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Tech Spotlight: Hotelied – The Luxury Hotel Booking Site


What is Hotelied?

Hotelied is a hotel booking site that offers a different approach to pricing and booking lifestyle and luxury hotels. Hotelied recognizes the fact that not all travelers present the same value to hotels, and provides hotels with a platform to specifically target and customize their offerings to their most desirable traveler segments, while allowing travelers to access unpublished discounts at some of the world’s best hotels. This innovative approach benefits both the traveler and the hotel.


How do I use the website for reservations?

Unlike other hotel booking sites, Hotelied asks its users to create a travel profile, which involves linking your social media accounts and travel loyalty programs. We then use the information you provide us – such as your travel status with airlines and hotels, what industry you work in, and your social media following – to match you with the most relevant hotel discounts available.



About Hotelied

Co-Founders Zeev Sharon and Nick Colletti introduce Hotelied, a “dating site” for hotel stays that matches travelers with a curated selection of hotels and discounted rates. As an alternative to the overwhelming travel booking landscape, Hotelied offers exclusive rates tailored to each member’s profile. Inspired by a deep-rooted passion for travel and hospitality, Zeev and Nick created Hotelied to fill a gap in the travel industry and impart personalization into the booking experience.

Hotelied gives its members the opportunity to be rewarded for being themselves. With tailored offers, exclusive discounts, strategic partnerships, and emphasis on luxury lifestyle, Hotelied offers a personalized and curated booking experience. With a carefully selected network of hotels for its members to choose from, Hotelied’s database at launch includes hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Palm Springs, with a national and international rollout taking place over the next year. Read More








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