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Industry News: London’s Latest Tea Room Brings the Flavour Back to Brixton



Posing a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere over two levels at the heart of Brixton, London’s newest Tea Room and creative space, Treats and Ting, has arrived to make South London that little bit more delicious.

Set to be one of the latest goAto venues for healthAconscious, expertlyAprepared food, Treats and Ting will boast a European and Caribbean menu, paired with beautiful baked delights.

A gorgeous homemade offering during weekdays includes robust paninis, artisan salads and warming soups along with breakfasts, lunches and dinners to go; the perfect pit stop during a busy weekday lifestyle. The weekend menu beholds a colourful array of delicacies including Curry goat, Oxtail and moreish Rice and peas, as well as a collection of vegetarian and vegan dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

With everything made from scratch, Treats and Ting will also house a comforting workspace; the perfect hub for freelancers and those looking to enjoy one of the area’s homeliest and most contemporary new spots.

Decorated with chic furnishings amid a retroAindustrial setting with bookAheavy shelves, the venue is the latest addition to London’s social scene.

Owner EmmaALouise Stewart says “Treats and Ting is about culture and community; I’ve created a space that offers comfort, convenience and quality food made from the heart. Brixton is known for it’s variance and rich surroundings; Treats and Ting is the perfect ingredient for adding a little extra flavour.’’

Officially open from November 1st, Treats and Ting will be celebrating with free breakfast and lunch giveaways from 7am – 9am and 12pm – 2pm.



For more information about Treats and Ting, please contact

Ryan Child at Child PR on: ryan@childpr.com or by calling 0207 294 7748





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Company Spotlight: Flo Essence Water



essence water

Pure mineral water. A drop of natural flavours. Nothing else!

All natural. Perfect pH7.

No sugar, sweeteners, calories, preservatives or colouring.





Blueberry Vanilla

Pure mineral water with a drop of blueberry and vanilla flavours. Nothing else!

Vegan and gluten-free. Flavours made from non-GMO plants.

Natural Mineral Water, Natural Flavours




Cucumber Lemon

Pure mineral water with a drop of natural cucumber and lemon flavours. Nothing else!

Vegan and gluten-free. Flavours made from non-GMO plants.

Natural Mineral Water, Natural Flavours




Watermelon Garden Mint

Pure mineral water with a drop of watermelon and garden mint flavours. Nothing else!

Vegan and gluten-free. Flavours made from non-GMO plants.

Natural Mineral Water, Natural Flavours







Lychee Hibiscus

Pure mineral water with a drop of lychee and hibiscus flavours. Nothing else!

Vegan and gluten-free. Flavours made from non-GMO plants.


Natural Mineral Water, Natural Flavours



Our Bottles

Eco-Conscious Packaging

1. Renewable & Recyclable

Our 500ml bottles are made of 62% paper, a renewable resource which can be naturally regrown and they’re 100% recyclable.

2. Sustainable, Traceable & Ecological

The paper in our bottles come from certifed forests to ensure permanent sustainability, replantation , overlogging prevention and the protection of local communities and eco-surroundings.

3. Less CO2

A 500ml Flõ bottle produces around 61% less CO2 than a comparable plastic/PET bottle.

4. Water Conservation

Around 86% less water is needed to produce the packaging for a 500ml Flõ bottle compared with plastic/PET.





About the Company

Flõ (Fun, loving, original) Drinks

I need to drink more water and get healthy. I need to cut out soft drinks and juices with all their sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, colouring and other additives.

But I want a water that I enjoy drinking, even if I’m not thirsty. A water that I don’t have to remind myself to drink, because I crave it. A water bursting with delicious real flavours, yet it’s still water and not a soft drink in disguise.

All natural, not sweetened, no calories, no preservatives, no colouring and not acidic. I’m sure other people want that too. But it doesn’t exist, so we’ll make it.

And we’ll be a circular brand that benefits humanity: producing healthy products in eco-conscious packaging and giving back by donating 10% of our profits to clean water and clean planet projects.

Ali Lazem – Flõ Founder

Ali, a solicitor and doctor in law who left his career to make a positive change in the world by creating Flõ (Fun, loving, original) Drinks, a brand that people love, one that’s good to them, kind to others and caring for the planet. Why the ≈ symbol on the o? “Because we’ll make waves in the beverage industry.”



Company: Flo
Brand: Flo Essence Water
Origin: UK
Category: Water
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: All Natural, No sugar, sweeteners, calories, preservatives or colouring, Ph7
Variants: Blueberry Vanilla, Cucumber Lemon, Watermelon Garden Mint,
Price: £10.00 ( 8 x 500ml)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: flodrinks.com






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molton brown feat1

Skin Care Spotlight: Molton Brown Festive Frankincense & Allspice Fine Liquid Hand Wash



A hand wash with opulent frankincense oil, allspice and cedarwood.


The fragrance
Top note: allspice.
Heart note: frankincense.
Base note: vetiver.



Why you'll love it
This Christmas hand wash is bursting with ingredients that'll fire up your home for the festivities.

Best for
Those who relish 'decking their halls' for the Christmas season and think of all the little details to make it just perfect.



About the company

Over the decades we've built up a reputation for being London's bath, body and beauty connoisseurs. Our perfumes, shower gels, body lotions, candles and hand care products blend exotic ingredients with a touch of London eccentricity for bold fragrances and bright colours that stand out on the shelf. You'll now find Molton Brown in five-star hotels, stylish homes and high-end department stores across the world and yet each product is still blended in London, our home since 1973.



Company: Molton Brown
Brand:  Festive Frankincense & Allspice Fine Liquid Hand Wash
Slogan:  Molton Brown
Origin: UK
Category: Personal Skin Care
Packaging:  300ml
Claims:  Allspice fragrance, Made in England
Variants: View product range here
Price:  £16.00
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://www.moltonbrown.co.uk/store/index.jsp



molton brown 1




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kidney punch feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Kidney Punch Pale Ale



Designed by

Joan Quirós

London, United Kingdom




Kidney Punch is a craft beer inspired in the East London area. Its name comes up from the Cockney rhyming slang, that means ‘lunch’. This double meaning is reflected on its personality, due to its flavour and alcohol content, it fits well as a beer table and to drink it at the pub as well. The idea was to create a powerful design with a handcrafted character, that’s why following a full calligraphic process was essential to capture the spirit of this project.





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Packaging Spotlight: Teapot




Designed by
Nadia Arioui
London, United Kingdom


The Teapot product consist in a gourmet and organic tea line wich is conscious whith the environment. The materials used are low environmental impact






Image converted using ifftoany



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Image converted using ifftoany

Image converted using ifftoany









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Retail Spotlight: Beyond Bread Bakery & Café Puts London On The Gluten-Free Map

London, United Kingdom: Open six days a week and offering 100% gluten-free products baked on the premises, Beyond Bread is doing things very differently in a fast-evolving market. The Bakery & Cafe is already creating quite a storm – not just among gluten-free fans – but those who appreciate good food that tastes delicious in a contemporary, stylish setting.

Since the official opening on January 5th 2015, customer feedback has been very positive and encouraging. Beyond Bread is a progressive culinary concept designed to create familiar tastes through gluten-free foods. Innovating and creating, leading and not following, the expert team is keen to promote gluten-free past any misconceptions of it being a passing fashion fad. Adriana Rabinovich, author of ‘The Gluten-Free Cookbook For Kids’, a highly respected pioneer in gluten-free cooking, assisted with the product development and the range is an diverse, delicious mix of pasties, pastries and pies, cakes and quiches, tempting tarts, sumptuous sandwiches, and of course, an excellent selection of gluten-free breads.

Lunchtimes, as predicted, are the liveliest period during the working week, and the brunch-seeking Saturday crowd are also becoming welcome regulars at the Fitzrovia bolthole. The Bakery & Café has been described as “…a chirpy charm offensive, some wry wit and an astounding range of baked treats in a fitting more fashion than focaccia”.

Feedback from customers is vital at this early stage – the team continually develop new products and seek inspiration from the very people they’re catering for. The gluten-free community has been incredibly supportive of the opening, and there are plans to introduce further innovative gluten-free products in response to demands.

Gluten-Free Is The New Black

“Half tempted to go and get a brownie, they looked awesome!”

“I’d never have considered tuna and avocado in a sandwich together but it’s amazing.”

“I am SUPER excited to swing by this afternoon!”

“…now answering London’s next big movement for healthy living is Beyond Bread, London’s first 100% gluten free bakery and cafe.”https://thehandbook.com/blog/2014/12/healthy-carbs/

“The artisan bread craze is set to grow with Beyond Bread, a 100% gluten free bakery and café in London.” – Stylist magazine

“Beyond Bread, has opened in London’s Soho – its tagline is gluten-free is the new black. ‘We are here to prove that gluten free bakery is far beyond a sad looking and miserable tasting piece of toast’.” – The Independent



Beyond Bread: The Bakery & Café

Serving tempting treats, lunchtime specials, sumptuous snacks and hot teas, coffees and juices, Beyond Bread is an inviting and cosy pit-stop for gluten-free foodies seeking a warm welcome and delicious food away from the busy streets of London. The perfect escape from the shops or the office, Beyond Bread goodies can be eaten in or taken away.

















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Drink Spotlight: Chi 100% Natural Chocolate Coconut Milk



Finally a tasty and nutritious dairy alternative. Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk is made using high quality coconut cream blended with the finest cocoa we could lay our hands in. Not only is this dairy free but it has added chicory fiber (known as inulin) making this prebiotic which aids in digestion. Chi Chocolate Coconut Milk is low calorie and very good for you. one cup of coconut milk contains protein, good fats, fibre, vitamins B, C and E and is a rich source of potassium, selenium, calcium and iron. Did we mention this tastes AMAZING?



Water, Coconut Cream, A Dash of Coconut Sugar, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Inulin (Chicory Fibre as a Prebiotic), Natural Flavouring

*Natural Separation may occur. Shake well!





About the Company
In 2004 I was honeymooning in Phi Phi Island in Thailand and it was there that I first starting drinking coconut water. With coconut trees adorning our island, these young green coconuts were plucked fresh, cut open and a straw placed inside — and this is how I drank at least five coconuts a day. Drinking coconut water I felt an immediate difference in my well being: I felt energised, hydrated, healthy and balanced, and my general fatigue and blurred eyes all seemed to disappear. Read More




Company: Chi
Brand: Chi
Slogan: Rehydrate, Revive
Origin: UK
Category: Dairy Alternative Drinks
Packaging: 330ml
Claims: 100% Natural
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £16.95 (12 x 330ml)
Where to Buy:  Buy Online, Stockists
Website: chilondon.com





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Packaging Spotlight: Clutch Bodyshop


Design by
Socio Design
London, UK

Clutch Bodyshop are an inspirational brand founded in 2005 by elite fitness and nutrition expert Ashley Conrad. They specialise in fitness and nutrition programs as well as providing a portfolio of supporting supplements.

Clutch Bodyshop comissioned Socio alongside their in-house team to contribute some ideas for their new range of supplements. The new packs were designed to reflect the quality and science behind the supplements, positioning Clutch as a premium player in sports nutrition and fitness. The final design combined a minimal typographic aesthetic and simplistic colour palette to create a distinctive pack design that communicated the purity of ingredients within the range.









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Supplement Spotlight: Green Gate 14 Day Beauty Blend Concentrated Programme



Beauty starts from the inside out…With antioxidants and phytonutrients!

GLOW-Green Gate Beauty Blend provides a premium, concentrated source of the most ultra-nourishing and beautifying gifts from nature. It contains high-quality, enzyme-preserving extracts of over 20 exotic berries, silica rich bamboo shoot, 200x concentrated aloe vera heart, beta carotene from pumpkin, passion fruit, grape seed extract, and other nutrient-dense plants, all teeming with incredible amounts of ultra-nourishing antioxidants and phytonutrients






About the Company
Green Gate offers premium superfood blends, selected from the highest quality combination of ingredients available.

A natural and convenient solution to staying on top of your health and a perfect choice for those ready to make some powerful changes to their life. Read More


Company: Green Gate
Brand: Green Gate
Origin: UK
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 500g
Claims: Beauty
Price: £49.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: greengatelondon.com






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Drink Spotlight: Sandow’s London Cold Brew Coffee


Sandow’s London is Luke Suddards & Hugh Duffie. We’ve been working in coffee for the last few years and have become jolly good mates during our most recent stint at TAP Coffee. We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work as baristas, manage cafés and roast coffee.

Together we’ve learnt loads about coffee and we even spend our down time seeking out new and interesting flavours, mostly in craft beers. We’ve spent hours discussing the London coffee scene and cold brew in particular on our cycle-ride-come-pub-crawl journeys home to Stoke Newington. We believe there is great momentum in speciality coffee in London, and that 2014 is the time to bring a seriously spiffing cold brew onto the market.

Cold brew is such a great way to drink coffee – bloomin’ refreshing, ours is slow brewed with cold water and double filtered for clarity with a whopping great flavour. The long contact time drags out all the delicious fruity flavours and the cold water extracts minimal acidity – but be prepared, this method draws out more caffeine so it’s one to enjoy slowly and savour. Each bottle of Sandow’s London Cold Brew is brewed, filled, capped, labelled and delivered by us weekly.



Company: Sandow's London
Brand: Sandow's London
Origin: UK
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 200ml
Claims: Cold Brew
Price: £4
Where to Buy: Stockists listed on their website
Website: sandowslondon.tumblr.com





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