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Drink Spotlight: Botanic Lab Cold Pressed Isotonic



An isotonic blend with medical grade charcoal and mighty raw cane to cleanse, reload and rebalance 
the body. Raw Japanese yuzu and lemon deliver a vitamin C hit, completing the exotic flavour with an intense, citrus tang.

Volume: 250 ml




Raw Cane Grass
Activated Charcoal (500mg)




Energy: 27kCal
Protein: 0.2g
Fat: <0.1g
Carbohydrate: 6g
Total Sugar: 5g
Salt: 0.08g
Potassium: 235mg (17% of RDA*)
Vitamin C: 30mg (125% of RDA*)
* per 250ml bottle



About the company

Botanic Lab develops potent dynamic drinks and botanical tonics from the purest organic ingredients, specially selected for their powerful health-giving properties.

Unique herbal formulae give the invigorating potions their distinctive flavours, while a hydraulic cold press method ensures that the meticulously sourced ingredients are delivered live and nutritionally intact.

We never outsource: all our organic juices and tonics are produced in The Lab, here in London. This means we deliver our complex recipes according to our own highly specialised methods - and ensures our rare, organic ingredients are treated with the meticulous care they deserve from kernel to cup. The result is superior quality and flavour, fresh to you.



Company: Botanic Lab
Brand:  Cold Pressed Isotonic
Slogan:  Botanic Lab
Origin: UK
Category: Juice
Packaging:  250ml
Claims:  Cold pressed, contains medical grade charcoal and saw cane for cleansing.
Variants: View product range here
Price: £60 for 8 bottles
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://botanic-lab.co.uk/



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Drink Spotlight: Isoconiq Isotonic Sports Fuel








Company: Iconiq
Brand: Iconiq
Slogan: Perform at your best
Origin: UK
Category: Sports & Energy Drinks
Packaging: 250ml
Claims: Isotonic
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: iconiqdrinks.com





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Drink Spotlight: Oshee Pink Collagen Drink


The women have become a huge consumer group, presently they are the ones who make purchase decisions.

The women have become a huge consumer group, presently they are the ones who make purchase decisions.

Women are looking for dedicated products and precisely suit their needs. To emphasize the uniqueness of women, we have created a product line OSHEE PINK, which provides the necessary vitamins and unique components (collagen and L-carnitine) and support the body during exercise.

Types available in PINK range od products: OSHEE Vitamin Energy Formula PINK can 250 ml, OSHEE Vitamin H2O PINK bottle 555 ml, OSHEE Isotonic Sports Drink PINK bottle 0,75 L


The OSHEE Company is a team of professionals who treat work with passion and customer satisfaction is the main goal of company’s development. Our team is varied – as varied as the world that surrounds us – it is formed by people with years of experience in managerial positions in big FMCG corporations and by young people who begin their professional careers. As a young team we put on the great product which meets expectations of most demanding customers. We carefully select the range of our products and focus on high quality and a unique design. As the enthusiasts of modern trends, we always offer new ideas whose boundaries are set by imagination. Our products are available at hypermarkets, supermarkets as well as traditional stores. We respect the fact that people are diverse and have different needs, therefore we would like for our products to be available at every possible place where they may be found by our customers, another words – everywhere. We cooperate with key distributors on the food market. We would like to thank our customers for their trust – thanks to them we are the Polish leader in the Isotonic drinks category and our shares have the highest growth rate.

As a Polish market leader in the isotonic sports drinks category, we feel compelled to expand into international markets. Currently we are present in 12 countries on three continents, but this is just the beginning of our journey.



Company: Oshee
Brand: Oshee
Category: Vitamin Drink
Origin: Poland
Packaging: 250ml, 555ml, 750ml
Claims: Zero Sugar, Zero Calories
Variants: Vitamin Energy Vitamin H20, Isotonic Sports Drink
Website: oshee.eu








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Drink Spotlight: Go & Fun Isotonic Sport Drink


Why should you drink Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink?
Because is an energizing hydrosaline drink free from chemicals and preservatives.

It offers a refreshing and hydrating formula, studied for the needs of athletes that, thanks to Ginseng ingredient, will receive a natural boost of energy.

The isotonic, signed Go&Fun, introduces you a new interesting ingredient: the baobab! Rich of mineral salts, natural fibre and amino acids that make Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink the tasty way to hydrating during the training.

Not only a complete formula for a quickly replenish of electrolytes and liquids, but also a comfortable format with practical Thumb Up plug.

The only problem of Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink? No more excuses to justify an inadequate performance!


The Green Concept reaches the sports world and fulfills the needs of athletes who want a refreshing drink, but especially careful to the natural moisturizing and unique taste Go&Fun.

Thus the Go&Fun Isotonic Sports Drink was born, a salt and water energy that interprets the values of the Green Concept offering the benefits of an isotonic and energy of ginseng without the addition of artificial ingredients such as colorants, preservatives, flavourings, nor sweeteners.

Featured Ingredients
Organic Baobab - Pulp
Organic Ginseng



Company: Erba Vita
Brand: Go & Fun
Slogan: The Only Green Energy Drink
Origin: Italy
Category: Sports and Energy Drinks
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: Isotonic, Green, 100% Natural






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Product Spotlight: Harvest Bay All Natural Coconut Water


Harvest Bay® Coconut Water is a refreshing, thirst quenching natural isotonic that helps your body hydrate and recover after exercise. With only 35 calories per serving, no fat and no added sugar, you can be sure you are doing your body right, guilt free! Our Coconut Water is never from concentrate and features a unique, delicious blend of pure coconut water from Thailand. We use only fresh, young, green coconuts that are naturally sweet and nutrient rich.




Natural Isotonic Beverage
Replaces Fluids and Salts lost during exercise
All Natural
No Added Sugar
Low Calorie
No Fat

About Harvest Bay

Since 2004, Harvest Bay has been importing Coconut Water and Coconut Oil to the delight of thousands. Both are great alternatives to mainstream products in the market. Whether you are looking for a great drink to complement your active lifestyle or are looking to add a little flavor in the kitchen, Harvest Bay has you covered.

At Harvest Bay, living a rich and fulfilled life is what we are all about. We'll never be the biggest, but the quality of our products speaks for itself. Those who know us, choose us. We're glad you've discovered Harvest Bay and hope you'll enjoy our products.

Company: Harvest Bay
Brand: Harvest Bay
Slogan: Nature's Hydration
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Claims: Hydration, Isotonic, Low Calorie, No Fat, Non GMO
Variants: Coconut Water, Coconut Oil
Packaging: 250ml
Price: $20.99 (Box of 12)
Where to Buy: store Locator, Buy Online
Website: harvest-bay.com



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Product Spotlight: VitaSport Drink Mixes

VitaSport from New Zealand offers a line of vitamin enriched drink mixers.  The products come in a convenient 2.5g stick that can easily be carried with you wherever you might be.  To prepare just added water, mix and enjoy.  Drink mixes due to their convenience are becoming very popular with sports drinks, flavored waters as well as coffee products.


Natural Colours and Flavours, No Added Sugar & Low Calorie. Good Source of Vitamins B1 B3 B5 B6 B7 B12 & C

Easy to prepare and with no added sugar, Vitasport Water Booster hydrates and nourishes your body with a splash of natural fruit flavour and 7 essential vitamins



CARBOHYDRATES SUPPLY ENERGY TO ENHANCE YOUR BODY'S PERFORMANCE Vitasport Isotonic sports drink is formulated to replenish and revitalise active bodies. Perfectly balanced to match your body’s natural fluids, Vitasport Isotonic delivers nutrients faster.

Company: Hansells Food Group
Brand:  VitaSport
Category:  Sports Drinks, Drink Mixes
Origin: New Zealand
Claims: Vitamin Enriched, Sugar Free
Packaging: Pack of 10 2.5g sticks
Varieties: Orange Mango, Lemon Lime, Original Orange
Website: vitasport.co.nz

VitaSport-1 VitaSport-2 VitaSport-3 VitaSport-4

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