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Product Spotlight: Valio Grandi Fresh Juices



Grandi ® FRESH,  is a new type of drink that has your values in mind.


Fresh flavor combinations, with a taste of authentic fruits and berries, but far less sugar.  Grandi Fresh is now sweetened with Stevia to offer a much healthier product.  The appropriate level of sweeteners and the genuine taste of fruit and berries are a perfect combination.




Also available are a line of juices for kids.  Flavors include raspberry, strawberry, pear.  Naturally sweetened with stevia.  This line of juices does not contain aspartame and are completely preservative free.


Company: Valio
Brand: Grandi Fresh
Category: Juices
Origin:  Finland
Packaging: 250ml
Claims: Low Sugar, No preservatives
Varieties: Apple Mango, Cranberry Pomegranate, Soft Citrus, Orange Cola
Website: valio.fi

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Product Spotlight: Fruit 66 Epic All Natural Sparkling Juice

Fruit 66, makers of all natural fruit juices, have launched Epic, a new line of all natural sparkling juices.

Product Features
Great taste
Refreshing flavors:
Black Cherry, Passion Fruit Mango, Strawberry Melon, Lemon Lime
Provides for 2 servings of fruit
As much FIBER as half an orange
As much of the electrolyte Potassium as half a banana
100% RDA Vitamin C, 10% RDA Calcium, Vitamins A & D









Company: Fruit 66
Brand: Epic
Category: Juice
Origin: USA
Varieties: Black Cherry, Passion Fruit Mango, Strawberry Melon, Lemon Lime
Packaging: 8oz
Claims: Low Sugar, Provides for 2 servings of fruit, Vitamin Enriched, Sparkling, No High Fructose
Website: fruit-66.com

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Product Spotlight: Del Monte Fruit Burst Juices for Kids



Fruit Burst by Del Monte not only tastes delicious but with the addition of vitamins B5, B6, B12 and folic acid it helps combat tiredness and fatigue. Stamina for brains. Helps combat tiredness. Packed with vitamins. No added sugar. No artificial colors or flavors. Contains naturally occurring sugars.




Available flavors are: Cool Cherry & luscious Lime, Sherbet Lemon Orange & Lime, Sour Apple & Strawberry and Sweet apple & Blackcurrant. Retails in a 1 liter SIG Combibloc package.



Company: Del Monte
Brand: Fruit Burst
Slogan: Fruit Fuel, It's Not Rocket Science
Category:  Juice
Origin: UK
Packaging: 1 liter SIG Combibloc
Claims: Juice drinks (up to 25% juice), No Added Sugar, No Additives/Preservatives, Vitamin/Mineral Fortified, Brain Health
Varieties: Cool cherry and luscious lime, sour apple and strawberry, sweet apple and blackcurrant and sherbet lemon, orange and lime.
Price: $2.10 USD
Website: fruit-burst.co.uk

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