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Drink Spotlight: Peanut Hottie Peanut Butter Flavour Hot Drink

Peanut Hottie is an amazingly delicious and moreish peanut butter flavour instant hot beverage.

Getting your peanut butter fix just became a whole lot easier. Just add boiling water to make Peanut Hottie, at home, at work, on the go, anywhere and everywhere…

Made with real peanuts
Caffeine free
Suitable for vegetarians
No artificial additives
No artificial colours
Under 100 calories per cup




Company: Peanut Hottie
Brand: Peanut Hottie
Origin: UK
Category: Hot Drinks
Packaging: 9.15oz jar
Claims: Low Calorie, No Artificial Additives or Colors
Variants: Original
Price: $4.58
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: peanuthottie.com







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Energy Spotlight: Hot D Wakeup Juice


The perfect addition to your personal bar. The 32 oz bottle of Hot D makes a great gift for the Bloody Mary lover in your life. This is also a great size to introduce this exciting new product to any fine drinking establishment.

Hot D is a tomato based vegetable cocktail infused with all the benefits of an energy drink. We have carefully combined top quality ingredients, chosen for their “healthy and rejuvenating” qualities (see ingredients). From the Tomato Juice’s lycopene and it’s role in reducing the risk of cancer and heart disease, to the Chinese herbalists use of Ginger to treat inflammation, the common cold, and influenza. Hot D uses only 100% pure Honey to add a hint of sweetness, unlike other Bloody Mary mixes and energy drinks that are loaded with fructose and corn syrup. The Taurine and Caffeine add the energy enhancing benefits that all Bloody Mary mixes have long been lacking.

Our recipe is a combination of sour, sweet, tart, bitter, and spicy, sure to please even the most critical Bloody Mary drinker’s palate and a perfect alternative to the popular energy drinks used before a work out. No matter if you’re vacationing or boating, golfing or lifting, clubbing, pubbing, or tailgating, Hot D Wake Up Juice is the oasis in the sea of sugar filled energy drinks, watered down Bloody Mary mixes, and lame vegetable drinks. Try Hot D for yourself and experience the best Bloody Mary Mix you’ve ever tasted, plus the long over due benefits of energy infusion!




About the Company
This design is a fusion of dog and fish. The dog (Gaelic ‘cu’) represents protection, hunting and healing. In Celtic mythology, the hunt is a means by which animals move between the realm of magic and gods, and the mortal world. Celts revered hunting dogs, believing them to be from the Otherworld realm and to possess supernatural qualities. Hounds were considered guardians who guided the souls of the dead to the Otherworld. The fish (Gaelic ‘bradan’) is common in The Book of Kells. Fish embody the spirits which Celts traditionally believe inhabit holy springs or wells. The mythological spirit-fish possess mystic wisdom. So drink like a fish and enjoy the hunt.



Company: Hot D
Brand: Hot D
Slogan: The Original Bloody Mary Energy Drink
Origin: USA
Category: Energy Drinks
Packaging: 32oz
Claims: Energy
Price: $7.99 USD
Where to buy: Buy Online
Website: tryhotd.com

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Drink Spotlight: Fruitbroo Elderflower & Lime Hot Fruit Drink Mix


The refreshing taste of elderflower sparkles thanks to a light twist of lime.

FruitBroo is made from real fruit juices, herbs and spices specifically blended to be served hot.

caffeine free
gluten and dairy free
100% natural
only 15 calories per cup
Suitable for vegetarians and during pregnancy

To make a cup, simply add hot water to a teaspoon or two of Elderflower & Lime FruitBroo and stir.

After opening, best kept refrigerated and use within 3 months. Each compact 100ml bottle makes 15 cups.



Fructose, honey, elderflower extract, concentrated apple juice, concentrated lime juice, natural elderflower flavour



Nutritional information:
Typical values per 100ml (diluted 30 to 1)
Energy: 23kj/6kcal
Protein: Nil
Carbohydrate: 1.2g
Fat: Nil




Company: Fruitbroo
Brand: Fruitbroo
Slogan: Insanely Tasty Hot Fruit Drinks
Category: Concentrates and Drink Mixes
Origin: UK
Packaging: 100ml (yields 15 cups)
Claims: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free, All Natural
Varieties: Peppermint & Elderflower, Peach Pear & Honey, Banana & Coconut, Ginger Apple & Spice, Honey Peach & Pear, Apple Rhubarb & Cinnamon, Honey and Lemon and Elderflower & Lime
Price: £2.50
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: fruitbroo.com





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