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Food News: New Craft Apple Jelly Made From Last Johnny Appleseed Tree


Take a Bite Out of History

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- We've all heard of Johnny Appleseed; a barefoot American vagabond who travelled across the country planting orchards. Thanks to the hard work of an arborist named Jeffrey Meyer and his son Scott Meyer of Congaree and Penn Farm, Johnny Appleseed's legendary life work can now be experienced through a new craft apple jelly. This project is the result of a twenty-three-year journey to preserve and share Johnny Appleseed's legacy by propagating the last known and verified apple tree he planted.


The epic story of saving Johnny Appleseed's legacy started with Jeffrey Meyer. Meyer has dedicated his life to saving historic trees. He founded the American Forests' National Register of Historic Trees and his book, "America's Famous and Historic Trees" chronicles the famous trees he has saved throughout his career (think George Washington's Tulip Poplar or Elvis Presley's Pin Oak).

Twenty-three years ago, Meyer was sent news that the last known and verified apple tree planted by Johnny Appleseed was still living in Nova, Ohio but was reaching old age and would, in this generation, cease to produce fruit. You see, throughout history Johnny's orchards were often used for cider production. During prohibition, the FBI mercilessly cut down most of Johnny Appleseed's orchards in an attempt to prevent the production of homemade cider. The last living Johnny Appleseed tree had escaped prohibition's eradication, but old age had started to take its toll. In 1994 to preserve this legacy and Johnny's fruit, Meyer grafted several branches from Johnny's tree onto the rootstock of other apple trees. This grafting process has been used by apple growers for centuries because it is the only way to ensure that you will produce apples that are identical to those of the parent tree. For the past twenty-three years, Meyer and his son have cultivated an orchard in Grants Pass, OR growing exclusively Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ apple trees. Meyer has now passed the responsibility of carrying on Johnny Appleseed's legacy on to his son, the founder of Congaree and Penn Farm.

This fall, Congaree and Penn is excited to release the first Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ product: an artisan apple jelly made exclusively with Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ apples. Meyer remarks, "After years of working with these apple trees, this release is truly a labor of love. When we first started this project, we were very aware of the fact that we were planting history with each apple tree. Johnny Appleseed has always been a historic figure whom I have admired. Similar to myself and my son, Johnny Appleseed was an entrepreneur and I always respected him for escaping traditional norms. He was a frontiersman who owned and settled more than 1,200 acres of American land, he was an avid animal activist, a vegetarian, and was incredibly forward thinking for his time. In many ways, his values and the life that he led are still incredibly relevant in the 21st century. We are excited to carry on Johnny's legacy and reintroduce an apple variety that was so close to extinction."

The Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ Apples are considered to be closely related to Albamarle Pippins Apples, a common cider apple in Johnny's time. They have a tart flavor similar to a Granny Smith and make a delicious apple jelly. The Johnny Appleseed Authentic™ Jelly is vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Each jar of jelly retails for $12.00 and is available on Congaree and Penn's website here.

About Congaree and Penn:
Born in 2014, Congaree and Penn began as a tiny rice farm. Since then, they've grown from 4 acres of rice paddies into a thriving farm of orchards and animals. Congaree and Penn boasts the largest (and youngest) Mayhaw orchard in the world, after planting over 2000 trees throughout the past few years. Native to the South, this fruit bearing tree has inspired us to seek out and plant other native and hearty southern fruit bearing species on the farm. In 2016, Congaree and Penn began juicing seasonal fruit from local farms to produce shrubs, our nod to a Colonial era pastime. As they expand their orchards, pressing and milling operations, Congaree and Penn continues to innovate and introduce new produce and products. They also fancy the farm as a stunning destination for weddings, farm dinners, tours and workshops. To learn more visit them at: http://congareeandpenn.com/.


Take a Bite Out of History! Taste Johnny Appleseed’s legendary life work through Congaree and Penn’s new craft apple jelly. Learn more here: www.congareeandpenn.com/johnny-appleseed (PRNewsfoto/Congaree and Penn)

Take a Bite Out of History! Taste Johnny Appleseed’s legendary life work through Congaree and Penn’s new craft apple jelly. Learn more here: www.congareeandpenn.com/johnny-appleseed (PRNewsfoto/Congaree and Penn)



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Supplement Spotlight: Banyan Botanicals Chyavanprash Herbal Jam

Chyavanprash is a traditional Ayurvedic herbal jam made in a base of amalaki fruit, a rich source of antioxidants. This excellent rejuvenative nourishes and strengthens the body, providing energy and vitality.

Chyavanprash is an excellent method for daily herbal consumption due to its unique constituents of cane sugar, ghee and honey. Proven effective over a thousand years of use, these nourishing tastes play the important role of "carriers" that allow the herbs to penetrate deep into the tissues. In a small daily dose (1 or 2 teaspoons), it makes for a tasty and very healthful treat.

This tridoshic formula stimulates metabolism and enkindles the digestive fire without aggravating pitta. It balances vata and kapha while strengthening the body against the effects of a stressful lifestyle. The energizing herbs bolster the immune system and help maintain health and well-being throughout the year*.


Suggested Use:
1-2 teaspoons, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health practitioner.

This jam tastes delicious on its own, mixed into a cup of warm milk (dairy or nut) or water, or spread on toast.



Cane sugar+, Honey+, Ghee+, Amalaki fruit+, Cardamom seed+, Ashwagandha root+, Pippali fruit+, Vasaka leaf+, Haritaki fruit+, Punarnava root+, Kantakari herb+, Gokshura fruit+, Vidari Kanda root+, Guduchi stem+, Sati herb+, Shatavari root+, Musta root+, Bilva fruit+.

+Certified Organic




About the Company

Banyan Botanicals was born out of love for the deep wisdom of Ayurveda. We offer pure, safe and effective Ayurvedic herbs and products.

We started small... just two guys with two goals:
1) Excellent Ayurvedic herbs & products
2) Excellent service
Now we've grown, but our core purpose is the same.

Banyan Botanicals is your ethical and knowledgeable source for the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs that are:
- USDA certified organic
- Sustainably sourced
- Fairly traded




Company: Banyan Botanicals
Brand:  Banyan Botanicals
Slogan:  Ayurvedic Herbs
Origin: US
Category: Supplements
Packaging:  9.4oz (266g)
Claims:  Certified Organic, Promotes Rejuvenation and Proper Function of the Immune System
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $15.96
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.banyanbotanicals.com/









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anarchy feat1

Company Spotlight: Anarchy in a Jar Small Batch Preserves




Founded by Laena McCarthy in 2009, Anarchy in a Jar makes over 16 varieties of shelf-stable jam, marmalade, chutney and mustard. Cooked by hand, all natural and using mostly local fruit, Laena combines old world techniques with modern flavors, bringing innovation to the classic art of preservation.

Anarchy in a Jar has been featured in The New York Times, The New York Times T Style Magazine, The Martha Stewart Show, Saveur, Bust, Elle magazine Japan, New York Magazine, Tasting Table, Serious Eats, Time Out New York, and Edible Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Get your jam on.







Our jam and mustard is small-batch, artisanal and handmade at our certified facility in Brooklyn, New York. We source most of our produce locally from small farms. Our methods combine old world techniques with modern finesse, bringing innovation to the tradition of jam making.

Anarchy in a Jar has been featured in The New York TimesThe New York Times T Style Magazine, The Martha Stewart ShowBust magazine, New York magazine, Tasting Table, Serious Eats, Time Out New York, andEdible Brooklyn & Manhattan.



About the company

Anarchy in a Jar makes over 8 varieties of shelf-stable jam, jelly, marmalade, and mustard at our certified facility in Brooklyn, New York. The jams are cooked by hand and all natural, made primarily with produce from local and small farms. We add just enough sugar to preserve the fruit and enhance its natural flavor, combining pure fruit with botanical herbs + spices. Our methods combine old world techniques with modern finesse, bringing innovation to the tradition of jam making.

Founder and CEO Laena McCarthy grew up making traditional jams with her family in New York’s Hudson Valley, and after a career in science and academia decided to make her passion for jamming into a business. Laena ended up back in New York City at an opportune time, when there is a revived demand for fresh, local, creative food. With help from her team of tasters, fellow food makers and jam fans, she stirs her eclectic experience into the elixirs of the jar.

You can find the jams at many grocery stores and cheese shops throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, online, and in select cities nationwide at Anthropologie.



Company: Anarchy in a Jar
Brand:  Anarchy in a Jar
Slogan:  Anarchy in a Jar
Origin: US
Category:   Jam
Packaging:   113g jars
Claims:   Combines old world techniques with modern finesse, Made in Brooklyn
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online & Store Locator
Website:   http://www.anarchyinajar.com/




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Condiment Spotlight: Mrs Bridges Scottish Strawberry Preserve


You can't improve on old fashioned goodness - and this is one of Mrs Bridges ' classics packed with traditional taste.


• Made with traditional recipes and methods
• Manufactured with no additives
• Made in Scotland



About Mrs Bridges

My repertoire of preserves, marmalades and curds was much loved by those both ‘upstairs’ and ‘downstairs’ at Eaton Place in days gone by. The recipes which I collected throughout my life in the service, have been lovingly recreated to bring you the Mrs Bridges Fine Food Range.

Of course, my range is not limited to preserves, my condiments were always much enjoyed by the Bellamy’s guests and I spent weeks each year making my chutneys, relishes, sauces and salsas. The Mrs Bridges’ collection brings the full range to your pantry - without you having to slave over the stove in the late summer. As in my days in the kitchen, the Mrs Bridges range is made with traditional methods and uses no artificial favours or preservatives. Read More



Company: Mrs Bridges
Brand: Mrs Bridges
Slogan: The difference is in the taste!
Origin: UK / Scotland
Category: Preserves
Packaging: 340g
Claims: No additives
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £2.65
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.mrsbridges.co.uk




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Condiment Spotlight: Emily G’s Strawberry Chipotle Jam


This fun twist on pepper jelly is made with succulent strawberries and smokey chipotle peppers. It is fabulous over cream cheese or goat cheese and it makes a great glaze on chicken and shrimp.



Cane sugar, strawberries, green bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, chipotle peppers in adobo (chipotle peppers, water, vinegar, tomato paste, salt, vegetable oil and garlic), citric acid and pectin.





About the company:

Emily Myers founded Emily G’s out of a true labor of love, which through hobby and happenstance became an award winning specialty food business. A former classically trained chef, Myers produces unique combinations of savory and sweet jams. Her mission is simple – “we do everything for the love of food. We believe that what we eat should be prepared simply and naturally with the best ingredients available.” Read More



Company: Emily G’s
Brand: Emily G’s
Origin: USA
Category: Jam
Packaging: 10oz (283g)
Claims: Gluten Free
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $6.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.emilygs.com





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Condiment Spotlight: Spoonfed Foods Winemakers Jam



This jam is also known as the “Red Onion Jam”.

A sensational combination of red onions, red wine and port. This jam is extremely versatile and partners with many foods, but utterly scrumptious with steak, a good roast or your favourite cheese.



About the company:

Spoonfed Foods was created in 2005 when it was recognized there were no quality food partners available to go with barbecued, roasted or grilled Lamb, except those boring old sauces and tired old relishes, chutneys and artificially flavoured jellies. This lead to the creation of the first highly successful and acclaimed Spoonfed Foods product – LAMB JAM – and that’s how Spoonfed Foods savoury jams were born! Read More



Company: Spoonfed Foods
Brand: Spoonfed Foods
Origin: Australia
Category: Jam
Packaging: 360g glass jar
Claims: highly delicious
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $12.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: spoonfedfoods.com.au





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Food Spotlight: Norm’s Farms Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam



Our Elderberry Ginger Pecan Jam is loaded with chunks of pecans and candied ginger. Delicious with soft cheeses and crusty bread, this tasty and unique jam is a wonderful way to get your daily serving of elderberry.



Ingredients: Sugar, elderberries, pecans, candied ginger (sugar, ginger), water, GMO-free pectin mix (sucrose, pectin, citric acid), lemon juice concentrate




About the Company
The family that is Norm’s Farms believes in the power of elderberry to help people heal themselves naturally, which is why Norm’s Farms is working hard to improve the supply of American elderberry products in the US. Plants are grown naturally and sustainably by family farmers, and Norm’s Farms products are made with love.

We strive to be your go-to-source for all things elderberries, including but not limited to all aspects of this amazing berry’s history, uses, and potential for sustainable cultivation in North America. Read More




Company: Norm's Farms
Brand: Norm's Farms
Origin: USA
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 9oz glass bottle
Claims: Natural
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $5.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: normsfarms.com






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Product Spotlight: Smuckers Red Raspberry Natural Fruit Spread


Delight in the fruitful balance of Smucker's Natural Fruit Spreads, made with ingredients from natural sources and no preservatives.

Natural Red Raspberry
Although red raspberries have a short growing season, you can enjoy this sumptuous fruit flavor any time of year with Simply Fruit Natural Red Raspberry Fruit Spread. Serve with brie, use as a filler for peanut butter sandwich cookies or drizzle over savory breakfast crepes.


Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tbsp (19g)
Servings Per Container About 26
Amount Per Serving
Calories 40
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol mg %
Sodium 0mg 0%
Total Carbohydrates 11g 4%
Sugars 10g
Protein 0g
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.



Company: The J.M Smucker Company
Brand: Smuckers
Origin: USA
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 17.25oz
Claims: Natural, Low Calorie
Variants: Concord Grape, Orange Marmalade, Strawberry
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: smuckers.com

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Product Spotlight: BAOJAM – Baobab fruit spread

The good of the baobab fruit as versatile fruit cream.
The base of the fruit creams BAOJAM is the baobab fruit. The fruits and all the other ingredients of BAOJAM are organic and fair trade. In addition to the flavor “pure” entice more unique flavors: mango, ginger, coconut and Spiced-chai. Not only on the bread it is delicious. Try BAOJAM Baobab & coconut on vanilla ice cream, BAOJAM baobab and mango with yoghurt or BAOJAM Baobab & spiced-chai on Madeira cake … Not to mention the possibility to use them for cooking, as a hot drink or mixed with cold water … Since there are many more possibilities to try.
In addition to the best of the baobab fruit varieties all have something in common: The taste is incredibly delicious and it promises unexpected pleasures.
Discover your personal BAOJAM favorites!
The baobab fruit

In Africa, the fruit of the baobab tree has been around for millennia a valuable source of vitamin C, calcium and iron. Baobab also acts probiotic, antioxidant and boosts the immune system!
The baobab fruit is organically grown in Malawi and traded fairly.
In his native Africa the baobab tree is one of the few plants that thrive in areas with sparse to infertile soils. This makes it an important source of income for local farmers. Because the proceeds from its use, the family can finally afford things that we take for granted: children’s schooling, medical care, new tools.
The BAOJAM can as well

We want to improve the world with BAOJAM which is also a means to the end. Financed with the profits from BAOJAM and our other products, we support projects and information campaigns in countries that need developing.

BAOJAM is organic
BAOJAM is fairly traded
BAOJAM is vegan
BAOJAM is gluten-free
BAOJAM is free of artificial flavors, preservatives and colors
BAOJAM is versatile to use

Company: BAOLA
Slogan: The Baobab Pioneers
Category: Jam, Marmalade
Origin: Germany
Varieties: Coconut, Mango, Spiced Chai, Ginger, Pure
Packaging: 100g, 200g
Claims: Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan, Gluten Free, No artificial flavors, preservatives or colors
Website: Baola.org





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Packaging Spotlight: OOH OOH AH AH! Jam

Loving this super adorable banana jam packaging.

"Ooh Ooh Ah Ah is all about fun.

Emilie Wildiers came to us with the idea of building a new brand around her unique, banana-based jam recipes. She runs a well-known company in Belgium that has been creating various jams and jellies since the 80′s. But, this is not just another condiment to add to the pantry. It’s deliciously different. A shareable delicacy for every member of the family, from choosy moms and dads, to the kids."


"The name we chose is unmistakable in any language. Say it out loud, and you can’t help but smile. “Nom-Nom” the monkey is not only the hero of the brand… he’s a new member of your family. Bon Appetit!"

Designed By: Benji Peck

Agency: Peck & Co.

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images via TDL

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