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Bar Spotlight: First Bar Scientifically Formulated for Intermittent Fasting Now Available on Amazon



Hack your fast with Fast Bar™ - the nutrition bar that satisfies your hunger while helping you achieve your intermittent fasting goals

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fast Bar, the first and only bar scientifically formulated to support intermittent fasting and time restricted eating goals, is now available on Amazon. From weight management, metabolic wellness, and increased energy; there's numerous benefits associated with intermittent fasting. Consumers looking for sustainable diet practices have taken notice leading to growing popularity with Google Trends finding intermittent fasting the most searched diet of 2019.

Fast Bar is meticulously formulated to be a delicious source of nutrition, satisfying hunger while allowing people to stick to their fasting and weight management goals. It is specifically designed to supply the body with nourishment through its macronutrient ratio of high beneficial fats, low carbs and protein.

Each of the three flavors, Original Nuts & Honey, Nuts & Nibs and Cocoa Nuts, contains a scientifically determined formulation of high-quality nuts and select nutrients. They are plant-based, non-GMO, gluten free, and made without soy or dairy.

"Fast Bar is a one of a kind product and we are thrilled to have it widely available on Amazon," said Joseph Antoun MD PhD, the CEO and Chairman at L-Nutra. "Nutri-science has recently uncovered that you can mimic fasting while nourishing the body with a special formulation of macro and micronutrients. Fast Bar allows individuals practicing Intermittent Fasting (IF) or Time Restricted Eating (TRE) to first easily commit to their goals while reducing the fear of hardship and hunger often associated with long hours of fasting, and to second still provide, rather than deprive, nutrients to their body."

The formulation of the bar was developed based on the breakthrough and patented Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) that has introduced an entirely new concept to the world: Fasting with food. Using cutting edge nutritional science, L-Nutra has created food that is clinically shown to avoid triggering food sensing pathways leaving the body in a fasting state but nourished with food. Fast Bar is the first standalone product based on the revolutionary nutri-science of the FMD. It is best to eat it in the morning to achieve fasting goals but it can also serve as a snack in between meals to satisfy food cravings for people with busy schedules.

About L-Nutra
L-Nutra™ is a leading nutri-tech company, developing innovations that explore the edge of human potential through nutrition and science for the benefit of all. Through our work we bring to life the power and possibility of health and longevity through nutrition, fasting and lifestyle. Learn more at www.l-nutra.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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L-Nutra's Fast Bar

L-Nutra's Fast Bar




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Product Launch: Introducing ProLon®, The New “Fasting With Food,” Meal Program


First-to-market Meal Program promotes healthy aging, weight loss and cell regeneration without hardships of traditional fasting


NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- L-Nutra, the leading nutritechnology company, today released ProLon®, a premiere 5-Day Meal Program that nourishes the body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes through scientifically proven, plant-based foods.

Developed at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California (USC), in sponsorship with the National Institute for Aging and the National Institute of Health, ProLon is a breakthrough Fasting Mimicking Diet™ (FMD™), that brings back periodic fasting to our current lifestyle. Fasting for few days in a row is difficult to observe but induces major positive health impacts including body healing and multi-system rejuvenation. ProLon's 5-Day per month Meal Program is the first meal plan that nourishes the body while keeping it in fasting mode. This "fasting with food" technique is scientifically proven and clinically tested to induce all the benefits of fasting including cell regeneration, healthy aging, and fat-driven weight loss.


"ProLon is the first impactful yet practical and natural intervention that enhances the healthy part of our life by optimizing the way we age," says Dr. Valter Longo, chairman and founder of L-Nutra and the director of the Longevity Institute. "Fasting done periodically is a very powerful and natural way to help the body first recover from the incremental damages inflicted by an unhealthy lifestyle and then to rejuvenate its cells and systems. Based on over a decade of research and development, ProLon is scientifically proven to enable people to live longer, healthier lives."

Data show that ProLon's unique blend of ingredients supports the body's ability to optimize metabolic health and aging process. In the latest clinical trial conducted at USC's Longevity Institute, three cycles of ProLon (five days per month over a three month period) showed statistically significant (p<0.05) improvements on various health metrics – decrease in body fat; decrease in body weight; preservation of lean body mass; preservation of bone density; reduction in fasting glucose and insulin resistance; optimization of Cholesterol and triglyceride levels; decrease in IGF-1 (aging marker); decrease in C-reactive protein; and elevated mesenchymal/progenitor cells (rejuvenation marker).

The diet is comprised of low-protein, low-carbohydrate, and high good fat ingredients to help the body protect and repair itself naturally, bringing long-term health benefits. The "fasting with food" program features meals ranging from 770 to 1,100 calories per day, packaged in convenient grab-and-go boxes that include energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. ProLon's plant-based ingredients consist of fresh olives, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, and herbal teas.

"ProLon represents a major innovation in nutritechnology," says Joseph Antoun, CEO of L-Nutra. "This is the first time in history that we have food that someone consumes for five days while the body does not recognize it is eating and therefore enters into a protective and regenerative mode to improve overall health, aging, and wellbeing." Dr. Antoun reported that "many consumers like the fact that ProLon is to be consumed over five days only once per one, two, or three months, unlike typical diets which can impose change to their daily lifestyle. ProLon users have reported higher energy levels, healthier skin, and improved control of food consumption. For these reasons, overall satisfaction rate from consumers all across the nation is at 90%."

To learn more about ProLon, please visit the website at https://prolonfmd.com/buy-prolon or call 323- 580-6855. This product is available with healthcare provider approval.

About L-Nutra
L-Nutra is the leading nutritechnology company, developing innovative Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMDs™) that can be consumed for a predetermined number of consecutive days, with the frequency dependent on the condition and patient. FMDs™ nourish the body while keeping it in a fasting mode, which promotes positive short and long-term effects on biological aging, health and a variety of other factors, such as weight, abdominal fat, and maintaining healthy levels of glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and other key metabolic health factors.










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