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Food News: Essential Mints Launches Indiegogo for Its Brand New Line of Delicious Mints


Essential Mints has launched on Indiegogo to offer pre-sales and early bird special pricing

DAVIE, Fla., Oct. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Essential Mints, a brand new delicious line of mints, has just launched a new campaign on Indiegogo. The mints are created with USA sourced all-natural non-GMO ingredients and are manufactured in the company's facility in the South Florida.

Essential Mints are formulated with a refreshing peppermint flavor and just the right amount of caffeine. Each mint is the equivalent 20mg of caffeine and a handful (5 mints) equals a cup of coffee. The mints are a healthy substitute to replace morning coffee and unhealthy sugary energy drinks. Essential Mints are one of the lowest price per mg of caffeine than any other product. The company's current line of mints includes delicious tasting energizing mints and bedtime mints. Along with being all-natural and non-GMO ingredients, the mints are fructose-free and gluten-free.

"I initially started creating Essential Mints in my own kitchen when I wanted to find a healthy and effective alternative to coffee and energy drinks," says Donald Choi. "I began working with my business partner and we brought our years of successful business and manufacturing knowledge to building this new concept. Our goal with Essential Mints was to create a product that would positively impact us and our customers. We are looking forward to bringing many new products to the market with the help of those who make a pledge through our campaign."

The goal of the campaign is to raise funding to develop the Essential Mint product line including probiotic mints, multi-vitamin mints, immune mints, omega-3 mint, and more. The Company also wants to expand the company's factory so they can continue to create jobs. The company has complete control of the entire process of manufacturing from raw ingredients to packaging and fulfillment. They do not outsource, which ensures the highest quality and consistency for each mint at every step of the process.

The campaign offers some great early bird special pricing for a limited number of backers at each level. Those interested should lock in pledge level quickly to ensure the best pricing. The company is also offering specials for stretch goals reached. To learn more about pledge levels and rewards, visit Essential Mints on Indiegogo.

About Essential Mints

Essential Mints are USA sourced with all-natural non-GMO ingredients and are manufactured in the company's FDA Registered facility in the South Florida. To learn more, visit Essential Mints on Indiegogo.


Essential Mints (PRNewsfoto/Essential Mints)

Essential Mints (PRNewsfoto/Essential Mints)



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Tech Spotlight: Glance Clock: A Smart Clock That Syncs With Your Smartphone


Launched on Indiegogo today, Glance Clock displays your important info from calendar events and incoming calls to arriving Ubers


SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Launching today on Indiegogo, Glance Clock is a minimally designed smart clock that displays your most important information at a glance. Sync your smartphone with the Glance Clock iOS and Android apps, and the clock's backlit LED display reminds you of important events, shows incoming calls, and updates daily progress from fitness trackers and smart home devices; Integration with Amazon Echo provides voice control. Glance Clock is available for a discounted price of $149 USD during the campaign, with the first 200 available for $99.

"We're constantly fiddling in our pockets for phones or looking at smart watches for instant updates," said Anton Zriashchev, CEO and founder of Glance Clock. "But Glance Clock offers an easier, subtler, and more aesthetically pleasing solution to knowing exactly what's happening in our lives. Simply glance at the clock for all your important info and ditch the distraction of constantly pulling out your smartphone."

With a simple and elegant design, Glance Clock displays smartphone-synced information in a combination of brightly colored arcs and text on a traditional clock face. Using the free app, you choose which updates you want to see on the backlit LED display - from incoming calls and messages, to daily schedule, calendar notifications, weather forecast, and current traffic - all at a glance. Additionally, Glance Clock shows you when Uber is arriving, and an open API enables developers to utilize the clock in creative ways.

Updates are displayed for about 30 seconds, and it has a rechargeable battery that lasts for 3-6 months (or plug it in for limitless glancing). Great for home or office, it'll sell for $149 on Indiegogo starting today before increasing to $199 when the campaign completes. The first 200 clocks will be available for $99. The Glance Clock Indiegogo is now live here: http://igg.me/at/glanceclock

Press kit available here


About Glance Clock
Launching in mid September on Indiegogo, Glance Clock is a minimalistically designed smart clock that displays important information at a glance. Integrating with a free iOS and Android app, it displays upcoming events, incoming calls, weather reports, and more via a backlit LED screen. Ideal for home or office, Glance Clock is an aesthetically functional alternative to the constant smartphone checking becoming ever-prevalent in modern society.








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tsogo feat1

Innovation Spotlight: Tsogo – Complete Food Replacement







Now you can eat exactly how you should without the hassle of grocery shopping, preparing food and counting calories. Plus, Tsogo is gluten free, soy free, lactose free, plant based and it tastes great!

Tsogo smoothies are 100% food replacement that provide thousands of flavor combinations when blended with Tsogo freeze dried fruits and veggies. This simple drink delivers all of your essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins, and it tastes great ... really!

Stop wasting time in the kitchen and stop buying unhealthy fast food! Stop throwing away rotting fruits and veggies! Just grab a Tsogo and GO!





At Tsogo, we are passionate about healthy nutrition, eliminating food waste and preserving time for an active lifestyle. For more than 13 years, we have worked within the freeze-dried food industry. That history allows us to work with the highest-quality food sources to get the best, most nutritious freeze dried fruits and veggies available.

Our premier Tsogo product will be a smoothie that provides you with 100% of the daily nutrition that you need to keep running throughout the day. Stop counting calories and tracking all of your intake. Just drink a Tsogo smoothie, and you'll know exactly what you've consumed.

For as little as $10 a day, you can literally live on Tsogo. For as little as $2 a meal, you can use Tsogo as a single meal replacement. It can also be used as a weight loss program or a calorie management tool. It's totally up to you. Tsogo can even be stored as part of your emergency food supply.





Taste matters. Too many protein supplements or food-replacement drinks taste bland and earthy. Sometimes they taste like pancake batter. If drinking your nutrition each day is like taking medicine, then you'll stop drinking it. At Tsogo, we know how to make real nutrition taste great.

When you visit Tsogo.com, you will be able to purchase smoothies in 3, great-tasting base flavors: Natural (a mild honey taste), Vanilla and Chocolate.





Tsogo smoothies can be purchased in single-day pouches ...



... or in 4-week buckets (our best value).



The smoothie by itself is all you need for complete daily nutrition. Simply pour the amount of smoothie powder you choose into a blender bottle, add water, then shake and go! It's that simple!




We have created literally thousands of flavor combinations by offering our freeze-dried fruits and veggies! Now you can have a Tsogo smoothie for every meal of the day and never have the same flavor twice in a year. Plus, you'll help mitigate global food waste by purchasing shelf-stable fruits and veggies, instead of grocery-store produce that invariably rots in your fridge.



Freeze drying is a time-tested and proven system for preserving all the natural vitamins and nutrients found in fruits and veggies, while making them shelf stable. These fruits and veggies can be blended into your smoothie in thousands of different configurations for daily variety. Seriously, who wants to drink the same tasting stuff every day? Mix it up! Have fun!




Visit their website

Visit their crowdfunding page


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mobius feat1

Crowdfunding Spotlight: MOBIUS breakfast that works



Achieve more with Mobius Breakfast

Starting your day healthy and energized doesn't have to be time consuming. Replace your morning coffee, your multivitamin and your rushed breakfast with this dark chocolate shake. Combining coconut milk, protein, caffeine, and brain-boosting herbs, Mobius Breakfast is the fastest, healthiest and best tasting way to jump start your day.





Think, work and feel better with Mobius Breakfast

"I know I'm full without that awful 'I ate too much' feeling. I also had tons of energy without the [caffeine]shakes and didn't need coffee. I was super focused, got tons accomplished, and didn't get hungry for hours." -Blair L.

"Ya'll killed it! It's all on point. I'm thinking more clearly because my brain has energy!" -Martin M.

"I am not a breakfast person so I have tried many shakes and supplements. This is the first one that tastes like real food!! and it isn't TOO sweet!" -Amy E.


"Enjoyed that it doesn't have a strong protein after taste" -Lora D.


"I enjoyed the flavor and it stayed mixed with the water very well. The “right-size” blender bottle is also pretty neat. I am feeling more alert, focused, and calm than I usually do in the morning. Typically I consume three cups of coffee each morning and get hungry from missing breakfast. Imagine Tweek from South Park. I look forward to making this a part of my morning!" -Caleb L.


Mobius Breakfast was rated 8.5/10 for both flavor and texture.





We have a breakfast drink to revitalize your morning, but we need your help!

We funded the pilot batch of Mobius Breakfast with our own money. Moving forward, we're raising $30,000 to launch full-scale production and bring Mobius Breakfast to everyone. By helping us get Mobius Breakfast off the ground, you have the chance to be among the first to use the product - and for a discounted rate.






We've worked tirelessly for the past year in order to handpick the best, all-natural ingredients for this product:

  • Coconut Milk, not maltodextrin, is the central ingredient. These healthy saturated coconut fats give you consistent energy, not an insulin spike.
  • A specially engineered dual-blend of protein derived from grass-fed cows and eggs supports muscle and joint health and keeps your mind sharp.
  • Caffeine derived from 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, for the kick you need to start your day.
  • Electrolytes keep you hydrated.
  • full multivitamin means that you don't have to rely on a handful of different vitamins to give you the nutrients you need - including B Vitamins, which support neural and metabolic health.
  • Nootropics, made of herbs and amino acids, give your mind energy, increasing focus and decreasing stress.
  • Three MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) give you energy quickly and consistently.





Visit their crowdfunding page

Visit their website



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purseforpeople feat1

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Purse for the People



Hello, I'm Carole Murphy, the founder of Purse for the People. Though originally a dentist by training, my new passion is to:

1.  Make sure that customers, the environment and all our partners win in the process of doing business.  I invested the last three years of my life preparing for the launch of Purse for the People -- studying, researching, building relationships and charting a course with the help of many others.

2.  Create an online business that allows customers to design their own handbag.  Make our products in the USA with attention to quality and make them with materials that are good for the planet.







Our campaign is really part of a movement to do business better.  We are asking you to join and help us.  By taking this approach, I believe we can be even more profitable over the long term.

How does a dentist get into the business of making handbags you might ask?  I wanted to leverage my potential in a way that could help more people. After much thought and consideration, I realized that one of the most powerful forces for improving the lives of people was business, especially business done in a way that nurtures people and the planet.  So I made a pivot to follow my passion and make a difference.  I’ve always dreamed of returning to my hometown and working to improve our local economy by creating manufacturing jobs that will pay a decent wage.  The handbags were a perfect fit since I love fashion, and especially these beautiful bags.





What We Need & What You Get

Our Goal: $30,000

We have 300 handbags shipping from our suppliers. These are non-customized off the shelf bags we are offering as our perks.  These bags represent what we will be creating locally by importing just the outer rattan bodies to be built into the bags our customers design on line. The beauty of rattan is that it grows wild in the rainforest and by highlighting its use we can help conserve the forests where it grows.





The money from this campaign will help us to

1. Add custom design to our website.  We need a special type of software (configurator) that will make it possible for you, the customer, to create the style of bag you want.

2. Build inventory of necessary supply parts i.e. leather, fabric, hardware, rattan etc. to be used in the local manufacturing process.

3.  Purchase more pre-made bags for sale as we build manufacturing ability.

What you get:  Beautiful and unique bag(s) handmade in Java by traditional artists.  We are offering three styles to select from.  Each bag features rattan woven with skill and care into beautiful designs that are surprisingly strong.









Visit their crowdfunding site

Visit their website


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nootrobox feat1

Crowdfunding Spotlight: GO CUBES: Chewable Coffee





The Future of Coffee

If you're here, it's probably because you love coffee - and so do we! Join our campaign to help make the next innovation in coffee a reality.

GO CUBES are gummy coffee bites with delicious flavor, enhanced performance, and unprecedented convenience on the go.





  • Yummy taste. GO CUBES are made with real cold-brew coffee, and they pack a serious amount of coffee into every bite (2 cubes = 1 cup of coffee).
  • Convenient. Super easy to grab on the go, no mess, and cheaper than a cup of Starbucks!
  • Made for performance. GO CUBES are made specifically for cognitive performance, by the same people who brought you SPRINT.

GO CUBES are a new spin on a classic favorite - help us make it a reality!





Our Mission

With our background as founders of Nootrobox, we think all day about ways of helping people improve their mental performance & stay sharp all day. Before Nootrobox, coffee had always been our default pick-me-up in the past, as it is for many people. Our goal with GO CUBES is to combine what people love about coffee with what people love about Nootrobox and make a cognitive-enhancing product that's delicious, shareable, convenient, and affordable.





We are raising $20,000 to bring GO CUBES to life. We are working with amazing partners to help formulate, produce, package, and ship GO CUBES to you, and each of those partners have minimum order sizes. By getting to $20,000, we're able to get the wheels turning and make GO CUBES a reality.

We want to spread the word about a product we think is awesome, and stand behind 100%. Contribute today and you'll be among the first in the universe to try GO CUBES gummy coffee bites. We've put together a set of perks for all price points, whether you're just curious or want to be a distributor. If you aren't in a position to contribute today, then help us out by sharing the post with a friend who loves coffee. And we'll be doing giveaways on Instagram (@nootrobox) so check us out over there!





Visit their crowdfunding site

Visit their website



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mari feat1

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mari Winter – Riesling-Mate-Drink – Join the Lama!






Mari is a natural invigorating wine cocktail made from German Riesling white wine and Yerba maté. With your support, we want to develop Mari Winter by combining Riesling, Yerba maté and some winterly ingredients which we will share with you as supporter.

The combination of Riesling and Yerba Maté results in a very unique flavor - and makes every party an unforgettable experience.



The best nights begin with a Llama.

Mari is a naturally invigorating wine cocktail. The blend of South American Mate, German Riesling and a shot of syrup creates a truly unique taste. The natural stimulating properties of Mate will ensure that your celebration can continue long into the night.





Mari Holunder is infused with elderflower syrup. Its sweet taste adds to the perfect blend of Riesling and Yerba maté and makes it a perfect refreshing summer cocktail, best served chilled.

Mari Ingwer combines the spicy taste of ginger with Riesling and Yerba maté. It is our aromatic, even slightly spicy counterpart to the Mari Holunder. For whom Mari Holunder is too sweet, here is the answer!



Create Mari Winter together.

We were often asked: when do you guys come up with a winter edition? Well, first we wanted to focus on our summer drink - Mari Holunder. Then we added Mari Ingwer. Now the time is perfect for Mari Winter. During this Crowdfunding campaign, we will experiment with different ingredients to create a truly unique winter taste, perfect when it is cold and chilly outside.

Find yourself a nice warm place, open a bottle of Mari Winter and you can truly relax. For your friends, family and colleagues it is a perfect Christmas present.





The Mari Winter will have a slightly higher alcohol content with 7-9% abv. and you can drink it either cool or hot.



Our rewards for you.


Have a special Mari just for you!

At special prices during the campaign, create your own packages with Mari Holunder, Mari Ginger and Mari Winter!





3 bottles of Mari Winter - Three bottles of the new exclusive Mari Winter at a special price - this set will only be available during our crowdfunding campaign. It is perfect if you want to be the first to taste Mari Winter!

12 bottles with a choice of Mari Holunder and Mari Ingwer - only 25 Early Llama Specials available. Or order 12 bottles of Mari Holunder, Mari Ingwer or Mari Winter.

Organizing a big christmas party? Get our brandnew 5 liter Magnum bottle of Mari Winter.

Do you own a pub, a restaurant or a bar? For the Mari Pub Llama, we will send you48 bottles of any flavor of Mari.

Do you own a wine shop, a grocery store or are you planning a big event? As a reseller, you will receive 684 bottles (1/2 europallet) of any flavor of Mari.



Visit their crowdfunding page 

Visit their website




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kingii feat

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Kingii: The New Standard in Water Safety



We are revolutionizing water safety with the smallest inflatable in the world!


The most universal, wearable water security device ever created! 

The Kingii fits on your wrist, stays out of the way, is rechargeable and is there when you need it most. The smallest inflatable in the world is perfect for every activity, every age and every environment around the water. The risk of drowning and the need for bulky safety devices is over!

Visit http://www.kingii.us/

Visit their crowdfunding page

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acai soda feat

Crowdfunding Spotlight: All-Natural Acai Soda by Acai Brand Co.




Acai Brand Co. sets the foundation by creating a line of great tasting & amazing products.

When we first learned about acai fruit and its powerful health benefits, we wanted to learn more. After years of research, Constance and Johannes took it to the kitchen and hand-crafted  a fantastic recipe called Acai Soda.
Come enjoy Acai Soda with us; join our cause by contributing to our campaign and drinking our amazing Acai Soda!

Our goal is to invigorate a refreshing lifestyle by revolutionizing soda into something that has a positive impact on society while also representing beneficial effects. We also have an Acai Brand Co. book which is focused on educating consumers about the research, science, and empirical evidence relating to Acai. The goal of our book is to have a legitimate source of information for everyone to understand more about acai fruit. It's our goal to share important information relating to acai and how it can improve people's daily lives.



Acai Brand's Vision:

  • Acai Brand values viability and great quality, so we developed Acai Soda the worlds most innovative beverage.
  • Acai Soda is a hand-crafted soda beverage that's been designed to inspire everyone...
  • Acai Brand is interested in crafting great tasting, all-natural Acai Soda.
  •  Learn more @www.AcaiBrand.com


We are currently taking contributions through the form of pre-orders. Please take the time to get your shipment now.

We chose to partner with Indiegogo by releasing our first ever crowd funding campaign! By fulfilling the purchase order requirements you are essentially helping to expand this amazing brand .
With help from contributors like you, we look forward to expanding Acai Soda and turning it into a company that's built to last.
This funding campaign provides you with an opportunity to join the "Acai Brand movement" and to help expand Acai Soda throughout the world.



Visit http://www.acaibrandco.com/

Visit their crowdfunding page

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honeybeee feat

Packaging Spotlight: HoneyBee Wrap Reusable Beeswax Wrap




Honeybee Wrap is here to stay. No more plastic wrap.


We have created an organic safe and reusable natural alternative to plastic wrap.

No chemicals, only local bees wax from the farm, certified organic cotton, jojoba oil, tree resin and love.

Ideal for wrapping fruit and veggies, covering a bowl and wrapping lunches, this unique formula seals in the goodness, keeping your food fresh for longer. No more limp celery and shallots, just beautifully kept fresh crisp veggies and herbs. Can also  be used for storing bread and as a fermenter's friend it's perfect for covering Kombucha,  Kefir and fermented foods .

Use the warmth of your hands to mold and shape your wrap over food and dishes. The wrap will stick to itself when you press firmly over a bowl or plate. When stored in the fridge the beeswax will harden, helping retain the shape. With due care your Honeybee wrap will last up to one year and at the end of its life you can give it back to the earth.  Yes it's compostable!

Bees wax has been used for centuries for its persevering properties, along with jojoba oil which has known antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Together they create a beautiful preserving infusion.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, waste free food storage .

Honeybee wrap the natural alternative.







Your contributions will be used for:

*  Sourcing design and printing our own GOTS certified organic cotton range,

Printing in bulk reduces the cost of manufacturing. Help us get the wraps out on a global scale so every household can afford to have some. $30,000 minim print run.

*  To upgrade our waxing equipment and tools $2,000

* Packaging  die cut boxes designed printed and cut for Shop counter displays  $4000

* Relocate to a commercial space to enable the production of the wraps on a global scale $4,000



The impact of a reusable Beeswax wrap.

  • using a beeswax wrap instead of plastic wrap will have a huge impact on our earth. It is estimated Australians send 1 million tonnes of plastic waste to landfill each year. Do your part to make a change.
  • Why use something for a few seconds that is going to spend the rest of your life trying to break down in landfill? We really need to change our habits.


  • Plastic waste can take more than 1,000 years to degrade and it is estimated that 10% of the plastic produced worldwide each year ends up in our oceans.
  • Schools worldwide are implementing programmes such as Nude your food and  Plastic free Tuesdays.
  •  Educating children on the importance of this is a must for the future.





Visit http://www.honeybeewrap.com.au/

Visit their crowdfunding page


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