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Product Spotlight: Slim Secrets Fit Balls


Slim Secrets Fit Balls were developed to provide health conscious consumers with the tools to make better eating choices. The low carb, high protein and fibre balls offer versatility by providing quick, easy and healthy snacks between meals that will help you feel fuller for longer and curb hunger pangs and sweet cravings. Slim Secrets have also added healthy chia seeds to the Fit Balls and many of you will be happy to know they are also wheat free.

Available in the following delicious flavours: Choc Mint Chip and Butterscotch Bliss





Choc Chip Mint
protein blend 33% (soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, soy protein nuggets [isolated soy protein, tapioca starch, salt]), protein compound choc coating 24% (maltitol, vegetable fat, cocoa 12%, soy protein, emulsifiers [soy lecithin, E476], flavour), humectant (glycerol), polydextrose, water, maltitol, sugar free mint chips (3%), vegetable oil, chia seeds (2.5%), rice puffs, emulsifier (soy lecithin), flavour, salt, vanilla flavour, stevia extract, glazing agent (gum arabic).




Butterscotch Bliss

protein blend 33% (soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, soy protein nuggets [isolated soy protein, tapioca starch, salt]), protein compound coating 24% (maltitol, vegetable fat, soy protein isolate, milk solids 14%, emulsifier [soy lecithin, E476], flavour), humectant (glycerol), polydextrose, water, maltitol, sugar free butterscotch chips 3%, canola oil, chia seeds 2%, colour (natural caramel), rice puffs, flavour, emulsifier (soy lecithin), salt, stevia extract, glazing agent (gum arabic).


Stevia is the wonder sweetener that originated in South America hundreds of years ago. It is a completely natural sweetener derived from the stevia rebaudiana plant and is 300 times stronger than sugar. Containing zero calories, stevia does not adversely affect blood sugar levels and can be enjoyed by diabetics as a sugar and artificial sweetener alternative.


Chia seeds are a great source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and are perfect for the weight conscious. Chia seeds are also very beneficial to the heart and extremely high in fibre, calcium, high quality protein, slowly processed carbohydrates and loaded with vitamins & minerals and antioxidants.

Soy protein is derived from soy beans, a legume rich in health benefits. Containing no cholesterol, the soybean is a good source of iron, calcium, fibre, B vitamins and is low in saturated fats. Being the only vegetable food that contains all eight essential amino acids, soy beans are a nutritious alternative to animal proteins and perfect for those following a vegetarian diet.



Other benefits include:
Controls high blood sugar (hyperglycaemia)
Contains phytoestrogens which have a positive effect on bone and calcium retention, particularly for menopausal women
May reduce the risk of certain cancers, in particular prostate and breast cancer
Reduces cholesterol
Increases the nutritional value of other foods due to the soy bean containing all eight amino acids



Company:  Slim Secrets
Brand:  Slim Secrets
Origin: Australia
Category: Healthy Snacks
Packaging: 50g packs
Claims: Low Sugar, Wheat Free, Protein Rich
Varieties: Choc Chip Mint, Butterscotch Bliss
Price: Au$36.00
Website: slimsecrets.com.au



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Beer Spotlight: Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde
is a Vienna styled Lager with light floral citrus notes, allowing the hops to shine through. Brewed using the best local and imported ingredients, this Blonde is fermented further to leave very few carbohydrates. True flavour with less than half the carbs of full strength lagers.


Company: Platinum Blonde
Brand: Platinum Blonde
Slogan: Full Flavoured Lager
Category: Beer
Origin: Australia
Packaging: 330ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 4.6%
Price: $2.60 Australian Dollars per bottle
Website:  platinumblonde.com







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Product Spotlight: Genisoy Soy Crisps

When seeking a better snack alternative, we are often faced with two unappealing options: Either a healthy snack that sacrifices taste or a tastier natural and organic snack that is loaded with fat or calories and has little nutritional value. Genisoy doesn’t believe you should sacrifice taste or nutrition. We think you’ll find our indulgent Sweet Crisps, savory Soy Crisps, and roasted Soy Nuts are great snacks that will satisfy your sweet and savory cravings. All of our snacks are packed with protein and are very modest in calories, fat, sodium, and carbs. Genisoy Snacks are a positively smart snacking alternative.

About Genisoy

For nearly 20 years, Genisoy has provided a variety of delicious, protein-packed nutrition bars, savory snacks, and shakes and powders. In 1999, the FDA released the Soy Protein Heart Health Claim stating that “25 grams of Soy Protein per day could help lower the risk of Coronary Heart Disease”. While soy protein is still an important part of our DNA, today Genisoy prides itself on offering consumers a wide variety of important nutritional benefits.

We believe you’ll find our products offer measurable advantages over many other healthy snacks, bars and powders on the market. Genisoy’s products are:

  • 100% natural and made with non-GMO Soy
  • An excellent protein source
  • Modest in calories, fat, sugar and sodium
  • Rich in calcium, folate, and vitamin E

As Genisoy looks forward, we are excited about bringing you an even wider variety of innovative, tasty snacks that provide the latest in nutritional benefits

Company: Downright Healthy Foods & World Pantry
Brand: Genisoy Soy Crisps
Category: Snacks
Slogan: Positively You
Origin: USA
Packaging: 3.85oz
Varieties: Ranch, Sea Salt, Cheddar, Garlic & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Barbecue
Claims: Low calorie, Low Fat, Low Carbs
Price: $3.39
Website: genisoy.com

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