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Daily Insight: Benefits of Camel Milk



The growing popularity of Camel Milk across the world is disrupting the traditional markets and paving path for new startups and product possibilities.

Experts claim that camel's milk helps fight everything from food allergies and diabetes to autism and cancer. Camel’s milk is fast-gaining popularity in Europe and the US as a new super food. Lower in fat than the milk of its bovine cousins, camel's milk is packed full of nutrients.

Some of the featured companies which are based around camel milk production and camel milk products are

  1. Desert Farms, USA
  2. Camellife.com, Florida
  3. Desert Daughters, Israel
  4. Camelicious, Dubai
  5. Skinue, Australia
  6. Al Nassma, Dubai
  7. Wild Camel Corporation, Australia


Desert Farms, USA

Desert farms is sparking a camel milk revolution across US. They have a broad range of camel milk products and expanding into different  line of products. Their infant camel milk formula is all set to hit market by end of summer 2016.

Raw Milk                                                              Powedered Camel Milk



Camel Milk Soap                                                                 Face Cream



Camellife.com, Florida


The folks at Camel Life decided they wanted to be in the business of camels but also decided that it would take many years to build out a productive stock of camels sufficient to produce the quantity of milk he desired. There isn't enough camel milk currently produced in all of America to supply the demands of Camel Life.

They decided to talk to people in the land of camels….the middle east. After conferring with Saudi’s, Pakistani’s, Emirati’s, and others, they decided to contract with a company in the United Arab Emirates to produce a line a camel milk soap, lip balm, shampoo, and other products under the brand name “Camel Life”.





They are currently manufacturing a fantastic line of luxury Camel Milk Lip Balms in four fragrances: Peppermint, Orange, Strawberry, and Unscented. We will be ready to ship in late August.

And are in the early stages of developing a complete lineup of Camel Milk Liquid Soaps, Foaming Soaps, Shower Gel and and Body Wash. These amazing and innovative products will be ready by late fall, 2016.



בת המדבר


Camel Milk Face Cream


Camel Milk Soap


Camelicious, Dubai

Camelicious company in Dubai has an extensive range of Camel products and is setting its eyes in expansion in Europe and US. They have seen an increasing demand of their products in Europe and are planning to open facility there.

Some of their products:

Camel Milk

Camel Ice cream


Camel Labneh


Skinue, Australia

In the heart of Arabian desert, SKINUE was born. SKINUE is the first bio - based skin care innovation developed by a team of  biotechnology experts at MONOJO, an entrepreneurial  biotechnology company.

SKINUE’s secret lies in the active ingredient; customarily designed camel whey. The Camel Milk Whey is obtained from Camelicious - the Royal families very own world-renowned camel milk product line


Three Step Acne Bundle - Oily - Combination


Al Nassma, Dubai

Al Nassma is Dubai's Luxury brand for  Fine White Chocolate made from Camel's milk.

They claim to be the first chocolate in this category.

They have been expanding their presence globally by entering European and Asian markets.


The Wild Camel Corporation, Australia

Australia’s first commercial scale camel dairy using sustainable farming to bring you nutritious, quality produce.

Co-director of the Australian Wild Camel Corporation, Hannah Purss, sees huge unused potential for opportunities around Alice Springs, due to the region’s large population of feral camels.

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Daily Insight: Beets are Trendy in 2016


Beets, a colorful purplish root vegetable with dark-green leaves provides energetic nutrient compounds to human body. The secret behind the long healthy life of Russian centenarians was the use of beets in their daily consumption of food that kept them from falling victim to heart diseases, birth defects and cancers. Unique pigment antioxidants that are found in beets provides for a strong safety measure against coronary artery disease and strokes. It also assists in controlling cholesterol levels and have anti-aging effects. In modern era, a beet is not directly consumed as raw vegetable but are a trendy ingredient which is used in the manufacturing process of several products. Some of them are discussed below:




Love beets specializes in producing products that contains beets as a dominant ingredient. The taste and flavors are added as per the requirement to ensure that consumers find it delicious. Some of the categories that are produced by love beets include salads, snacks, juices and bars. Beet bars are leading sellers in the market as they provide a nutritious substitute for chocolate bars that are generally found unhealthy by specialists. Beet & Apple bar is the favorite whereas blueberry beet bar sells amongst a specific type of crowd that enjoys sweet-sour taste.





Beet Performer is another product that sells like hot cakes amongst athletes. Beet Juice with B12 and Beet Juice with passion are two top-notch drinks that provides soothing and healthy substitutes for steroids; increasing stamina and strength in body.







Blue Hill beet yogurt is another dimension to yogurt flavors that contains all associated health benefits that are accompanied with the consumption of beets. These products must be tried at least once to know the difference!





Happy Tot love my veggies: banana, beet, squash & blueberry

Our Love My Veggies pouches make it easier than ever for your tot to eat, and crave, their veggies. Made with organic fruit and a FULL serving of organic, wholesome veggies, these flavorful snacks help your go-getter grow better. Did you know that beets are a source of folate and magnesium?







Kettle Vegetable Chips

Golden Parsnip, Sweet Potato & Beetroot - 125g - a crunchy combination of earthy parsnips, sweet potato and crisp beetroot, mixed together to give a variety of tastes and textures in every mouthful







Of the Earth Beetroot Powder

Organic Beetroots have rightly gained their place on the "superfood" pedestal. The deep red colour is produced by betacyanin, which is a potent antioxidant. Just one of many found in this "super" root!

The clinical research is showing that so many different compounds found in beetroots are beneficial to our health.

Certified Organic by the Soil Association, meaning no harmful chemicals, pesticides or processing aids were used at any stage of farming or production.

And, for that extra bit of ethical care, this product is packed by hand in the UK in a factory running off solar powered energy.





Mamma Chia Love Greens Beet & Ginger

Our Love Greens blends the nutritional powerhouse of organic chia with the amazing beet. We add healthy kale and ginger for a delicious, refreshing beverage.

Simple, yet delicious ingredients come together to provide an entire day’s worth of Omega-3s (2500mg), 7g of fiber, 4g of complete protein, 25% RDA of Vitamin A and 95mg of calcium. These truly satisfying beverages are sure to power your soul’s purpose!






Natural Sins Crispy Beetroot Thins

Crispy Thins is a delicious crispy fruit thin that is carefully sliced and baked to preserve the fruit’s or vegetable’s original shape, color, flavor and smell. Made with only two ingredients, Natural Sins’ flavorful snacks are a unique natural products with a high fiber content and low in calories




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Daily Insight: Hemp – A solution to your health issues




Hemp is the most nutritious seed that is completely protein and contains essential fats & enzymes that make it the perfect ingredient for healthy living. Raw hemp helps in weight loss, rapid recovery from disease or injury, controlling blood pressure, sustaining energy levels, improving blood circulation, lowering cholesterol and sugar levels in the body. Omega-3 fatty acids are also found in hemp that help in minimizing the risk of cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s disease. Omega-6 is a fatty acid found in hemp that assists in stimulating skin and hair growth while maintaining stronger bones and regulating metabolism. Despite being an absolute gift of nature, hemp has stayed in the shadow of its injurious neighbor, marijuana. However, it is being used in the production of some famous products like:





Nature’s Path Hemp Plus® Frozen Waffle: It contains fiber, whole grains and proteins and of course hemp, giving a delicious taste of wheat waffle. Some of the users consider these waffles to be a quick, healthy and delightful substitute to mild breakfasts or brunches. Running late to work, you might want to catch a pack of hemp plus frozen waffles!







Tempt Original Hemp Yogurt: Some people might not like regular yogurt but you don’t need to worry because hemp frozen yogurt will make your life easier and let you enjoy tasty yogurt containing benefits of herbal care; a perfect mix for moody foody consumers.






Pacific Hemp Vanilla: It is syrup with a nutty flavor made with hemp seed. If you are a non-vegetarian and need plant-based nutritious food to eat, hemp vanilla is a perfect answer to your mystery.





Wild Roots Wholesome Hemp Cereal: It’s a healthy beginning for your day if you gobble a bowl of wholesome hemp cereal that contains all the benefits associated with the usage of hemp. Try it!






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Daily Insight: Turmeric and Curcumin – Benefits and opportunities


Turmeric, a bright yellow orange spice famous as a main ingredient for the curry powder in Asia, is known for its abundant health benefits. Anyone who is familiar with Indian culture, is aware of the healing properties of turmeric in Ayurveda; huldiwala doodh (turmeric milk) being the cure of every illness. What gives turmeric its super healing power is the element called curcumin. The substance curcumin is mainly responsible for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation properties of turmeric.

Historically, turmeric/curcumin was used in Indian and Chinese medicine systems, but now the modern medicine system has also acknowledged the health benefits of it. Unlike the modern anti-inflammatory drugs, curcimin has no toxic effects and it can safely be used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases. It also boosts immunity, heart and liver health, and helps control diabetes and arthritis. It is also helps cure/prevent Alzheimer’s disease and even cancers.

Owing to the usefulness of the substance, the sales of turmeric skyrocketed in 2012. According to the American Botanical Council, turmeric was one of the top three bestselling botanical in 2012. Statistically, two-third of adults don’t get the required amount of antioxidants, therefore, contributing majorly to the annual market potential of almost $7.4 billion (IRI) for pain supplements prepared by turmeric. Americans with chronic pain stand at almost 100 million and the number is expected to increase considering the overall stress of high productivity and low physical activity amongst the working class. Moreover, consumers these days prefer natural ingredients and 45% of the consumers have the perception that turmeric is good for beauty products while an even bigger percent of people, 56%, associate turmeric with good health which shows the potential this superfood ingredient has. There is stupendous market for turmeric right now; brand managers and entrepreneurs with an innovative mind can get the benefit out of it.








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Mini Trend Report: Protein is Everywhere



In the report we researched how protein has permeated every type of food and beverage product on the market and the opportunities that represents for new product development.


The full report available for purchase contains:
-  50 Pages of in depth Analysis
-  Key Features of the trend
-  Trends Analysis including Claims, Ingredients and Packaging
-  Detailed Examples of Innovative Protein Focused products from around the world
-  Opportunities Analysis where we tell you how to capitalize on this trend




In our mini report series the TrendMonitor team researches up and coming trends from around the world.  The mini reports can be purchased separately or as part of our yearly subscription which includes a minimum of 36 reports annually.

Protein is a vital part of daily nutritional requirements. It is everywhere and its emphasis in foods and beverages can have a real time impact on the food industry. In this report we will go over this nutrition element, its key importance, customer insights and opportunity analysis.



What is Protein
Benefits of Protein
Best Sources of Protein
Key Trends for Protein in Food
Innovative Products
Key Trends for Protein in Beverage
Innovative Products
Social Media
Consumer Insights
Opportunities Analysis



Contact Us To Purchase This Report - reports@trndmonitor.com


Flat Details

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HEINEKEN Wants to Get an Insight into the Lives of People Aged 60+

HEINEKEN invites its consumers to submit their observations on the lives of today’s 60 -70 year-olds. The company has launched a new competition, “60+Generation,” through its creative hub, IdeasBrewery.com, where it accepts themed submissions in all formats, from photos and videos to written stories. The winning entries will become part of a 60+ documentary movie.

We would like to understand how this generation lives, what their preferences and inclinations are and if these have changed since hitting this golden age. This will help us to serve their needs in the best possible way,” says the company. Entrants are invited to share their observations in the habits, activities or interests uniquely concerning the 60 -70 year-old people living around them. Unfortunately, the challenge is not global—it’s open only to all residents of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada (excl. Yukon & Quebec), China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK & the US (excl. California).

The competition is running until the end of winter, through February 28, 2013, and during the submission period entrants can add as many works as they want. The overall winner of the contest will walk away with $5,000, $3,000 is allocated for the runner-up and $2,000 for the third place. The names of the winners will be announced by the end of the March. HEINEKEN also provides some useful tips to entrants, which will help them develop their creative ideas into a perfect submission for the challenge.


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Targeting demographics in beverage marketing

The United States received the name “the melting pot” in the 18th century by welcoming a diverse mixture of people into the country and melding them into one common culture. However, some would prefer to use the metaphor of a mosaic or salad bowl, which represents a number of different cultures yet retains the distinctions between them. Likewise, many consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies invest a lot of time and research into learning about their consumers and how their ethnicities, genders, values and geographic locations impact their shopping decisions. As a result, companies have the opportunity to strengthen their marketing programs to better reach these consumers.

The marketing preferences for some of these demographics reflect the general population, but other groups stand out from the crowd. For instance, Hispanics are the fastest-growing consumer group in the United States, making up 16 percent of the population, Chicago-based SymphonyIRI Group reports. The segment grew 43 percent in the last 10 years, spends nearly 8 percent more on CPGs than any other race, and is expected to hold $1.3 trillion in purchasing power this year, the market research firm adds.

“Hispanic consumers are a key growth segment, with buying power increasing 50 percent through 2015,” said Kris Licht, partner, consumer practice at McKinsey & Co., Colorado Springs, Colo., in a statement. According to the 2012 Customer and Management Channel Survey compiled by McKinsey & Co., New York-based Nielsen and the Washington, D.C.-based Grocery Manufacturers Association, the top-performing CPG companies in their categories are three times more likely to invest in high-growth retail channels and the Hispanic market.

Full Article @ BevInd

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