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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Bumbleroot Baobab Drink Mixes





At Bumbleroot, we’ve been building a product we hope you love. It’s a powdered drink mix featuring a new star - the African Superfruit Baobab.

Baobab is a true superstar amongst superfruits. It has ten times more antioxidants than goji berries or acai! It's a complete plant-based protein - yay for amino acids! It's a great source of dietary fiber. It's a prebiotic - what's that you ask? It's the probiotics cooler cousin. This 'biotic helps grow good bacteria in your gut so that you can better absorb nutrients. And what else? Well, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium to start!

We spent months (actually two years!) formulating this drink and we think it's pretty amazing. Baobab is just one of its star ingredients, its supporting actors include coconut water, and depending on the flavor - pineapple, vanilla bean, lemongrass, and blueberry.

The drinks are packed in individual pouches and the pocket-sized packaging means it’s also easy to keep on hand — or in a pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, diaper bag, sports bag, sports bra, passport cover… You get the idea. This also means you are not contributing to the two million plastic bottles thrown out every five minutes in the United States.

And to top it off, we’ve made sure all our ingredients are certified organic - and gluten and dairy free.


Bumbleroot's Story
In 2010, co-founder Sara Andrews left the corporate world to volunteer with the NGO TechnoServe in Zimbabwe. While there, she came across the baobab fruit which grew in some of the country’s poorest, and most drought-prone areas. Determined to get this superfruit into the hands of consumers in the US and to provide much-needed income to the Baobab harvesters, she worked with chefs to develop Bumbleroot Baobab Drink Mixes.

At Bumbleroot, we've been working to create a company that represents the things we care about: top-notch nutrition, sustainable agriculture, fair prices for farmers, and, of course, scrumptious snacks.

Each day we ask ourselves: Is there a better way to do the things we do? Is there a more nutritious ingredient? Is there packaging available that’s even better for the environment? Are our suppliers being paid fairly?

We’ve been chewing over these questions, and in so doing we’ve realized that there’s a lot of improvements to be made in the way food products are made and food companies are run. We’re not perfect, but we’re working hard to get close. Our goal is to create a company that we can be proud of so that you can, too.

And to further refresh your conscience, Bumbleroot will reinvest a portion of its revenues into food, water, and education projects in its supplying communities so that these amazing people can continue to provide us with excellent products.

Learn more about our story at www.bumblerootfoods.com

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HEINEKEN Wants to Get an Insight into the Lives of People Aged 60+

HEINEKEN invites its consumers to submit their observations on the lives of today’s 60 -70 year-olds. The company has launched a new competition, “60+Generation,” through its creative hub, IdeasBrewery.com, where it accepts themed submissions in all formats, from photos and videos to written stories. The winning entries will become part of a 60+ documentary movie.

We would like to understand how this generation lives, what their preferences and inclinations are and if these have changed since hitting this golden age. This will help us to serve their needs in the best possible way,” says the company. Entrants are invited to share their observations in the habits, activities or interests uniquely concerning the 60 -70 year-old people living around them. Unfortunately, the challenge is not global—it’s open only to all residents of Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada (excl. Yukon & Quebec), China, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, the UK & the US (excl. California).

The competition is running until the end of winter, through February 28, 2013, and during the submission period entrants can add as many works as they want. The overall winner of the contest will walk away with $5,000, $3,000 is allocated for the runner-up and $2,000 for the third place. The names of the winners will be announced by the end of the March. HEINEKEN also provides some useful tips to entrants, which will help them develop their creative ideas into a perfect submission for the challenge.


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Five Burger Ideas from Spain

One popular tool in McDonald’s Euro marketing kit has been the “My Burger” competition. Consumers dream up new burgers, usually under the mandate to use only on-hand ingredients, with the best ideas tried as limited-time offers.

It’s not just a way to engage consumers; it also can be a means to developing actual menu winners. In fact, the much-discussed McRibster sandwich came to be through Austria’s “Mein Burger” competition last year.

At McDonald’s in Spain, the “Mi Hamburguesa” competition has narrowed to five finalists. Now that the Burger Brackets are over, we need something new to cast votes for, so consider these burger builds from Spain:

The MC Flanders: A beef patty specked with pepper topped with caramelized-onion sauce, lettuce, fresh onion, tomato, bacon and melted Emmental cheese on a French roll.

The McCantabrica: A crispy chicken patty with bacon-favored cheese, blue-cheese sauce, crispy onions and tomato on a corn-dusted ciabatta roll.

view full list at BurgerBusiness

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