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Food Spotlight: Macedonian Honey



HONEYSTICK is the first product in Macedonia whose design enables you to take honey wherever you go, at school, at work, traveling by car, plane, train ... HONEYSTICK gives you an opportunity to boost your energy instantly and efficiently without sticking and leaking. HONEYSTICK is guardian of your health and a faithful friend. The Product is ideal not just for personal use but for cafes, restaurants and hotels




Thanks to the sugars (fructose and glucose) present in the HONEYSTICK, it's an ideal energy source during an extensive effort such as sports, learning, stress at work or recovering. These ‘fast’ sugars can be converted by the body into energy much faster than ordinary or beat sugar (sucrose) present in all artificially made products such as chocolates, candies etc. That is why it is a 100% natural fast energy source when it is taken raw or in tea or coffee. The HONEYSTICK's unique design allows youto take it with you in your jacket pocket, purse, school bag, travel bag, car etc. It’s easy opening means the honey is extracted without a single drop on your fingers.



About the company

SZS-FE is a small honey producer, the source for a great local honey. SZS-FE provides you with honey directly from nature. Our hives are sited 1100m up on the Bistra and Stogovo mountain ranges, near the city of Kicevo. We use the beekeeping methods of Abbé Émile Warré (1867-1951) – the French apiarist who developed a hive that is easy to make and conforms to the natural habits of bees. It is our mission to emphasize quality over quantity in every step of beekeeping harvesting. Also we have implemented the latest technology for honey packaging, controlling every step of the honey process, from the hive to the table.



Company: Macedonian Honey
Brand:  Honeystick
Slogan:  Always at Hand
Origin: Macedonia
Category:  Honey
Packaging:  30-pack sticks (370g)
Claims: 100% Raw Wildflower Honey
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $9.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.macedonianhoney.com/



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