supplemented ingredients, artificial colors and flavors here! Go back to the basics.


Ted King + Slopeside:

Ted King is a ProTour cyclist from New England with a penchant for fueling lengthy races and tough training rides with nips of maple syrup. He is wistfully nostalgic whenever he sees a maple sugar shack.

Slopeside is four cousins from ski racing’s Cochran family which has been producing Olympic-caliber skiers, in the family’s backyard ski hill for decades.

With a love for the outdoors, four years ago the Slopeside cousins started tapping maple trees in the woods around the slopes of Cochran’s Ski Area. When they connected with Ted, the result was inevitable – all natural energy for athletes, by athletes.




Why Crowdfund?

Packaging. The substantial production minimums required to fill portable gel-packs with sterile maple syrup are remarkably costly. Put Ted and the Cochrans on the way to meeting those minimums with a pre-order today.

The UnTapped team plans to create a range of athletic products fueled with pure Maple Syrup. Help get them started.




Visit their Crowdfunding Page

Visit iamtedking.com












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Product Spotlight: Mocean Mate Drink


“Mocean Mate© is made with a base of Yerba Mateand then enhanced with our 100% organic proprietary herbal blend.  We then added organic lime juice and Pure Vermont Maple Syrup to sweeten.  We have two delicious flavors to choose from: Hibiscus Ginger and Black Cherry.

Yerba Mate© has been used for centuries throughout Latin America as the beverage of choice for overall energy, health and vitality and drank by many from Che Gueverra and Fidel Castro to the Paraguay National Soccer Team to Yvon Choiunard, owner of Patagonia. Yerba Mate has incredible natural properties that help boost energy levels, mental clarity, metabolism while providing 24 vitamins and minerals and 15 amino acids. It does all this without the crash and burn of coffee or energy drinks full of sugar and preservatives.

The 16 oz glass bottle offers the safety of a non-leaching substance, common in plastics and cans, and is re-usable and recyclable.

We have shifted our approach a bit to focus on our new direct to consumer Growler program. By putting Mocean Mate’ into 64 ounce growlers we are sticking to our mission of sustainable packaging and continuing to engage with our community. You can still find our 16 ounce at select Mocean Mate’ Alliance Retailers. See below to find out how you can get in on the goodness. Support your local Mate’ dealer.




Company: Mocean Mate
Brand: Mocean Mate
Slogan: Energize your Adventure
Origin: USA
Category: Sports & Energy Drinks
Packaging: 16oz Recyclable Bottle, 64oz Growler
Claims: Energy
Variants: Hibiscus Ginger, Black Cherry
Price: $12 USD (Growler)
Where to Buy: View Stores Here
Website: moceanmate.com

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Product Spotlight: Clarks Maple Syrup


For Canada day we bring you Clarks Maple Syrup.

For strawberries, ice cream, porridge and salmon, Sponge cakes, pancakes,
milkshakes and gammon, Drizzle it, squeeze it, mix it or pour.

Clarks It! for sweet flavours they'll simply adore.

Medium Grade
Clarks Canadian No.1 (Medium) Maple Syrup is harvested from the start of the second half of the season and is considered in Canada to be the real maple syrup.

Small farm producers based in the Quebec region of Canada, gather the sap of the maple tree and boil it to produce pure maple syrup. It takes 4000g of maple tree sap to make 100g of pure maple syrup.

It has a rich dark colour with a delicious maple flavour, making it the ideal natural, sweet condiment. So why not try it drizzled over pancakes or hot desserts, poured over crispy bacon, as a dressing for salmon or as a sugar replacement over breakfast cereal?

Amber Grade

Clarks Canadian No.2 (Amber) Maple Syrup, also known as Grade C, is harvested by small farm producers situated in the Quebec region of Canada – who gather the sap of the maple tree and then boil it to produce pure maple syrup. It takes 4000g of maple tree sap to make 100g of pure maple syrup. As the season progresses, so the colour darkens and the maple taste increases.

Canadian No 2 (Amber) is like a full-bodied wine, both rich in colour and flavour, adding a succulent sweetness to any dish. It is perfect for cooking, baking, making marinades and dressings or simply as a tasty, healthy alternative to sugar.

Clarks Original Maple Syrup is the UK’s best selling maple syrup. It is a blend of pure maple syrup harvested from the Quebec region of Canada, carob fruit syrup – made from the sugars of the Mediterranean carob fruit – a low glycemic ingredient that has, gram per gram, 25% less calories than sugar.


Clarks Vanilla Maple Syrup is a blend of pure maple syrup harvested from the Quebec region of Canada , carob fruit syrup – made from the sugars of the Mediterranean carob fruit – a low glycemic ingredient that has, gram per gram, 25% less calories than sugar, and natural vanilla flavouring.

Simply delicious over desserts, in baking or as a flavouring and natural sugar alternative in coffee.

Company: Clarks
Brand: Clarks
Category:  Syrups
Origin: UK
Packaging: 180ml, 500ml
Variants: Medium Grade, Amber Grade, Original, Vanilla
Claims: No Added Flavors
Website: clarks-uk.co.uk






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Product Spotlight: Smoked Maple Syrup

Yes, it's still syrup — but that doesn't mean you should slather it on your pancakes and waffles. Instead, Smoked Maple Syrup ($12) is best saved for savory endeavors. This unique product is made by bubbling low-temperature smoke through a vat of pure Vermont maple syrup for approximately 24 hours, then refiltering the syrup to ensure a smooth consistency. The resulting mixture is strong, sweet, and smoky, and can add extra layers of flavor to your glazes, marinades, sauces, soups, and stews. [via]

Smoked Maple Syrup

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$20 million in maple syrup stolen in Quebec recovered

MONTREAL — If you like your maple syrup hot, there’s tons of it out there.


The purloined product even traversed a provincial border after sticky-fingered thieves made off with the amber gold over the summer months.

Contents of 16,000 45-gallon barrels, siphoned off and reported stolen from a central distribution centre in August, have been found.

The Sûreté du Québec and the RCMP obtained search warrants last week and raided a facility in New Brunswick.

While Sergeant Daniel Thibodeau of the SQ could do no more than confirm that a search warrant “had been executed,” sources told The Gazette that an “important” amount of product was found in a maple syrup processing and exporting facility in Kedgwick, NB.

The barrels in the storage facility in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, which is located 160 kilometres northeast of Montreal, near Victoriaville, were not taken outright but rather drained of their contents. The theft was discovered Aug. 24.

Presumably the contents were then whisked away in some sort of tanker truck.

This theft of sweet sirop is no small deal: the value of the stolen breakfast staple was estimated at more than $20 million. It was insured.

Last week, S.K. Export in Kedgwick was searched and a large quantity of syrup was shipped back to a storage facility in Quebec.

The “hot” syrup will be under lock and key, and monitored by surveillance cameras.

No arrests have been made at this point.

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Maple Syrup With Caffeine


We are constantly looking for new places to get our energy from.  Long work hours and high pressure jobs have created a culture where eating normally and sleeping a few hours is just not going to get the job done.  We have seen some odd energy products however this might just take the cake, or waffle in this cake.  All-Natural Caffeinated Maple Syrup is a new product that boasts a serious amount of energy.  With almost 84mg of caffeine per serving (most energy drinks are only 80mg) you are getting some serious caffeine.  The product claims to be all natural however a quick look at the ingredients ( Invert Sugar, Water, Natural Maple Flavor, Caffeine, Natural Butter Flavor.) reveals it is anything but.  There is in fact no natural maple syrup in this product, rather maple flavor which I´m sorry to say is not the same thing.  Essentially you are getting a pile of sugar and caffeine with maple and butter flavoring that will shoot you out of a canon after eating a tall stack of pancakes.

Analysis & Impact

More novelty items like caffeinated maple syrup hit the market every day.  Energy drinks and energy products is the fastest growing category of new product launches in the developed world, especially North America.  The need to get energized from some external source is more important than ever.  Weak job stability and high pressurized work environments demand that employees work longer and produce more and if you cannot do that on your own there are no shortage of products like 5 hour energy or regular coffee to get you through the day.
The health effects are still being studied and as much as these products claim to be natural they are promoting a lifestyle that pushes the body to the limits.  Replacing natural products with synthesized drinks that keep you humming all day long will inevitably begin to show its wear and tear on the body.  Not getting enough sleep will also create numerous health problems later on in life.  While All Natural Caffeinated Syrup sounds like a fun idea it´s not something you want to consume on a regular basis.  Like most things in life, moderation and balance are key.  There is nothing wrong with an energy drink here or there but by making them part of our daily routine we are creating an unhealthy lifestyle that will catch up with us at some point.

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