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Company Spotlight: Great America Flavored Malt Beverage Specialty



Brewed and bottled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to be the first Flavored Malt Beverage Specialty moonshine. The beverage is a throwback to the past combined with a modern attitude, giving it a flavor all its own.

Available in 6 core flavors at a variety of ABVs depending on where you call home (10%, 12%, and 14% ABVs). We also offer seasonal flavors to fit every occasion. Be sure to check in often for updates on all of our seasonal flavors. ‘Shine on, America.



Apple Pie




Available in 6 core flavors at a variety of ABVs depending on where you call home (10%, 12%, and 14% ABVs). We also offer seasonal flavors to fit every occasion. Be sure to check in often for updates on all of our seasonal flavors. ‘Shine on, America.



Carolina Clear




With flavor so smooth, Carolina Clear delivers that crisp refreshing taste that is as adventurous as its predecessors.







Juicy and delightful, you’ll think this jar came straight from the strawberry fields. That’s some good picking right there.







Be careful when you take a bite out of this peach, it bites back. But don’t worry, a little peach fuzz never hurt nobody.







For a completely unique taste, try our Blueberry. Tart, sweet and unexpected, we promise you won’t end up like Violet Beauregarde.







Every once in a while, you need a fresh squeeze. Not too sweet, not too tart, it’s just right.



Tea with Lemon




A delectable, crisp tea taste with just a hint of satisfying lemon.



Company: Stout Brewing Company, LLC
Brand: Great America
Origin: USA
Category: Malt Beverage
Packaging: 23.5 fl oz
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Finder






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Drink Spotlight: Swoody Malt Beverage


Swoody is a lightly- carbonated alcohol-free malt drink based on wort made from natural ingredients. It contains no preservatives, artificial colouring dyes or aromas. Swoody is the perfect choice as an isotonic drink - it refreshes, stimulates, and provides a surge of energy. It's also a unique product for those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, as it's high in nutritious content in the form of proteins, vitamins and minerals.



About the Company
Perla – Lublin Breweries S.A. is currently the largest regional manufacturer in Poland. The history of the company dates back to 1846. In 2006 Perla Lublin Breweries was one of the first breweries in Poland to receive the ISO 22000 certificate. Our products are exported to Europe, North and South America, Australia and Asia. Recent years have been a period of the dynamic development of the company. The latest product is Swoody. It’s alcohol-free malt drink based on wort made from natural ingredients.




Company: Perla Lublin Breweries
Brand: Swoody
Slogan: Natural Nutrition Shot
Origin: Poland
Category: Soft Drink
Packaging: 330ml
Claims:  Original Taste, Traditional Recipe, 0% Alcohol
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Coming Soon
Website: swoody.pl











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Drink Spotlight: Barbican Pineapple Flavored Malt Beverage



Barbican from the Arab Emirates offers a line of non alcholic flavored malt beverages in a variety of flavors. The company recently redesigned their packaging.


Water, sugar, malt, citric acid (E330), nature identical pineapple flavor, ascorbic acid (E300), quillia extract (E999), caramel color (E150c).

Flavours available:
1) peach
2) apple
3) raspberry
4) pineapple
5) lemon
6) strawberry
7) malt (original flavour)

About the Company
Aujan Industries, ranked among the top 100 companies in Saudi Arabia, holds a top three market position in every country in which it operates. The company's core markets are the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman, while its operations also extend to Iran, Iraq, the Levant, North Africa, South East Asia and Europe. Read More


Company: Aujan Industries Inc
Brand: Barbican
Category: Malt Beverages, Non Alcoholic
Origin: United Arab Emirates
Varieties: Malt, Strawberry, Lemon, Pineapple, Raspberry, Apple, Peach
Claims: Non Alcoholic, Halal
Packaging: 330 ml, Can and Bottle
Website: aujan.com







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Packaging Spotlight: Mirage Malt Beverage


Mirage malt beverage is a local brand aiming to improve the market of local products rather than imported ones, so the package design was done ac- cordingly.Color schemes were chosen to reflect the brand name (Mirage), which also reflects the local enviroment of desert feel and heat, thus used desert- beiege color for the top part of the labeling, as for the lower part, the color changes according to the flavor of the drink.

Such Pattern was used to reflect the feel of mirage in the desert, the hazy scene is taken as an inspi- ration to create such pattern in a geometric and abstract way.Focused on emphasizing the product poster design and logo in english so it can give the product the international feel that other products give as part of the branding technique for it keeps it memorable.

Designed by
Reem Al Fadhli
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia






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Packaging Spotlight: Jack Daniel´s Country Cocktails

Jack Daniel's Country Cocktails gets an update for spring/summer by in house design team at Brown-Forman. "[We wanted to] unite the brand's signature clack with color, flavor iconography, and refreshment cues to introduce a new consumer to the Jack Daneil's trademark."

By bringing in colorful iconography to indicate the flavors, Brown-Forman Design created a completely different personality for the line; friendlier, younger, and well, more approachable than the Jack we know.


Designed by Dac Austin, Brown-Forman Design 













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Product Spotlight: ISTAK Non-Alcoholic Beer



ISTAK is a non-alcoholic malt beverage from Iran.  Brewed in Iran from top-quality Bavarian malt and using the latest German technology. ISTAK is now available in a variety of natural flavors to suit almost every palate, from lovers of quality malt beverage to those who enjoy fruit-flavored beverage.  ISTAK offers 11 flavor varieties.

100% Alcohol Free Halal-Certified Malt Beverage, Not only Refreshing but also Nourishing, Prevents Kidney Stones, Rich in Vitamins, Reduces Stress, Builds Energy, Reduces Blood Cholesterol 10 to 15 Percent , Balances Your Body and Mind, Best drink for breast feeding mothers.

We have all 10 flavors in bottle packs.  The bottles are made in Iran. Not only is the quality high but the design is classic and stylish which makes consumers feel loyalty.

Also there are 10 flavors in can packs. We import cans from malaysia and we fill them in Iran, then we export to many muslim and non-muslim countries. 10 different colors, stylish and attractive design made our product different from he other same product in market. Best serving time for cans is during one year after production. For further information in each box of cans there are 24 cans.



Company: ISTAK
Brand: ISTAK
Slogan: Unique and Pure
Origin: Iran
Category:  Malt Beverages, Non Alcoholic Beer
Claims:  Non Alcoholic, Halal Certified
Packaging: 20fl oz
Varieties: Orange, Lemon, Apple, Pear, Pomegranate, Mango, Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry, Tropical, Coffee, Ginger
















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Product Spotlight: Delicia Whipped Malt Beverages


Delicia, a revolutionary new malt beverage from E & J Gallo Winery, combines the vibrant fizz of a malt beverage with a variety of decadent dessert flavors. Delicia Whipped adds a fizzy pop to the cool, refreshing taste of whipped cream. Delicia Strawberries & Cream has the sweet, classic taste you love from the traditional dessert. And Delicia Red Velvet combines that rich, creamy cake flavor with a light effervesce.

This refreshing take on the traditional malt beverage from E & J Gallo Winery uses all natural flavors that are sure to leave your taste buds tingling. If you’re looking for something to sweeten up your traditional beverage choice, try a delicious Delicia dessert beverage.

Brewed by: E & J Gallo Winery
Availability: Year-round
Type: Malt beverage
ABV: 5.0%








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