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Skin Care Spotlight: Agent Nateur holi(sex) intimate oil


How many of you step out of a luxurious bath or shower, apply body oil or lotion and pause wondering if it’s safe to apply to your intimate area? holi(sex) solves this problem. We created holi(sex) for other reasons as well. We all deserve pleasure whether with or without a partner. But postmenopausal women report concerns with dryness and as we age, our sex hormones, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, and DHEA, naturally decline. But hormones aren’t the only reason behind vaginal dryness. Detergents, certain medications (steroids and antibiotics, for example), leaky gut, and stress can all contribute.

The oil-based, quick absorbing formula (think organic coconut and sweet almond oil) is our solution to the chemical-filled lubricants on the market. But holi (sex) is not just for your intimate area, use it all over to hydrate the body and leave behind a lingering scent of jasmine, coconut, rose and vanilla.



• organic coconut oil is clinically proven as a safe and effective lubricant.

• sweet almond oil is moisutizing lubricant that stimulates blood vessels.

• vanilla essential oil acts as an aphrodisiac and boosts the libido.

• heart opening rose has an arousing scent that helps healthy tissue regeneration.

• jasmine increases libido and oxygen in the blood which stimulates hotter body temperature

*Agent Nateur products are created with non-gmo, food-grade ingredients for even the most sensitive skin.



Apply to intimate areas post-shower for comfort and to enhance your natural lubrication sans irritation.

Jena’s Notes: A form of self-care, apply before a night out to encourage sensual stimuli. I created this special oil as an extra step in self-care. That word sounds a bit played out to me, but when I apply our body oil, it DOES feel like I’m caring for my body because the oil just feels so good. However, I wouldn’t put a body oil that’s created for tightening and cellulite on my intimate parts. Nor do I want to put an irritating fragrance on there. This oil is the answer.



Company: Agent Nateur
Brand: Agent Nateur
Origin: USA
Category: Personal Care
Packaging: 30ml
Claims: Non-GMO, pesticide-free.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $38.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.agentnateur.com









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Personal Care Spotlight: Introducing ‘Turn ON’ Personal Lubricant – Because New Experiences Are Sexy



Medici Online Group, LLC has launched an exciting new line of personal lubricant products to the marketplace

NEW YORK, Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Medici Online Group, LLC's  'Turn ON' Personal Lubricant, offers a sleek, clean, fun, bold, silky & tasty approach to better feeling sex, with a variety of formulations to fit every customer's needs.  Packaged in simple and discreet packaging, the 'Turn ON' line is conveniently available for purchase through the trusted Amazon.com platform…from the comfort of one's home, or on-the-go, via mobile shopping.

Medici's marketing team has chosen to exclusively offer 'Turn ON' online because the selection of a personal lubricant is dependent on so many factors.  No matter the circumstance prompting this purchase, they know shoppers will appreciate the opportunity to research, choose and purchase their preferred formula, at a competitive price, without being jostled, rushed or scrutinized in a drugstore or grocery aisle.

Current statistics show that more people are utilizing personal lubricants than ever before. Research by the Center for Sexual Health Promotion has found that the use of personal lubricants is on the rise, especially by younger people.  Of course, lubricants significantly help to reduce condom breakage, thus aiding in the prevention of both unintended pregnancies, and with the rise of sexually transmitted diseases, lubricant use has grown among all sexually active populations.

Lubricants are a blessing to women of all ages who may suffer from vaginal dryness, caused by normal hormonal changes, emotional stress, alcohol and cigarette use, childbirth and nursing.  Certain medications, including chemotherapy and also some personal hygiene products can often lead to pain and discomfort during sex.

In a survey among women ages 18 to 68, research found that more than 62 percent have used sexual lubricants and 25 percent used them in the month prior to the survey.  Just over 72 percent have said they use a lubricant because it makes sex more pleasurable for them and their partner.

To meet all of these needs, Medici Online Group, LLC has crafted a line of formulas just as unique as their customers. The 'Turn ON' Personal Lubricant line has seven formulas: Water-based, Silicone, Hybrid, Silk, Anal, Strawberry, and an Aloe-based Organics, each one designed with the customer in mind. To learn more about each formula visit their Amazon store.

The company's goal is to enhance their customer's most intimate moments. They want to inspire their customers to be comfortable, playful, confident and open to exploration, knowing that whether it's a shared sensual massage or a bold new sexual adventure, there is a 'Turn ON' available that's just right for them.

From the Turn On Personal Lubricant creators, "We're here because you deserve the best sexual lubricant. Live extraordinarily, dream, explore and discover your 'Turn On'."

About Medici Online Group

Medici Online Group, LLC is a small company with real people dedicated to improving the simple pleasures of life. Their mission is to exceed their customer's expectations with exceptional quality, selection, customer service, and the best prices online.  To learn more about 'Turn ON' from Medici, or to make a purchase, visittheir online store by clicking here. Take 20% off entire product line by using code TURNLUBE at checkout






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