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Beverage Spotlight: Lettuce Tea


Live Well, Live Healthy, Drink Lettuce Tea!
An all-natural, low sugar, low calorie ready-to-drink vegetable tea beverage.



The Lettuce Tea brand was created to help individuals reach their ideal level of health. All-natural, ready-to-drink Lettuce Tea is the only vitamin fortified tea naturally enriched with a cruciferous vegetable juice. Lettuce Tea is a refreshing beverage that promotes superior health and wellness. Contact us today to order.
Lettuce Tea has been inspired by the consumer’s attraction for healthy food products. Having more than 25 years in the product and package development processes, Eddy Antoine has decided to integrate a cruciferous vegetable liquid based extract incorporated it with the black and green tea ingredients to deliver an advanced first-of-its-kind tea product trend. In doing so, he has excessively raised the bar to a new challenging level in the tea chemistry development process.

Lettuce Tea is available in four exceptionally formulated tropical fruit flavors:

Exotic Apricot

Lettuce Tea is best served chilled but can also be enjoyed at room temperature. This ready-to-drink vitaminated tea complements individuals who lead active lifestyles. Whether participating in sports or other athletic activities, preparing for the day's next event, or simply looking for a healthy thirst-quenching option, Lettuce Tea is a refreshing drink suitable for any occasion. Lettuce Tea is bottled in a 16 fl. Oz PET plastic container featuring an attractive label inspired by the tropical colors.

Why Drink Lettuce Tea?
The Lettuce Tea brand is based on an age-old tradition of drinking nutrient-packed tea made from leafy greens to fulfill some of the body's dietary needs. "Lettuce tea" as it is called, contains a significant amount of antioxidants. The Lettuce Tea brand is a modern twist in this evolving market. This beverage is delicious, refreshing and fortified with nutrients and antioxidants.

Now in a newly designed bottle!


Product History
The history of Lettuce Tea is extensive, and recently reanimated by countless nutritionists, doctors, and influential institutions collaboratively validating the magnitude of leafty vegetables health benefits legitimacy

Lettuce Tea boasts an impressive historic appeal with roots that extend into many cultures. Tisanes, as it is also called, is referred to as a tea because of the steeping process used to produce this micronutrient-rich beverage. Drinking tea was made popular by the ancient Chinese who discovered that tea leaves tea drinking could provide relief from a stressful day. As a result, tea leaves were later traded to prominent European countries and exported to other western civilizations. Today, tea products are in demand throughout the world.

In Latin and West Indian countries steeping herbs, vegetables, fruits and seeds to produce a "tea" is a longstanding tradition. Here at Complex Beverage we simply take this age-old concept and place it on the front page of modern times. Lettuce Tea is now vitaminated tea and fortified with lettuce nutrients, a key ingredient that aids in quick rehydration and offers soothing and balancing benefits. Through the Lettuce Tea brand, we provide consumers healthy, flavorful, thirst quenching beverages which may help in supporting a healthy immune system, sustaining the healthy cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure already within the normal range and assist in maintaining a desireable weight loss.

Company: Complex Beverage Group
Brand: Lettuce Tea
Slogan: Live Well, Live Healthy, Drink Lettuce Tea!
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: 16oz bottle
Claims:  Functional, All-natural, Low sugar, Low calorie, Ready to Drink
Varieties: Pomegranate, Mango, Strawberry, Exotic Apricot
Website: complexbeverage.com

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Product Spotlight: NOYU Vitamin Enriched Iced Tea

Finest quality whole leaf Formosa Oolong & Green Teas
Enriched with essential vitamins & infused with natural fruit juices.

A World steeped in the ancient tradition of tea cultivation, NOYU Teas transport you to the mist shrouded hills and lush fields of Formosa Island where tea leaves are grown under ideal conditions and harvested at just the right moment.

The tea masters at NOYU infuse our Teas with luscious fruits and honey in creative combinations which yield a product and taste sensation that we believe surpasses anything currently on the market.

NOYU Teas are unique in having a distinctly delicate pallet with only the barest addition of cane sugar to enrich the natural fruit flavours and clean tea tones. The result is a truly sophisticated range of iced teas that are not only deliciously refreshing but functionally diverse.

NOYU Teas...Take the Journey East.

NOYU’s Functional Iced Teas:

Honey Lemon Chamomile ‘Complexion Elixer’
For our Honey Lemon Chamomile we freshly brew whole Green Tea leaves with Chamomile flowers and into which we infuse natural lemon juice, honey and our blend of dietary fibre and select ingredients reputed to naturally nourish your skin like Catechin, Collagen, Grape Seed, Vitamins A, C and E, yielding a delightful and delicious beverage rich in antioxidants.

Samurai Defender ‘Herbal Defence’
With over 450% of the RDI of vitamin C in every bottle, our Samurai Defender starts with a base of slow kettle brewed Formosa Oolong tea and is blended with Chrysanthemum Flowers and other therapeutic ingredients like Echinacea, Goji Berry, Ginseng and Vitamins A, C and E, to provide an effective combination for balance and well being

Company: Fresh Food Enterprise
Brand: NOYU
Slogan: Vitamin Enriched Iced Tea
Category: Tea Drinks
Origin: Australia
Packaging: 500ml
Varieties: Honey Lemon Chamomile Green Tea, Lychee, Oolong Tea, Mellow Pomelo Chamomile Green Tea, Peach Oolong Tea, Mandarin Ginger Oolong Tea
Claims: All Natural, Vitamin Enriched, Low Calorie, Antioxidant, Low Sugar, Gluten Free
Website: shotzhealth.com


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Product Spotlight: Pitaya Plus Juices

ZERO ADDED SUGAR - PitayaPlus is the lowest sugar 100% Juice around.
ONLY 70 CALORIES - PitayaPlus is the lowest calorie 100% juice around.
25% DAILY FIBER – Dietary fiber helps lower cholesterol, Lower blood-glucose levels and improve digestive health.

RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS - Helps fight and neutralize free forming radicals.

250% VITAMIN D3 - The “sunshine” vitamin, as it is sometimes referred to, is commonly known for its effect on strengthening the bones and joints in the human body by aiding the absorption of calcium. It also helps the body build up immunity.

ELECTROLYTES - Isotonic formula provides you with essential electrolytes and keeps you hydrated.

Our juice has a full Pitaya / Dragon fruit Fruit in every bottle. Other companies will call their juices “Dragon Fruit or Pitaya” but we encourage you to read their ingredient list. You will see that some companies don’t even put a drop of pitaya in these so-called “Pitaya / dragon fruit Drinks!” We are the real deal.

WARNING: Don’t drink our juice if you are looking for that sugar tooth feeling that you get from every other juice in existence. Prepare yourself for a juice that will taste so refreshing and different, you will actually want to drink more of it!

Read more about the astounding health benefits of Pitaya.


Company: Pitaya Plus
Brand: Pitaya
Slogan: The Low Sugar, High-Fiber, Superfruit
Category:  Juice
Origin: USA
Packaging: 10.5 fl oz
Claims: Free from added sugar, dairy, gluten, GMO or BPA
Varieties: Pitaya and Mango, Pitaya Lemon and Coconut Water
Price: $2.00 USD
Website: pitayaplus.com




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