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Packaging Spotlight: Hepburn Seasonal Beer

Designed by:
Terri Cao

Hepburn is an alcoholic beverage inspired by 1950s housewives with Audrey Hepburn as the muse. Because every female loves to have options, this beer offers four flavors representing the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. It celebrates the hard and grueling eight- day work-week every housewife goes through, that remains unoticed. Hepburn gives women a chance to quickly unwind without feeling like they must act like a lady. The slim can makes it convenient to open for a mini-break during a long day. Hepburn reaches style conscious housewives 25 to 40 years old by marketing the product as a three-pack instead of the typical six. The Charles S. Anderson Archive, inspired the silhouette illustrations of women performing housework and enjoying a nice cold Hepburn. Colors relate to the four seasons and are inspired from nostalgic pastel color schemes of the 1950s. The two typefaces, Blanch Caps and Lavenderia Sturdy were both used because of their vintage flair.








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