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Dairy Spotlight: Oatly iMat Fraiche


So f***ing fraiche. Are we allowed to say that? I really hope so. Well actually you can’t say that word because *** are unpronounceable but when you write them then it makes perfect sense. Anyway, we are excited to bring you this product. It’s exactly like a creme fraiche, but we upgraded the creme and used oats and now you have one of the most flexible ingredients in the modern kitchen, but you don’t have to think about the cow part. Straight up Swedish grown oats that will make whatever you want to make taste great and healthy and modern (however modern tastes these days).


What’s amazing
It’s a fraiche without the creme! There are probably a few million people out there who have been asking for this product for the last few years and now it’s here. We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our fraiche provides an upgrade over creme fraiche and if you wonder what we mean by an upgrade, well we mean that you get the same great performance, but our fraiche is lighter and cleaner and healthier. It has got 15% of nicely composed fat with only 6% being saturated compared to 9.6% from a regular creme fraiche. Then there’s something else we can’t tell you about but you’ll know it when you taste it.



What might be less amazing
In order to give this fraiche a super creamy texture and rich taste we need to use a saturated fat from a vegetable based source without relying on a cow for milk. In other words we need a saturated non-animal based fat. Our search for this fat includes extended studies and analysis into every possible solution available to create the best quality product for you, from both a health and sustainability standpoint. That’s why there is palm oil in this product.

Fermented oat base (water, oats, fermentation culture), vegetable oil (palm and rapeseed), potato starch, emulsifier (E472e), stabilizer (E407), acid (malic acid, lactic acid), calcium.

Nutrition information per 100 g:
Energy 735 kJ / 175 kcal
Fat 15 g
of which saturated 6 g
Carbohydrates 9 g
of which sugars 4 g*
Fiber 1 g
Protein 1 g
Salt 0 g
Calcium 120 mg (15%** of Daily Reference Intake)

* Natural sugars from oats.
** Of the Daily Reference Intake.


We took our time to make this right, and now it’s here. Use it just like a creme fraiche without the creme. Performs professionally in both warm and cold dishes.



About the Company
- We are not a perfect company, not even close, but our intentions are true. We would like to be judged by the good we do and not just the pretty words we say.
- Our goal is to always deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact.
- Everything we make is based on plants. Absolutely nothing has anything to do with the animal kingdom whatsoever.
- No GMOs. One more time. No GMOs.

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Company: Oatly
Brand: Oatly
Origin: Sweden
Category: Cream
Packaging: 200ml
Claims: Non GMO
Price: 16.95kr
Where to BuyBuy Online
Website: oatly.com









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