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Supplement Spotlight: Humann Neo40 Nitric Oxide Formula



Our proprietary, patented Neo40 formula out of the University of Texas Health Science Center’s N-O Discovery Program, is a convenient daily supplement that helps to quickly increase your body’s Nitric Oxide. In fact, our formula represents a breakthrough in N-O delivery compared to standard L-Arginine supplements or traditional diets aimed at supporting heart health. Neo40 may help promote:


  • Healthy blood pressure levels
  • Cardiovascular and heart health
  • Increased circulation throughout the body
  • Healthy arterial function



About HumanN

Our research on Nitric Oxide first began with the discovery of its unique impact on cardiovascular health. Its immense importance as a biological signaling molecule resulted in the awarding of the Nobel Prize in 1998. Realizing that the discovery of Nitric Oxide had immense potential, it didn’t take long for our interest in N-O to become our passion.

Dr. Nathan Bryan, our Chief Science Officer and co-founder, has committed his life’s work to the field of N-O research. By partnering with leading N-O discovery programs, such as the University of Texas Health Science Center, Dr. Bryan has identified and continues to identify ways to replenish the body’s N-O, and even help the body to promote optimal N-O function.

Ready to bring N-O to the masses, Dr. Bryan co-founded Neogenis Laboratories, now HumanN, in 2009. Consulting with the top N-O scientists, doctors, registered dietitians, and healthcare thought-leaders, there is no other company more committed, or qualified, to bringing the best N-O functional foods and supplements to every human across every phase of life.



Company: HumanN
Brand: Neo40 Nitric Oxide Formula
Origin: USA
Category: Supplements
Packaging: 30 tablets
Claims: Promotes improves cardiovascular and heart health.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Single box $59.95, Buy 2 Get 1 Free! $99.90
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator






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Snack Spotlight: Corazonas Cranberry Flax Heart Bar


Rolled oats, the antioxidant power of cranberries, and the health benefits of flax rolled into a tasty oatmeal square. Full of heart healthy ingredients that can help lower cholesterol.




About the Company
Our passion is creating delicious all-natural snacks that are truly good for your heart.

Corazonas was founded in 2005 by people who lost friends and relatives to heart disease. Many of us have watched family and friends give up their favorite foods in an attempt to manage cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

That’s why we created Corazonas – we want everyone to have the Freedom to Snack™.

At Corazonas, our mission is to ensure that everyone living with high cholesterol has access to great-tasting snacks with proven benefits for the heart. We strive every day to create delicious snacks that combine heart-healthy ingredients with amazing taste. Read More




Company: Corazonas Foods
Brand: Corazonas
Slogan: Freedom to Snack
Origin: USA
Category: Healthy Snacks
Claims: 6g Protein, 15g Whole Grain, 5g Fiber, Low Sodium, Non GMO
Packaging: 1.76oz
Varieties: Banana Walnut, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
Price: $13.99 USD (12 x .1.76oz)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator












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Supplement Spotlight: Redd Remedies Heart Strong Blend

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but heart disease is preventable and controllable. February is American Heart Health Month, so I would like to introduce to you the all-natural supplement Heart Strong™ by Redd Remedies®. Heart Strong promotes the overall health of the cardiovascular system, physical stamina and endurance, and supports a healthy stress response. Thanks to Heart Strong™you can help support a healthy heart function and blood flow for a more balanced, strong body.

Redd Remedies® Heart Strong™ addresses cardiovascular health by:

Supporting the creation of energy within the heart muscle*
Promoting the health of the cardiovascular system*
Promoting physical stamina and endurance*
Supporting a healthy stress response*

For further support, add 120/80 Care, Cholesterol D-fense, or Circulation VA.

Key Ingredients

Acetyl L-carnitine and CoQ10 promote energy creation within the heart muscle.*

Heart Strong Blend supports heart muscle function and healthy blood flow. The adaptogenic properties of this blend defend the heart and cardiovascular system.*

Magnesium promotes healthy heart and vascular muscle function.*

The vital and dynamic function of the heart and the energetic forces within the cardiac muscle are the foundation of a healthy functioning cardiovascular system. The primary function of the heart is to pump blood throughout the body, and that makes the heart the hardest working muscle in the body, pumping at least 2,500 gallons of blood a day and beating over 3 billion times in a lifetime. The heart governs the other components of the cardiovascular system; it is the driving force of the body's strength and rhythm - distributing blood and nutrients to all other organs and systems in the body. Helping the heart maintain health and energy requires specific nutrients and a delicate balance of plant-based support. Heart Strong combines historically tested Eastern philosophies and scientifically supported Western natural medicine to provide targeted nutrition and support for the heart muscle.

Heart Strong is formulated to provide targeted nutrients to support energy creation within the heart muscle, enabling it to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular function and defend the cardiovascular system against stress. With magnesium, Acetyl-L-carnitine, CoQ10, and Panax Ginseng, Heart Strong’s unique blend of adaptogenic properties supports healthy heart muscle function by reinforcing heart muscle contractions and supporting healthy blood flow. It promotes the overall health of the cardiovascular system, physical stamina and endurance, and supports a healthy stress response.*

“It is important to maintain a healthy heart,” says Dan Chapman, Founder and CEO of Redd Remedies. “With the right diet and exercise, taking Heart Strong daily helps in keeping the heart strong and balanced in the face of multiple cardiovascular stressors.”

Heart Strong’s unique formulation contains a blend of Acetyl-L-carnitine and CoQ10 for energy, magnesium for vascular muscle function, and adaptogenic herbs such as White Panax ginseng, Hawthorn berry leaf and flower, and Coleus Forskohlii—for stronger immune and cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous systems. By taking two (2) tablets a day, Heart Strong helps support a healthy heart function and blood flow for a more balanced, strong body.



About Redd Remedies®


These words drive our passion to create holistic, natural health and wellness solutions. Redd Remedies is committed to providing an effective selection of high quality, natural supplements. Redd Remedies products work quickly to deliver results and provide meaningful support for the entire body. True to our promise, Redd Remedies® helps put health in order.



Company: Redd Remedies
Brand: Redd Remedies
Origin: USA
Category: Supplement
Packaging: 60 capsule pack
Claims: Heart Health
Variants: Crave, Thyroid Strong, In Joy, At Ease PM
Price: $29.99
Where to buy: Direct on Website
Website: reddremedies.com





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Product Spotlight: BODE Health Drinks


BODE (Pronounced BODY) is the vision of two scientists to create all-natural, low-calorie beverages that provide nutrients to support joints, heart, and memory. The line of unique beverages was developed to help support individuals in the management and prevention of conditions such as osteoarthritis and cardiovascular disease and because BODE was created to be great tasting, all-natural and low-calorie your body will love BODE. DRINK BODE.

BÖDE Heart Acai Blueberry
BÖDE Joint Health (Hibiscus)
BÖDE Memory (Passion Fruit Mango)
BÖDE Women's Health


BODE Joint Health drink contains a full day's supply of glucosamine (1500 mg) and chondroitin sulfate (1200 mg) to maintain the flexibility and fluidity of your joints. Joint Health also provides powerful antioxidants to help combat free radicals that cause the body to age. And, at only 20 calories per serving, your body will love BODE. DRINK BODE. DRINK FOR YOUR HEALTH.


Your memory needs nutrition to function properly. Two scientists had a vision to create all-natural, low-calorie beverages with nutrients specifically formulated for memory function. With nutrient support that includes gingko biloba and D-ribose, you will have an elevated level of focus and concentration to help you meet life’s daily challenges. And, at only 15 calories, your mind and body will love BODE.


The heart is a muscle and, like any muscle, it needs nutrition for optimal performance. This motivated two scientists to create all-natural Bode Heart Health. Formulated with proven ingredients of plant sterols, grape seed extract, and nature’s super-fruit Acai, Heart Health contains powerful antioxidants to help combat free radicals that cause the body to age. At only 10 calories per serving, your body will love Bode. Gluen free.


Two scientists created all natural BODE Women's Health to be a low calorie, all natural, nutrient-enriched beverage specifically designed to meet the needs of active women seeking healthier hydration. BODE Women's Health helps promote optimal health by providing key nutrients such as folic acid, calcium and fiber. So if you're looking for a healthy alternative packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants, BODE Women's Health is for you. DRINK BODE. DRINK FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Product Features
- All Natural
- Low Calorie
- No Preservatives


Company: Hydro One Premium Beverages
Brand: BODE
Category: Functional Beverages
Origin: USA
Packaging: 473ml
Varieties: Joint Health, Memory, Heart Health, Women's Health
Claims: Functional, All Natural, Low Calorie, No Preservatives
Website: hydroonebeverages.com




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Dark Chocolate for a Healthier Heart

Do you have a bittersweet love affair with chocolate? One new study, published in the journal BMJ, found that dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart problems, which is sure to make that love taste sweeter.

A team of researchers from Melbourne Australia analyzed data of more than 2,000 Australians who were already at high risk of heart disease. They all had high blood pressure, but were not on blood pressure-lowering medication and had no history of heart disease or diabetes.

Using a mathematical model, researchers found that, if the patients were all to consume 100 grams of dark chocolate per day, about 70 non-fatal and 15 fatal cardiovascular events per 10,000 people for 10 years could be avoided.  In the model, researchers assumed about $40 was spent per person per year on a prevention strategy using dark chocolate.

Full Article @ ABC

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Top 5 Heart-Healthy Snacks

Of all the nutritious snack options available, new research suggests that raisins and soy may pack some of the biggest wallop when it comes to being heart healthy.

At the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting this past weekend, researchers presented results of separate studies that evaluated the effects of raisins and soy on blood pressure. The studies found that both foods lowered blood pressure when consumed regularly.

Experts weighed in on these and a few other snacks that offer heart-healthy benefits. ABCNews.com compiled a list of the top five.

Full List @ ABC

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