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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Groundbreaking “Naked Filter” Water Bottle Now Available for Pre-Orders on Kickstarter




Crowdfunding Campaign Kicks off for Water Bottle Filter That Removes Microorganisms, Making Clean Water Available To “Every Body” Via Ingenious Nano-fiber Membrane Technology

March 24, 2015, Alameda, CA – Liquidity, a Silicon Valley startup, today announced that its recently debuted revolutionary “Naked Filter” water bottle is now available for pre-orders on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The goal of Naked Filter’s Kickstarter campaign is to test consumer interest and support key remaining steps needed to launch the product. By helping the campaign, individuals will assist Liquidity in achieving its vision of distributing water purification products globally, with the goal of making a serious impact on waterborne illnesses – a major global health issue. Funds raised from supporters will be used to finance the manufacturing and distribution of the new product.

Shipments of Naked Filter will begin in August. However, the first Kickstarter supporters can receive early-bird access to the product in July, before the product is available to the general public later this fall. Naked Filter’s initial backers can take advantage of a range of early-bird rewards at various funding levels, including:

Naked Evangelist: For those who want special access to the first-off-the-line commercial batch of 500, backers can get one bottle and three filters for $50. Product ships in July.
Naked Pioneer: A limited batch of a few hundred units that offer one bottle and one filter for $10 plus some social love. Product ships in August.
Naked Family: Limited quantities of four bottles and eight filters for $70 initially. Ships in August.


Naked Filter’s Kickstarter campaign starts today and will run through Earth Day, ending at 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 22, 2015. The campaign has a fundraising threshold of $40,000.


The revolutionary nanotechnology that powers Naked Filter is a result of more than 15 years of R&D at Stony Brook University and Liquidity. This portable water filtration bottle is Liquidity’s first mainstream consumer product, and the first product to offer an electro-spun, nano-fiber membrane technology that provides high-quality bacterial filtration at flow rates not possible in the past. This breakthrough enables incredibly user-friendly products that provide drinking water at the standards set by the EPA for bacteria and cyst removal.

The following video ( http://youtu.be/BqSnPkmZc0I ) outlines what makes Naked Filter so distinct.

As Victor W. Hwang, CEO of Liquidity, states, “This is the world’s first personal water purifier that is effective and convenient enough for daily use by ordinary people. Take it anywhere, fill it up, and drink healthy water anytime on-the-go.”

Naked Filter takes bacteria-laden water and removes 99.9999% of the microorganisms to create, water that is naked: free of bacteria, free of added chemicals, free of odor, and free of hassle. Using Naked Filter, people can fill the bottle with tap water or scoop up fresh water right out of a stream, and drink straightaway. Fresh water can come from anywhere: a creek, a pond, a faucet when traveling, a public drinking fountain, or much worse. Naked Filter acts like a colander, physically removing disease-causing bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Cholera, plus protozoan cysts such as Giardia, as the water flows through it.



Highlights of Naked Filter include:

· Highly Effective – Fewer than 1 in a million bacteria pass through.

· Safe-throughout-life – Once Naked Filter reaches its capacity, the filter blocks up and water stops flowing, alerting users that it's time to replace the filter, delivering true peace of mind about the water quality.

· Ergonomic – Fits everywhere you’d want to take and use it, including your car’s cup-holder, fanny pack, bike water bottle cage, backpack, treadmill, man purse, etc.

· Meets or exceeds EPA requirements – Naked Filter’s removal level meets the U.S.

EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) requirements for bacteria removal and twice exceeds the requirements for U.S. EPA and NSF 53 cyst reduction.

· BPA-free – Naked Filter is BPA free.


Pricing and Availability
Naked Filter, which is comprised of 1 bottle and 1 filter, is slated to retail for $23.99 and begins shipping to the general public in the U.S. in the third quarter of this year, with distribution to other countries soon thereafter. Naked Filter will be available initially with a matte black cap and semi-transparent black bottle. Other colors may be available later. Each water bottle will hold 24 ounces of liquid.


About Liquidity
Liquidity is a Silicon Valley startup manufacturing breakthrough water purification products based on revolutionary membrane technology. For several years, the company has been developing a portfolio of breakthrough technologies for purifying water, including Liquidity’s electro-spun, bacteria-retentive nano-fiber membrane. The company’s investors include GSR Ventures, Capricorn Investment Group, and T2 Venture Creation. Liquidity is based in Alameda, CA.











 NakedFilter_Logo_POS_centered (2)





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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Moo Shoe Wash



Solve Your Dirty Leather Shoe Problem on Kickstarter Moo Shoe Wash is the world’s first detergent that deep-cleans and sanitizes 99% of all bacteria thriving in leather shoes through washing in water
- and it’s being started right here in Utah.



The Story
Nick Pericle and Chris Armstrong, founders of Moo Shoe Wash and current BYU students, believe that leather shoes don’t have to stink.  Their idea started at parties in Provo - where shoes pile up at front doors, and how those neglected leather shoes reek. The idea occurred to them that maybe they could be the ones to help solve this problem. They discovered that bacteria thrives inside shoes, ca
using both smelly feet and shoes; so they took action and developed Moo Shoe Wash.


“Our feet sweat, our socks get dirty, and we never wash our shoes - imagine what that does to them! Through daily use, you introduce all kinds of dirt and bacteria inside your shoes , and you never clean them. Moo Shoe Wash allows you to submerge your leather shoes in water, deep-cleaning the outside, the inside, and every crease and crevice of the shoe, eliminating the bacteria and smell at the source. The result is a fresh, clean pair of shoes,” Chris Armstrong says.




Getting Funded Through Kickstarter
Launching on Kickstarter on November 11th, Moo Shoe Wash has the goal of raising $20,000. The money raised will be used to place a bulk order of the Moo Shoe Wash solution and fulfill orders to their backers.

“Utah companies with really great products have had so much success on Kickstarter. We’re excited to put our product out there to give us a jumpstart,” Nick Pericle says.

After their Kickstarter project, Pericle and Armstrong, will continue to sell Moo Shoe Wash on their website at  www.mooshoewash.com and will continue to investigate and produce other shoe care innovating products.

What’s founder Nick Pericle’s vision for Moo Shoe Wash? “We want Moo Shoe Wash to be a household product - when your shoe gets dirty, don’t just forget about it - Moo Shoe It!”




The Science
You’ve probably never heard of methanethiol, propanoic acid, or isovaleric acid- those
are the chemicals that cause that fermenting, rotting, garlic stink you smell inside your favorite pair of shoes. Lysol can mask this problem on the surface, but that never really does the trick. To truly solve the problem, you need to get in between the seams, deep into the leather.


Moo Shoe Wash battles those chemicals by utilizing a combination of ingredients to wash away bacteria - the main one being natural coconut extract. Dimethyl silicone and polyoxyethylene alkyl ether are the emulsifiers of the process - they provide the necessary protection and conditioners to make sure the leather stays healthy and protected. While water usually damages leather, Moo Shoe Wash ingredients mix with water to form a leather-safe environment for washing.


After washing with Moo Shoe Wash, the leather looks great, feels soft and smooth, and smells fantastic. The natural coconut extract provides a fresh smell to any leather shoe that keeps smelling good - because the germs and bacteria have been killed and washed away.


The company has performed multiple germ tests to confirm Moo Shoe Wash’s effectiveness; testing shoes before and after washing to see just how many living organisms lived on it. They tested for adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy inside living things - including germs and bacteria. In one test, Moo Shoe Wash founder Nick Pericle tested his well-worn Sperry’s and he toilet at the local gas station. The result? He found that his shoes contained more living organisms than the public toilet . After washing his shoes with Moo Shoe Wash and testing again, those bacteria and germs were virtually eliminated - the shoes went from an ATP count of 5000 to a count of 6 - a 99.9% reduction.




Ready for Consumers
After countless trials, tests, and variations, Moo Shoe Wash has finally created the safest and most effective liquid leather cleaning solution that is guaranteed to revitalize people’s favorite pair of leather shoes. We want to inform people everywhere that they may have stinky shoes and not be aware of it--creating bad impressions and ruining relationships.

Lucky for founder Nick Pericle, Moo Shoe Wash saved his wife’s wedding shoes. “We were back east during the summer, and my fiance and I went peach picking. She was trying to break in her bright silver leather sandals that she was planning to wear on our wedding day. Little did she know how dirty they were going to get. We came home, and to her horror they had peach and dirt stains all over them - it was a site to see! She’s always thought Moo Shoe Wash was kind of funny, but it saved her shoes - and probably our wedding!”





For more information on Moo Shoe Wash, visit their Kickstarter, or at their website, www.mooshoewash.com


Clarks Wallabees

Ecco Mens Dress Shoes (1)
Leather Pores
Moo Shoe Wash



moo shoe wash logo



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Tech Spotlight: Embue. The Intelligent Home Starts Here.


A better way to manage your heating & cooling. Per room sensing. Automated controls. Energy & fuel use tracking with service alerts.

We've built a product to address the most important aspect of your home or business - the equipment responsible for your comfort & your energy use. We think our system can do some pretty amazing things - all while improving your efficiency & creating savings. We've come pretty far on our own, but really need your support and interest to make this product a reality.


Rest Easy.

Access Embue from anywhere to adjust your system. Or simply set your preferences once and let us do the rest.

Our optional monitoring service can detect issues when you're away and alert your HVAC technician or building manager to the problem.




Automates efficiency. Embue replaces your thermostat to make smarter heating & cooling decisions. Occupancy-based optimizations reduce your energy bills by 5-25%.

Improves comfort. Wireless sensors in each room for more accurate measurement of temperature & humidity. Optimizes comfort where you spend time, not the hallway.

Analyzes use. Tracks electricity, natural gas, propane and fuel oil use - continually reading consumption and noting efficiency changes.

Spots problems. Combines energy use, weather data, HVAC runtime information, occupant, and building to assess how things are working.

Keeps tabs. A properly maintained system uses less energy and has a greater service life. Embue can tell when efficiency is lagging, telling you and your service provider it's time for maintenance.

Reduces worry. Our optional monitoring service can send performance info & emergency equipment alerts to your service professional. Added peace of mind when you're away for extended periods.

Blends in. Small indoor sensors designed to be distinctive yet unobtrusive. Works without wires and is easily placed or repositioned with non-damaging adhesive strips.

Loves zoning. Add extra zones to your system for 1/2 the cost of comparable products. Works with many types of zone controllers and zoning systems.

Scales nicely. A single Embue Core is powerful enough support multiple connected spaces. Great for multi-family homes, apartment complexes and small businesses.

Thinks locally. Embue doesn't depend on the cloud. It keeps everything running even when your Internet isn't. Settings, preferences and personal data stay within your home and are only shared with your permission.





For HVAC service providers:
Know your customers.

Maintaining customer relationships is important. We can provide you real-time updates on customer HVAC performance issues.

Think of it as a "check engine" light for HVAC equipment. With additional features to track service history and make your job easier.





Company: Embue
Brand:  Embue
Origin: USA
Category:  Tech
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: embue.com, kickstarter



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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Nerdwax – The Original Glasses Wax


A beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life.




How does it work?

Well I'm glad you asked...

Nerdwax is super simple and can be used in 3 easy steps!





We think we know what you're thinking...

and made a video to prove it!




Visit their Kickstarter Page

Visit their website @ nerdwax.com

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Treeson Spring water



The world's first eco-friendly, toxin-free, trash eliminating, clean energy making, tree planting, great tasting, natural spring water.

Treeson Spring Water was created to offer a sustainable alternative to the plastic water bottles that are sold by the billions every year and go un-recycled only to end up in landfills.

Our mission is to create 100% natural, sustainable products, systems and technologies that raise environmental awareness and empower people to make choices that help protect and preserve the planet today.

Did you know?

- Less than 30% of plastic drinks bottles get recycled in the USA. What doesn't get recycled ends up in landfills or even gets shipped overseas.
- At Treeson, we take our bottles back after you're done with them and we use those returned bottles to generate clean energy.
- Our mail-back return program is free for our customers and it supports the United States Postal Service. Just drop your bottles in the mailbox and we'll take care of it thereafter.
- We plant a tree for every bottle we sell. It helps offset the carbon footprint of our product and restores rainforest habitats.
- Our bottles are made using only the good stuff - plant-based, non-gmo materials, right here in the USA.
- No chemicals in our bottles means no funky aftertaste. It is healthier and tastier too.
- We're making going green an easy choice that is convenient and does not cost any more than what you buy now.

Join our team today and be a part of making this happen. We've created some very cool rewards to say thank you, so please pledge whatever you can afford today and be a part of Team Treeson.





Treeson Kickstarter Page





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Tech Spotlight: Silic : A shirt that cleans itself.



Self Cleaning Clothing With Hydrophobic Nanotechnology. Ultra Soft, Breathable Fabric That Stops Stains From Sweat And Drink




We believe in delivering the best product possible. How?
1) We are partnering with a former designer from the Vera Wang Collection to bring you designer clothing at a reasonable price.
2) Our production facility is based right in Silicon Valley and has worked directly with Nike and Levis.
3) We worked along side the world's leading textile technology company to allocate the best hydrophobic nanotechnology on the market.



Why Do You Need This?

Throughout the day, our clothes are exposed to numerous things that can damage them. The biggest risk factors are the things we eat and drink. Ever spilled wine or dropped food on your clothes and had to change your entire outfit? SILIC is determined to help you stay clean.




Features of the SILIC Shirt
1.) The Design: We spent countless hours creating a design that screams confidence but remains simple. Our patterns enhance any figures torso which gives you a bold look. We need your help to bring our concept to reality. The final colors will be black and white.

2.) Hydrophobic Fabric: The fabric has a nanotechnology bonded to the fibers on the microscopic level. Most liquid molecules will not be able to touch the fabric because of a microscopic layer of air that forms between the liquid and fabric. This is because the fabric is layered with billions of silica particles. Water based liquids will form a 150 degree sphere and roll right off! As a result, this barrier protects your shirt from potential accidents.

3.) Safe Application Process : Unlike other hydrophobic nanotechnology application processes out there, ours is not cancerous. Our number one goal besides your satisfaction is your safety.

4.) Washable: Unlike other hydrophobic technologies that wash away after one cycle, our shirts are fully machine and hand washable. They will retain their properties up to 80 wash cycles.


View Kickstarter Campaign


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Tonguespank Spice Co



Who Are We?
We're a spice company based in Chicago, Illinois. Our mission is to make exciting versions of foods that people use every day.


What Do We Make?
Some flavors just go together. Hot peppers and bourbon, wasabi and sake, garlic and grappa... you get the idea. We've taken some of our favorite combinations and made them into tongue-spanking spice blends that you can put on absolutely anything. NOTE: These are dry blends that contain all the flavor and none of the alcohol of their liquor ingredients.


Smoky Bourbon Pepper Blend
This blend begins with the sweet aroma of smoky morita chipotle peppers, adds depth and complexity with garlic and bourbon, and finishes up with a slow habanero-and-ghost burn that builds as long as you keep eating it. This goes well on eggs, burgers, grilled veggies... anything that can use a smoky heat. If you only try one variety, this is the one. But honestly, who wants to try just one?


Garlic Grappa Pepper Blend
If you've ever been inside an Italian kitchen, you'll recognize this smell immediately. All the Tuscan herbs are here, alongside the warmth of a balsamic vinegar and Italian brandy blend. Replacing the standard red pepper with habanero chilies kicks the whole combination up a few notches. Try it on pasta or in a marinara sauce.


Citrus Rum Pepper Blend
This blend is a must-try for seafood and pork lovers. Three different citrus fruits combine with spiced rum and cloves to create a tropical combination, plus a dash of habanero heat at the end (because this is Tonguespank we're talking about, after all). Another potential use: combine it with sugar around the rim of a cocktail glass.


Wasabi Sake Pepper Blend
Wasabi has a different burn than hot peppers: more of a sudden explosion and less of a slow burn. But why not have both? This blend combines the up-front hit of wasabi and horseradish with the long burn of habaneros, for a truly powerful combination. Try it on fish or sushi!


Scorpion Bourbon Pepper Blend
This is the hottest blend we make. We start with Smoky Bourbon and turn it up to 11. We use Trinidad Moruga Scorpions, said to be hotter than the current Guiness record holder at up to two million Scoville units (compare that to Jalapeños at 20,000). Peppers this hot are hard to find, which is why we sell this in smaller quantities. You won't be needing much anyway.


What Are We Doing?
Tonguespank is making a splash locally, but we know we have a great product and we're dreaming bigger than Chicago. We want spank tongues throughout the United States. With this Kickstarter, we're raising funds to start our first major production run.


How Will We Invest Your Money?
We'll Take Over Chicago Restaurants!

Tonguespank has been spotted in the kitchens of foodies throughout Chicago, but let's get it into the restaurants! We want to give away cases of Tonguespank to the local Chicago pizza joints. Let's get some more people hooked!


Let's Get Into Specialty Stores!
Every city has a ton of specialty food stores, and Chicago is no exception. To get Tonguespank on shelves, we need product and marketing materials--plenty of both. We simply don't have enough stock yet to offer it to stores--with your help, that can change


Let's Make Ghost Bacon Bits!
What are these? Well, picture bacon bits, except bigger and made of real bacon. Now picture ghost peppers and whiskey. Can you taste it? Do you want to? We've only produced limited runs of our Ghost Bacon Bits in the past, but for you guys we'll do anything! At $20k all backers get a sample-sized Ghost Bacon pack, PLUS we we'll offer the full-size jar as an add-on!


What Do You Get Out Of It?
All kinds of stuff! To raise funds for the next step, we're selling our signature products. In addition, we're offering brand-new gear, including t-shirts, shot glasses, and--if we can hit our stretch goal--a new product! This is the first time Tonguespank has been available outside of Chicago. Take advantage of this campaign to try it out!


Kickstarter Campaign Page


Facebook Page

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Genki-Su: Japanese Tart Tonic

All-natural, sparkling beverage made from coconut vinegar & fresh Japanese ingredients. Refreshing, tart, sweet & tasty!
What is Japanese Tart Tonic?

An all-natural, sparkling beverage made from coconut vinegar and flavored with fresh Japanese fruits. It’s refreshing, tart, sweet & tasty!

100% Natural
Made With Coconut Vinegar
Fresh Japanese Ingredients
No Added Sugar
4-7 Calories Per Serving


Last December, we launched our first Kickstarter project (Genki-Su’s original) and the response blew us away. We were featured in 'Staff Picks' and exceeded our funding goal. The incredible support and positive feedback inspired us to develop our new beverage: Japanese Tart Tonic.

Japanese Tart Tonic is the evolution and next level of Genki-Su. It contains the same ingredients as Genki-Su’s Original, but is infused with natural sparkling water and is ready to drink! It’s delicious, crisp, refreshing and super healthy for you.
How Healthy, You Ask?

In Japan, the tradition of drinking vinegar goes back thousands of years. It is more popular now than ever because it truly is a natural super drink. It is an important part of a healthy Japanese lifestyle, and a part of the culture that we’d love to bring to America.
3 Tasty Flavors

Yuzu: A Japanese citrus fruit whose flavor is tart, closely resembling a grapefruit, with overtones of a tangerine. Yuzu contains 3x the vitamin C of lemons. We don’t use concentrate or bottled juice, we get fresh Yuzu straight from the farm!

Shiso: A Japanese herb with bright flavors of strawberry, plum, citrus and mint, Shiso is an important part of Japanese diet and cuisine. This flavor is for you if you’re looking for a crisp and clean taste.

Hawaiian Ginger: A subtype of white ginger that’s juicy and flavorful. We start by infusing fresh Hawaiian ginger in coconut vinegar. After a month of steeping, we have pickled ginger chunks that are crunchy, tangy and delicious. The bite of ginger, tang of vinegar and the sweetness of honey is the perfect combination!
Our Promise

At Genki-Su, we believe that nature is impossible to surpass. That is why we are committed to using only 100% fresh ingredients. Genki-Su will never contain artificial flavors, extracts or preservatives of any kind. We will never sacrifice quality or taste for the sake of price. When you drink Genki-Su, you will be enjoying premium-quality flavors and ingredients, just as nature created them.

The name Genki-Su comes from two Japanese words: Genki (meaning energetic) and Su (meaning vinegar). We believe that life should be enjoyed with passion and vitality. It is in practicing this belief that we have created this amazing and unique beverage to share with you.

As a child growing up in Okinawa, Japan, co-founder Takako Shinjo drank vinegar every day. Her mother made it with fresh fruit and natural ingredients right from the garden. After moving to the US, Takako couldn’t find quality drinking vinegar, so she started making her own based on her mother’s recipe. After a few years of fine tuning and sharing her recipes with friends, Genki-Su was born.

Kickstarter Campaign Website


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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Real Good 100% Organic Chewing Gum

First 100% organic chewing gum. Great, long lasting flavor. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. Gluten free, vegan and biodegradable!

We are proud to introduce the first 100% organic chewing gum.

We've been working on this idea for about two years. And after all the research and testing we are now ready to go to market pretty quickly. We just need your help.

As parents we are always concerned about what we give to our children. We want to make sure we do everything we can for our children to have long, healthy and happy lives. And we want them to be able to enjoy being a kid while they are kids. One thing that is pretty synonymous with childhood is the ubiquitous bubble gum. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list on that sweet, pink delight? Gum base? You know what that is? Well, it's up to 80 synthetic ingredients including plastic nano beads. That pink color? Guess where that comes from. Red #3 which is derived from petroleum distillates or coal tar. Yum! Sometimes it also includes a sweetener. And even though that sweetener may be "natural" many times it's created or extracted by chemical means. Or even worse it's aspartame. Double yum!

And did you know that in addition to all that, the gum we chew lasts for years and years? It's fundamentally made of plastic so it stays with us forever. Cities around the world have a huge problem with it in terms of pollution.

So instead of denying our kids the pleasure of chewing gum and the hours they spend trying to create the world's most perfect bubble, we decided to create the world's most perfect gum. In a multitude of flavors.

Our commitment to you is that we will never put anything that's bad for you or your kids (or their kids for that matter) in our gum. We will provide 100% chewing fun. We will always be real good.


Real Good Gum tastes great. And there is a reason for that. We use organic flavorings derived from as close to the source as possible. Our cool minty flavor comes from real mint (a combination of spearmint and peppermint) from organic farms. Our classic bubble comes from a combination of organic flavors and our fruit flavor actually comes from organic fruits. We worked with flavoring specialists in order to develop our recipes. All our flavors last a long time. And all are delicious. All taste like what they are supposed to because they come from where they are supposed to. We think you will love them all.

Our colors are derived from organic plant sources, beets, kale and blueberries and carrots for example. They don't add flavor but they do add color.

Our gum is biodegradable. Real Good Gum was designed to last only about two weeks after chewing. It simply changes back to the simple organic ingredients from which is was created and returns to the earth.

Real Good Gum is handcrafted by gum artisans in the beautiful rain forests of Mexico. From all family run businesses. All sustainable with a small carbon footprint. These people have harvested the chicle (the sap from the Chicozapote tree) for hundreds of years and made chewing gum for as long as anyone can remember. It's a renewable resource, provides jobs and supports communities. And Real Good Gum is committed to helping these communities. We make our gum there not export the jobs away from the source. In addition, we will plant trees throughout the area and give back to the communities in which we work in other ways too.

Real Good Gum has no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. We are sweetened with cane sugar traded in compliance with fairtrade standards. We are vegetarian, GMO/GE free, also free of all additives, dairy, wheat, gluten, egg, soy, yeast, nut, peanut and corn. FREE. FREE FREE. There is a whole lot that's not in our gum. But there is a lot of taste and a lot of fun.



You will see others claiming to be natural or even organic but the reality is, they aren't.

And some of them might not even know it. You see, typically, many are made with soy lecithin. Lecithin is an additive that holds everything together. It keeps all the ingredients together with the right consistency and texture. So lecithin is necessary for a lot of products and is in most gum whether it's listed on the ingredients list or not. Sometimes it's hidden in a catch all ingredient called "gum base". And you may know that already. But what a lot of people don't know is that soy lecithin has a problem in the organic world. And that's because 90% of the US soy crop is genetically engineered. And back when the USDA drafted its organic standards for food, it made an exception for soy lecithin as there wasn't another option. As a result, many organic foods, including a lot of natural or organic gums can legally contain this tainted soy lecithin and still be labeled organic. And since GMO and non GMO fields of soy sometimes are close enough for cross pollination, it becomes kind of a slippery slope even if something is labeled non GMO or non GE.

What's the big deal with genetically engineered (GE) or genetically modified organism (GMO) soy? Well for one thing the lecithin has to be extracted using harsh chemical solvents like hexane and acetone. Generally regarded as a safe process, it's not a process that would be approved by a ton of people who are careful to eat organic. So while you thought the organic gum you were chewing was ok, maybe it's not so ok after all.

We don't use soy lecithin. If we use a lecithin (and we have to with some of our flavorings) we use sunflower lecithin. Sunflower lecithin was just approved by the US FDA in 2009 so it's pretty new in the food world. But it's better. It's extracted from sunflowers using a cold press process similar to that used for olive oil. And it's the only lecithin that can be obtained raw and chemical-free. And it actually contains some valuable nutrients. So it's good and good for you.


After a lot of sourcing and testing and working with professionals who do work developing flavors for things full-time we came up with a recipe for an all-organic, delicious gum that both kids and adults love using only six simple ingredients.



No plastic, no petroleum or coal tar, no GE or GMO. And no gluten or anything else. The way you'd make it, if you made your own gum.

Our pack size is 15 pieces. Although we will launch with three flavors; Mint, Bubble and Fruit, (our consumer research helped us pick which ones) we will be introducing more flavors down the road. Our supporters could help us with ideas on new flavors and names. We love all the ideas. Please tell us yours at info@realgoodgum.com

We chose the Mexican wrestling (Lucha libre) theme for our gum because we thought it was fun, colorful and honored the traditions of our host country. The masks have historical significance to Mexico in general as the tradition of the masks dates back to the days of the Aztecs.

We are asking for your help to bring a better chewing gum to market. We will use the money raised on kickstarter to purchase gum finishing equipment. Right now the standard gum produced at the factory are the sugar coated pellets but we want to do uncoated, individually wrapped sticks. We've worked with existing machinery at the factory and been able to get to a three stick sheet. It's a little too large of a serving and limits the number of servings per package.



Three Stick Sheet of Real Good Gum - Bubble Blaster

We need a new piece of equipment to produce a thinner five stick sheet and then we will wrap each piece in paper so it be a regular serving size. In addition we will be able to finish printing our packaging, complete the first production and to get to market. After the first shipment is sold, all the money will be put back into the next production.

We've already had interest from retailers here at home and across the country. And with your help, we will get off and running.

Thank you for your time reading this. Please let us know if you have any questions about Real Good Gum.

Visit the campaign on Kickstarter

Visit Real Good's Website

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Zone 8 Super Teas & Ades



Great-tasting, culturally-relevant teas and ades made with REAL ingredients found in nature without GMOs or anything else artificial!

Our goal with this Kickstarter is to start production on our beverages right away so we can spread our love of natural, great-tasting and culturally-relevant teas and ades to you, your friends and the rest of the world! Zone 8 is based off of the simple premise that all truly 'natural' ingredients are grown and not created.

Here's a little bit about me

My name is Chris Megenbier and I live in a suburb of Chicago. I’m a 20 year old college student, taking time off to pursue a passion of bringing a company to life that will be positively contributing to the push for healthier, all natural foods and drinks; that’s why we are starting Zone 8 Beverages. I’m working with my friends and family to make this dream a reality and I need your help to bring our products to market.

How it all started

The idea for Zone 8 began with a recipe from my great-grandmother, who passed down her recipe of black tea, honey and lemon that I then shared with my friends; this was the start of everything. This drink was known for both it’s homeopathic qualities and also because it was a great combination of natural flavors and simply tasted great. While working to understand this important part of my family’s culture, I came to the realization that my friends had unique cultural aspects and flavors that they had been sharing with me for years at their dinner tables.

My friend Tina shared her masala recipe, a traditional Indian spice tea. We spent time in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother developing the recipe, which enabled me to connect with her cultural and personal history as we brewed. This made the experience and the tea authentic.

Another friend of mine introduced me to his family's recipe for hibiscus tea, which he called agua de Jamaica (pronounced HA-MY-KAH, means Jamaica water) since it originated in Jamaica, Mexico. Almost all of our flavors were developed in this way.

While working on these recipes with fresh, real ingredients, I asked myself the question, "Why do companies put all of these artificial ingredients in their products when the real thing tastes so great?" That's when I set off to see if we could "Experience the flavors of the world" and redefine the meaning of the word 'natural' by looking at the past while living in the present.

What I discovered was that it is possible to make a better-tasting beverage with REAL ingredients like our grandmothers used to make. By using current manufacturing technology, we also determined that we do not need to use artificial ingredients or preservatives. When you taste the teas and juices from Zone 8, you will understand the relevance of what we have accomplished.

What's happening now?

In the last few months, the Zone 8 team and I have been making all of the final adjustments to the teas and juices; balancing flavor and authenticity was priority number one. We have been working non-stop with our partners to make sure we have the best product ever, and can get it in the hands of the public.

We have made connections with retailers and distributors who are interested in buying and distributing our products. A local bottler has agreed to run small batches at large-volume prices to help us until we get going. We also have three contract packers throughout the country that will help us produce product as we grow. But most importantly we have been testing our product with people like you, who have confirmed with us that they love the product and are looking for an all natural alternative in the drink market.

We are now looking for your help to get the product in the bottle. Through your generous contribution, we will start producing and making this vision a reality. We are planning on launching with these 8 culturally-relevant flavors:

The Zone 8 Lineup


Honey Lemon: Our family's cultural contribution; it contains nothing but black tea, white clover honey and lemon juice.

Red Rooibos Pomegranate: An exotic South African red rooibos tea blended with pomegranate juice and sweetened with organic cane sugar. We add a splash of orange juice and lemon juice for a refreshing citrus burst and top it off with a hint of Vietnamese cinnamon and fresh ground cloves.

Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus
: Traditional Mexican-style, named after the city (Jamaica, pronounced HA-MY-KAH) that it came from. We take red hibiscus leaves and brew them into a refreshing crimson tea with a slightly tart bite. It is sweetened with organic cane sugar and infused with a squeeze of lime juice, for a very enjoyable tangy flavor.

Masala: We brewed the perfect blend of black tea, organic cane sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper and ginger to create a culturally-authentic masala spice tea that tastes like your own little cup of India.

Prickly Pear Limeade: A unique mixture of water, lime juice, organic cane juice and prickly pear; limes and prickly pears are both staples in the Hispanic community.

Tee Time: Half-tea half-lemonade. Our special mix of black tea and lemon juice, sweetened with organic cane sugar and topped off with a dash of vanilla and almond to give it our own one-of-a-kind taste.

Green and Black: Fresh brewed, unsweetened green and black teas loaded with antioxidants and packed with flavor.

Where do we see ourselves?

We see ourselves contributing to positive social change. In this synthetic and over-processed world we live in we want to help change the paradigm and return to the the past when people used real ingredients. The change has started with people looking for alternatives through self-sustainability, farmers' markets, and altogether healthier lifestyles, switching from unhealthy products to healthier alternatives, and we wish to facilitate this by sharing our great-tasting, all-natural beverages.

At Zone 8, we only use ingredients found in their rawest form in nature with as little processing as possible. We believe we can contribute to this cause and see ourselves helping individuals to understand the value of the "real-food" lifestyle. The majority of flavors that we taste today come from nature; man just copied and 'recreated' them to be cheaper and drive sales without considering the consequences.

Mother Nature has declared war on the large food/chemical companies and many people are starting to recognize this. We see this change happening and we want to do everything we can to accelerate the positivity that will come from this.


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