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Ingredient Spotlight: Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder: Plant-Based, Clean Taste



Almond Protein Powder is Blue Diamond’s newest innovation in almond ingredients. The Blue Diamond team is committed to doing what it does best: driving advancements in food through healthy ingredient innovation. Almond Protein Powder, the newest product from the almond experts, will surely do just that — set a new industry standard for clean, healthy, plant-based products that add value across multiple food categories.

The significance of including almond protein as a value-added inclusion in products spanning a wide range of food categories is not lost on consumers. Among ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shake users, protein bar users, and protein smoothie users, almond protein had significantly higher purchase intent than whey, soy, or pea protein.1

Studies show that almonds are an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, calcium, potassium and magnesium. They have a healthy fat profile, and are cholesterol-free and gluten-free. These very nutritious attributes convey a positive, consumer-affirmed, health-halo for all almond ingredients, especially almond protein powder.

In addition to its nutritional benefits, every single Blue Diamond almond is grown on a Blue Diamond grower-owned farm in California. This is key, as 83% of formulators say U.S.-sourced proteins are very important.2 Blue Diamond’s 3,000+ grower-owners’ farms are sustainability focused and utilize state-of-the-art equipment designed to efficiently nurture and harvest the best almonds possible. As the world’s largest almond grower and processor, these premium almonds are available year-round.

You can find almonds in products ranging from the tastiest yogurts to the crispiest crackers. Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, identified healthy food options as one of the six key global food trends currently influencing the market place.3 Consumers are craving healthier, more natural ingredients that don’t sacrifice taste or texture — and the culinary world has taken notice. Almonds have stood out as a nutrient-packed, delicious super-food that can fill a variety of needs and keep pace with the latest consumer trends.

According to the Global Food Forum’s Protein Ingredients R&D Report, taste is the most important characteristic to consumers with regards to protein. The importance of a clean taste and good flavor rises above other measurements such as texture, color and physiochemical properties.4

Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder doesn’t require flavor or texture masking like other sources of protein. Almond Protein’s taste is clean and its extra-fine texture is smooth enough for any application.

When consumers were asked which type of protein they considered the best tasting, 77% listed almond protein. Having a clean taste and smooth texture allows for more versatility and less masking agents, making for a cleaner label.

Why is Almond Protein Powder a great choice?

Almonds are in line with the most dominant food trends of the last decade. Almond Protein Powder is no exception. This versatile, non-GMO Project Verified, California-sourced ingredient will work well in most applications. With unequaled almond supply, Blue Diamond will keep you stocked year-round. Whether you’re looking for a new protein powder supplement, a clean tasting, smooth, protein-packed addition to your smoothie, a complementary punch of protein for your snack bar, or a healthy and exciting protein option for your everyday food and drink customers, Blue Diamond Almond Protein Powder has exactly what you need.

About Blue Diamond

We pack a lot into every almond. And every partnership.

This single, delicious nut has nearly endless possibilities. Helping you realize the potential is our expertise, and our satisfaction comes in knowing that you’re getting the greatest possible return on your investment.

Since our humble beginnings in 1910 as a small grower’s cooperative in central California, we’ve been building long-lasting partnerships with our customers. Today, more than 50% of California’s growers are members of the Blue Diamond family. Every one of them is proud to be a part of the world’s largest and most trusted supplier of almonds.

When we partner with our customers, we’re doing more than filling orders. We are filling in the blanks. Asking the right questions. Suggesting alternatives that can optimize your product, from the perfect crunch in your cereal to a flavor profile that complements your yogurt. We have the variety, the forms, and the expertise to meet your exacting specifications, as well as the uninterrupted supply to keep your manufacturing on schedule.  Read More







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Photo courtesy of Southern Peanut Growers (PRNewsFoto/Family Features Editorial...)

Ingredient Spotlight: Get a Boost with an Ingredient that Sticks



MISSION, Kan., Oct. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- (Family Features) Whether you're a fitness junkie, busy parent or sleep-deprived student, peanut butter is an ingredient fit for all of life's moments. With a healthy boost of protein and energy, it is perfect as an on-the-go snack, fuel for a workout, a reliable family meal or a decadent dessert.

There's no shortage of delicious ways to pack peanut butter into diverse dishes throughout the day:

  • Add peanut butter to your favorite fruit smoothie for a nutty new flavor.
  • Encourage children to experiment with the essential spread and go beyond PB and J by replacing fruit for the jelly or stirring peanut butter or peanut butter powder into their yogurt.
  • A simple peanut butter and honey sandwich makes a great on-the-go snack you can throw in your gym bag or tuck away in a drawer at work.
  • Add peanut butter to a sauce or salad dressing for an extra zip of flavor and protein.


Find more creative ways to enjoy peanut butter with these winning recipes from Southern Peanut Growers' annual PB My Way recipe contest, and find more recipes at peanutbutterlovers.com.

Graceland Mini Cupcakes
Recipe courtesy of Linda D., Coconut Creek, Florida
Serves: 36

2          cups all-purpose flour
2          teaspoons baking powder
1/2       teaspoon salt
4          ripe bananas
1/2       cup light sour cream
4          tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature
2          tablespoons canola oil
3/4       cups sugar
2          large eggs, at room temperature
1          large egg white, at room temperature
1          teaspoon vanilla extract

Peanut Butter Filling:
1/4       cup creamy peanut butter

Bacon Topping:
4          slices bacon
1/2       cup brown sugar

8          ounces low-fat cream cheese
1/2       cup butter
1/2       cup creamy peanut butter
2          teaspoon vanilla extract
3/4       cups confectioners' sugar

Heat oven to 350 F. Line cupcake tins with paper liners and lightly spray with cooking spray.

To make batter: In medium bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt. Stir to combine and set aside.

In small bowl, mash bananas and add sour cream. Mix well and set aside.

Using electric hand mixer, beat butter, oil and sugar until incorporated, about 3-5 minutes. Add eggs, egg white and vanilla. Mix until combined. Slowly add half the dry ingredients and mix until almost incorporated. Add sour cream and banana mixture and gently fold into batter. Add rest of dry ingredients until combined.

Spoon batter into lined cupcake pans. Bake 18-20 minutes and let cool.

After cooling about 30-45 minutes, use paring knife to cut small circle in middle of top of cupcakes and remove plug, creating a well about halfway down cupcake. Add peanut butter to piping bag and fill each hole. Set aside.

In medium bowl, dredge both sides of bacon slices in brown sugar. Place on foil-lined baking sheet; bake 10 minutes. Flip and bake another 6-8 minutes. Remove bacon from oven and place on plate to cool. Once cool, chop bacon and set aside.

To make frosting: In large bowl, combine cream cheese, butter, peanut butter and vanilla extract. Mix until combined. Add confectioner's sugar and mix until well-combined.

Add frosting to piping bag. Pipe a dollop of frosting onto each cupcake and sprinkle with candied bacon pieces.

Michael French

About Family Features Editorial Syndicate
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Daily Insight: Yacon – Benefits and Properties

Do you have problems related to sugar levels in blood, obesity, malfunctioning liver, bad cholesterol and weak digestive system? If yes, then there is a solution for you that will not only resolve the aforementioned issues but also strengthen the immune system; the resolution lies in the usage of Yacon or Smallanthus sonchifolius!

Yacon is a plant that is mainly cultivated in South America especially Northern Andes that is primarily a part of Argentina and Colombia. It is a product that is widely used across the globe as a substitute for sugar in eatables. It is consumed in two basic forms; syrup and powder. However, the root of Yacon can be eaten raw just like potato. Initially, the product wasn’t grown outside Australia and New Zealand but its benefits have lured Japanese, Chinese and South Korean to commence its cultivation.

Potassium is found in abundance in Yacon. It is a vasodilator causing blood vessels to relax and lessen strain on the cardiovascular system. Body cells and tissues also receive better regulation of fluid in them which helps in balancing and enhancing concentration levels. Yacon also keeps cholesterol in check and reduces the chances of diabetes. It minimizes the bad cholesterol levels in the body that assists in reducing the problems related to heart. In addition to that, obesity can also be controlled with Yacon, since its consumption can proliferate the process of weight loss. The essence of Yacon consumption is very filling but contains lower level of calories that helps in reducing weight. Other problems that can be avoided with the usage of Yacon include cancer and liver diseases.

Although it is a very beneficial item to consume, it can still contain some allergic reactions attached to it so it shouldn’t be consumed without the prescription of a specialist.

View Products that use Yacon Here





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Ingredient Spotlight: Candy Kills Cavity-Causing Bacteria


Researchers at Berlin-based biotechnology firm OrganoBalance have developed candy that doesn’t cause cavities.

Cavities are caused by bacteria that stay on the person’s teeth after eating sugar. The bacteria releases acid that breaks down the enamel of the teeth and this causes cavities.

Continue Reading @ PSFK

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Trend Report: Baobab Superfood



Baobab is a natural food source. It has been given the nickname 'King of Superfruits'. This is because when compared to other superfruits found on the market today - such as goji or acai berries - Baobab truely outshines them on a like by like comparison. As a natural product, Baobab is a safe and healthy alternative to taking vitamin pills or other artificial sources.

The African baobab's fruit (6 to 8 inches or 15 to 20 centimeters long)  has twice as much calcium as milk, is high in anti-oxidants, potassium, and has 6 times the vitamin C of an orange.


Baobab fruit pulp is a super food.
Baobab is naturally dried on the baobab tree. The pulp contains very high amounts of vitamin C, and contains significant amounts of calcium (the absorption of which is aided by the vitamin C), as well as other vitamins and minerals. In addition, baobab is loaded with natural dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble. This makes it a healthy super food supplement. Plus, baobab adds texture to smoothies and other food mixes

As consumers continue to look for more healthy food options,  ingredients like Baobab will be used heavily by food and beverage manufacturers.  New studies are being done daily and new benefits are being uncovered for this amazing super ingredient.



The full report available for purchase contains:

  • Overview of Baobab
  • Description, History, Benefits and Applications
  • Examples of how Baobab is being used in Food and non Food consumer packaged goods products
  • Opportunities Analysis where we tell you What´s Next


Who Should Buy This Report?

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturers (New Product Development)
  • Personal Care Manufacturers (New Product Development)
  • Raw Material Providers
  • Entrepreneurs interested in developing new products
  • Consumers passionate about Health & Wellness





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Superfood Spotlight: inSpiral Baobab Powder

The latest find in the superfood world – outdoing the amazing properties of even the goji berry – baobab is widely considered to be the king of all superfruits.

Baobab is a fruit with exceptionally high levels of key nutrients. 100% natural, raw, Baobab Powder Baobab is rich in macronutrients, antioxidants, carotenoids, flavonoids, vitamins B2 & 3 and essential minerals. It contains twice as much calcium as milk, ten times the antioxidant level of oranges – as well as three times the vitamin C – and four times as much potassium as bananas. The seed and pulp are also excellent sources of magnesium, thiamin and phosphorous. The calcium levels in baobab are extraordinarily high. It is rare for such large quantities of calcium to be found in fruit and vegetables and the levels in baobab exceed even those found in Kale! (Can you imagine how super this makes our Baobab & Onion Kale Chips?) We like to add a spoonful to our morning juice and as baobab increases energy and aids recovery time, we find it is an excellent to take mixed with water pre and post workout.

• raw • vegan 
• wheat free 
• gluten free (may contain traces) 
  0% cholesterol 
• no added cane sugar 
• low G.I • soya free (may contain traces) 
• artificial additive free 
• 100% natural 
• may contain traces of nuts


Baobab is part of the Insights Media Superfood Ingredient Trends Report that covers the 20 superfoods poised to make big waves in food and beverage launches over the next 2 years.  For more information about this report contact us at reports@insights-media.com


Company: InSpiral
Brand: Baobab Fruit Powder
Slogan: Visionary Raw Nutrition & More
Category: Supplements
Origin: UK
Packaging: 100g
Varieties Baobab Powder, Spirulina Powder, Freeze Dried Durian, Kale
Price: £5.95
Website: inspiralled.net


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Ingredient Spotlight: Red Palm Oil

Red palm oil is taken from the fruit of the oil palm tree. It comes from the same part of the palm tree as regular palm oil, but it is less processed and retains the red color from its high concentration of carotenes. It’s rich in Vitamins A and E. Apparently, when processed, creating regular palm oil, the carotenes along with other nutrients are stripped.

Red palm oil retains more nutritional value than regular palm oil, but there’s something else to consider. The conventional creation of palm oil is bad for the planet. In Indonesia, the growing demand for palm oil is driving tropical forest destruction. In Malaysia, peatswamp forests are being obliterated, and the disappearing forests endangering the habitat of the “pygmy elephant — the smallest elephant on earth — the clouded leopard, the long-nosed tapir and many rare birds.”

As the word about the devastation that the cultivation of palm oil can cause spreads, people are beginning to take notice and companies are beginning to make changes. Sustainable palm oil is in its infancy, and according to Worldwatch Institute, palm oil sustainability criteria remain controversial. But it’s a start.
The increased consumer interest due to the overhyped health and weight loss claims in red palm oil has put quite an increase on demand, at least in the United States. Increased demand for a product that happens so quickly rarely leads to sustainability.
Continue Reading @ MNN

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Product Review: Health Warrior Chia Bar

Health Warrior is a line of chia based snack bars.  Developed by two friends the products aim to provide energy and power in a natural and healthy way.  Recently Health Warrior secured entry into Whole Foods Market which is a natural springboard for this type of healthy snack.

“Chia seeds are on the march to regain their historic place at the top of the nutrient-dense real food chain, and Health Warrior is excited to help lead the way with our chia bars, our community of warriors and great partners like Whole Foods Market.”

Health Warrior Chia Bars provide a convenient way to “chia on-the-go” and offer less than 5g of sugar per bar. The bars also are vegan, dairy and soy free, the news release says.

Available in Acai Berry, Coconut or Chocolate Peanut Butter, the product retails for approximately $1.89 per bar, or $29.99 for a box.


Analysis & Impact
Chia is quickly finding its way into all types of food and drink categories.  Health Warrior is a perfect example of how to combine powerful ingredients with a great story to sell a quality product.  New research into old ingredients is turning out information that has the food industry spinning.  Functional food and beverage products are on the rise and will continue to grow as new research is done.  There are plenty of opportunities out there for more chia based products.  The challenge for manfucturers will be to not get on the chia craze too late and if they do, to find the next super ingredient.

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Are You Eating Algae?

New innovations in food technology mean algae could be a fat substiute

Would you believe your fat-free ice cream contains algae? Or your beer? Better believe it — new developments in food technology may put the pond scum right into your food.

Don't fret, though — it's not as gross as you think. In fact, GOOD reports that the scum is being developed as a fat substitute — one that still has flavor, minus the fat. Scientists began testing algae to convert ethanol to fuel, but found that it could also convert sugars into fat. And not just any fat, the kind of healthy fats similar to those found in olive oil. Naturally, food chemists found this to be exciting — and a possbile fat substitute.

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