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Food Spotlight: Whole Earth Foods Cashew, Peanut & Hazelnut 3 Nut Butter



Whole Earth new Cashew, Peanut & Hazelnut 3 Nut Butter combines all the wholesome, nutty goodness of cashews, hazlenuts and peanuts. Made with the finest natural ingredients it's a three nut feast to start the day. No Added sugar. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.





About the company

At Whole Earth, we love making the kind of food you love. The kind with nothing but nature added. After all, why tinker with something so perfect?

Back in 1967, brothers Craig and Gregory Sams opened an organic, vegetarian, macrobiotic restaurant in London called Seeds – a pioneering move when you consider that organic food was little-known back in the days of mini-skirts and Beatlemania.

Luckily, Londoners couldn’t get enough of this healthy, planet-friendly fare, so Whole Earth was created to bring top-notch, organic food to the masses – including the UK’s first organic corn flakes! We believe that the best things in the world are perfect just as Mother Nature made them – like a rugged landscape or a box of wonky, home grown veg. They might be a bit rough around the edges, but that’s what makes them beautiful.



Company: Whole Earth Foods
Brand: Cashew, Peanut & Hazelnut 3 Nut Butter
Origin: UK
Category: Spreads
Packaging: 227g
Claims: No added sugar, vegan and vegetarian.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: £3.29
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: http://wholeearthfoods.com/



Cashew, Peanut & Hazelnut 3 Nut Butter 227g



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Chocolate Spotlight: Diablo Sugar Free dark chocolate with hazelnuts



Another best seller!! We would like to remove that stigma of the after taste of no added sugar and sugar free chocolate…that’s why we created these two yummy products! Even better they come in a bigger bar than usual bars with a whole 85g all to yourself... Well it is the holiday season, so we suggest sharing.



Ingredients: maltitol sweetener, cocoa mass, hazelnuts (10%), cocoa butter, low-fat cocoa powder, soya lecithin and E476 emulsifiers, aroma. Cocoa solids min.49 %


Allergens: Contains: traces of milk protein, lactose and peanuts.



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About the company

We don't think you should feel guilty about getting the munchies – everyone should be able to treat themselves every now and again, don't you think? That's why we created :Diablo, the UK's first ever low-sugar, diabetes-sensitive confectionery range.

There is absolutely no added sugar in :Diablo goodies. None. But that doesn't mean there is any less flavour – our aim is to produce a range of low sugar treats that don't compromise on taste and that's exactly what we've achieved.



Company: Diablo Sugar Free
Brand:  Dark chocolate with hazelnuts
Slogan:  Devilishly Good Treats
Origin: UK
Category: Chocolate
Packaging:  85g
Claims:  No added sugar, contains milk protein, lactose and peanuts.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  £7.00
Where to Buy: UK, Buy Online
Website: http://www.diablosugarfree.com/



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