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Hair Care Spotlight: Just For Men® Launches Control GX; The First Shampoo That Gradually and Permanently Reduces Gray






A Game Changer For Men Who Want to Reduce Their Gray Without Adding a Step to Their Grooming Routine

NEW YORK, Feb. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, global men's hair care leader Just For Men® announced the launch of Control GX, the first-ever shampoo that gradually reduces gray for subtle, permanent and natural looking results.  Unlike traditional hair color, this "smart shampoo" doesn't require any extra steps in a guy's current routine. It's simply a shampoo guys can use instead of their usual shampoo for a couple of weeks until they reduce their amount of gray to achieve the look they want.  Then they can use it a few times a week in rotation with their usual shampoo to maintain that look.

Control GX is a technical breakthrough and category game-changer as no shampoo that delivers permanent gray reduction exists in the hair care market.  The team at Just For Men, known for their established expertise in men's hair color, spent more than eight years researching and developing the unique formula, which resulted in two scientific patents.  The shampoo mimics the universal pigment held within a strand of hair to create every person's natural hair color.  It gradually restores pigment to gray hairs with each use.  Control GX is able to deliver permanent gray reduction in a shampoo because the pigments are trapped inside layers of cleansing and conditioning molecules, like a sandwich. The pigment is only released when the shampoo is massaged into the hair, which breaks apart the sandwich structure and releases pigment into the hair.

"Control GX is perfect for a guy who is looking for the easiest possible way to slowly reduce and even ultimately eliminate his gray," says Ralph Marburger of Combe's Just For Men brand.  "It easily fits into the routine of any guy who wouldn't use a traditional hair color."

Control GX is available nationwide as a shampoo and 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner both online and in-stores for $7.99 to $9.99.  Since the shampoo works gradually, it works on any shade of hair (except redheads).

For more information about Control GX please visit: http://controlgx.com

About Combe Inc:
Combe Inc. is a manufacturer of "the world's most personal personal care products", including Just For Men® hair color, Vagisil® intimate health care products, Sea-Bond® oral care products, Brylcreem®, Aqua Velva®, Lectric Shave® men's grooming products, and Williams Mug® soap.  Combe, a privately held multinational company, founded in 1949, is in its third generation of Combe family leadership.  Combe's global headquarters is in White Plains, N.Y.

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