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Product Spotlight: Spicy Mayonnaise from La Costeña


La Costeña has launched a line of spicy mayonnaise products.  Now available are Mayonnaise with Jalapeño Chile and Mayonnaise with Chile Chipotle.  Both are available in a 390/420 gram glass bottle and a 340 gram squeezable bottle.  These two new products are the newest additions to La Costeña´s mayonnaise line that includes mayonnaise with lemon juic and low fat mayonnaise.  The new flavors appeal to the high number of Mexican consumers that enjoy spicy foods.  These new additions give consumers options that may be bored with the plain flavored mayonnaise products that dominate the market.  La Costeña Mayonnaise is rich in vitamins K, E and contain DHA Omega 3.


Mayonesa con CHILE JALAPEÑO La Costeña


Mayonesa con CHILE CHIPOTLE La Costeña

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