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Personal Care Spotlight: Beardition Men’s Beard and Skin Care



Beardition is a brand spankin’ new company offering a line of all natural(ly) awesome men’s facial + hair products. Rockin’ a beard? Need to enhance your beardliness? Look no further.

As our tagline reads “enhance your beardliness,” we are a new men’s facial company here to help the bearded fellas do just that, if it’s even possible, as we know you’re already awesome. To top that, our products are completely all natural, containing some of the finest ingredients on the planet. To keep our products fine and fresh, we make sure to create them in smaller batches, not allowing them to sit, for Lord knows how long, on a shelf. Yeah, that shampoo you are using right now could have been sitting on the store shelf for five years…just saying. Also, just because you see the word beard everywhere doesn’t mean you can’t use it on top of your head too. It will do wonders for all your hair.

We currently offer the following Beardition Products
• really good beard shampoo
• even better beard conditioner
• styling + profiling shave cream
• legitimately cool after shave
• soft + sweet beard oil


About Beardition

Welcome to beardition.com, the home of an all natural(ly) awesome men's facial + hair products company. We're Mark Williams and Kristin Schleihs, the two behind the beards...thankfully one of us just figuratively. We're proud to be a Nashville, TN based company, officially launching in November 2012. Please enjoy a quick view below if you'd like to learn a bit more about us. Oh, and that little guys up top is Mark's dog, Roy. He's the bossman, but he usually lets us run most of the meetings.




Company: Beardition
Brand: Beardition
Slogan: Enhance Your Beardliness
Category: Personal Care
Origin: USA
Variants: Shampoo, Conditioner, Shaving Cream, After Shave, Beard Oil
Website: beardition.com






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