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Drink Spotlight: HFACTOR Launches the First Hydrogen Rich Water to the U.S. Marketplace



New York, NY -­‐ July 8, 2015 -­‐ HFACTOR today unveils a new and innovative category of water in the beverage world by introducing a revolutionary take on hydration to the U.S. market. Built on the foundation of lifestyle, Fitness, and health, HFACTOR water is naturally infused with an optimal level of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen rich water, which has been a growing industry in Asia for several years, acts as a powerful antioxidant with the potential for therapeutic benefits and enhanced cellular protection.

Produced through a specialized, patent-­‐pending manufacturing method, HFACTOR naturally infuses pure hydrogen into water. Until now, previous hydrogen products in the global market were manufactured utilizing magnesium and chemical processes. Products were hitting shelves contained in packaging that scientifically could not maintain the integrity of their hydrogen-­‐ enriched claims. Because hydrogen is an incredibly light and is a small molecule that can easily escape through conventional bottle materials such as plastic or glass, HFACTOR has developed a special aluminum vessel to act as an effective barrier, with a minimal carbon footprint to keep the highest levels of hydrogen inside the vessel until it is opened to be consumed.

HFACTOR sets out to start a movement and a lifestyle for the next generation of water consumers. There are many potential ways that hydrogen rich water may enhance your health and wellness. It has been documented through general advances on scientific studies that molecular hydrogen may have the potential to improve athletic performance and recovery, increase energy levels, relieve fatigue, hangovers, allergies, jet lag, skin irritation, inflammation and circulation, among many other researched benefits. Molecular hydrogen, small and soluble, has the potential to quickly circulate into many locations of the body, including the hard to reach powerhouses of the body’s cells.

Gail Levy, Founder of HFACTOR, has spent many years focused on research and worldwide travel in order to understand the benefits and important components behind hydrogen rich water. “This is a whole new generation of water, and is the Rirst water that offers a natural alternative to your daily regimen. HFACTOR hydrogen rich water is the most functional beverage to come to the health and wellness market in over ten years. It’s time to be good to yourself.”


At $3.00 each, HFACTOR vessels are available in a 6 pack and enable super hydration and natural energy for living. HFACTOR launched this month and is available for purchase at www.hfactorwater.com



HFACTOR is a movement and lifestyle for the next generation water consumers. HFACTOR is water, naturally infused with an optimal level of hydrogen for super hydration and recovery acting as powerful antioxidant with the potential for therapeutic benefits and an enhanced healthy lifestyle. HFACTOR is the first hydrogen rich water to market in the USA.



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