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Drink Spotlight: Harmless Harvest Coconut Probiotics



Introducing new Harmless Coconut® Probiotics. A refreshing, organic blend of our critically acclaimed Harmless Coconut® Water with young Thai coconut meat and live probiotic cultures to support digestive and immune health.


  • Organic & Fair for Life
  • Over 5g of MCTs
  • Natural coconut fat for a ready source of energy
  • Good source of fiber
  • 12.5 Billion CFUs
  • No bad stuff!
  • No thickeners, no stabilizers, no artificial flavors



Our new Harmless Coconut® Probiotics are our first products using the whole edible coconut and moving us toward our goal of a zero-waste ingredient model. This is the first product using the meat from the young, Thai coconuts we crack for our refreshing Harmless Coconut® Water.

Utilizing more of this delicious crop that nature has provided, is not only better for the planet, but ensures that we are working toward a future where we can provide organic, plant-based nourishment and not waste a single bit of these tasty coconuts.

Harmless Coconut® Probiotics delivers delicious, organic, on-the-go plant-based nourishment for any time of day.











About the company

Harmless Harvest envisions a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy food and beverages are the standard rather than the exception; where all people involved in creating the product are treated with fairness; and the planet is treated harmlessly. Stepping away from corporate lives, co-founders Justin Guilbert and Douglas Riboud dedicated themselves to creating a positive impact through business. While agribusiness and industrial over-processing have broken our link with food as it's meant to be, we are fighting back. Read More



Company: Harmless Harvest
Brand: Harmless Harvest
Slogan: fair for life
Origin: USA
Category: Coconut Water
Packaging: 11 fl oz (325 ml)
Claims: Organic. Good source of fiber.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locator





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Drink Spotlight: Harmless Harvest Dark Cacao Organic Coconut Water




We pair our organic Harmless Coconut® Water with cacao extract from the Dominican Republic to give you a deeply satisfying, hydrating experience.

Using only natural ingredients of the finest quality, our Dark Cacao Coconut Water is a decadent, chocolatey treat that's 100% organic and 100% guilt free.


We source organic and Fair Trade Trinitario cacao beans from the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola.




Our dark cacao beans undergo a two-part curing process during which they begin to develop the flavor and aroma of chocolate. They are then roasted and extracted, further developing their rich chocolate flavor. The cacao is then blended with our Original Coconut Water for a uniquely indulgent and refreshing beverage.

Pairing our Harmless Coconut Water with ground cacao from the Dominican Republic, we are blending real flavors from trees, not a lab.

Since we use real ingredients – not flavorings made in a laboratory with chemical stabilizers, the cacao extracts are often visible in the bottle. A thorough shake before opening redistributes the dense dark cacao throughout the beverage.



About the Company
Harmless Harvest envisions a world where nutritious, clean, organic and healthy food and beverages are the standard rather than the exception; where all people involved in creating the product are treated with fairness; and the planet is treated harmlessly.


Company: Harmless Harvest
Brand: Harmless Harvest
Slogan: Never Heated, Always Harmless
Origin: USA
Category:  Water
Packaging: 473ml
Claims: Organic
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: harmlessharvest.com






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Drink Spotlight: Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water With Fair Trade Coffee




Continuing to raise the industry standards for social and environmental practices, Harmless Harvest’s new project blends their critically acclaimed, 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with fair trade and organic coffee beans. Highlighting the unique flavor, aroma, and nutritional properties of real ingredients, Harmless Harvest combines its distinctive Fair for Life–Fair Trade & USDA Organic certified Nam Hom coconut water with bold, energizing coffee. The stimulating beverage has about 50 mg of naturally occurring caffeine, the equivalent of a shot of espresso.

“The delicious flavor is irrevocably tied to our ingredients’ exceptional sourcing,” says Harmless Harvest co-founder Douglas Riboud. “After tasting coffee from around the world, the outstanding taste of coffee beans sourced from a small cooperative in Peru proved to be the ideal blend with our distinctive coconut water.” The beans are harvested by a small association of coffee producers in the San Ignacio province in Cajamarca, Peru. Like Harmless Harvest’s coconut farmers in Thailand, these Peruvian producers strictly adhere to organic and fair trade practices, making this a 100% Fair for Life certified product that promotes sustainable agriculture and the use of organic practices within the beverage industry.

“This project leverages the hydrating and nutritional properties of our coconut water with the uplifting buzz of coffee,” adds Harmless Harvest co-founder Justin Guilbert. “Our 100% Raw &
Organic Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee is an energizing, hydrating refreshment with no added sugar, dairy, or preservatives,” he continues. “The flavor is incredible, balancing rich,
smooth coffee notes with the lightly sweet, nutty flavor of our coconut water.”

This pioneering product will initially launch at Whole Foods Market nationwide. “Harmless Harvest continues their amazing track record for refreshing, ethically sourced beverages. We areexcited to partner on this great one-two punch of HPP coconut water and organic, fair trade, cooperatively grown coffee. This new option is a win for our customers and the growers and farm workers,” says
Errol Schweizer, executive global grocery coordinator for Whole Foods Market.

The Peruvian cooperative that harvests Harmless Harvest’s organic coffee beans has a focus on empowering women and the impoverished, with over 50 percent of members located in areas of
extreme poverty. The organization has seen a significant decrease in domestic abuse against women, as well as an increased priority on educating children to strengthen the community as a
whole. Guilbert concludes, “Sourcing from this cooperative is just another proof that better products can be made to benefit everyone involved. It’s worth the extra effort.”

Harmless Harvest 100% Raw & Organic Coconut Water with Fair Trade Coffee will be available exclusively at Whole Foods Markets nationwide in March.

About Harmless Harvest
Founded in 2009 by Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert, Harmless Harvest is a progressive food
& beverage initiative set on demonstrating that an ecosystem-based business model can and should be how food is made. By combining innovative scientific methods with local traditional knowledge, Harmless Harvest integrates the long-term welfare of all its stakeholders -from plant to customer-in the creation of better products for all. For more information, visit www.harmlessharvest.com







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Drink Spotlight: Harmless Harvest Namacha Cold Brewed Raw Tea Leaves


Cold brewed raw & organic tea leaves. For the first time ever.

Picked fresh, never dehydrated, and never heated, our tea leaves come from specially selected varieties rich in amino-acids, grown in pristine organic Japanese tea gardens.

In Japanese “Nama” means raw and “cha”, tea, our pioneering cold brewed raw tea leaves make a bold beverage. The unique flavor and aromas of the freshly picked leaf are maintained with cutting-edge technology and cold brewing. For the first time ever.




Creating a totally new product can come with surprises. Our first bottles of Namacha left us feeling energized and focused, so we were surprised when results of extensive testing consistently showed minimal levels of caffeine, about a sixth of that found in an 8oz cup of coffee. Consulting with experts in the field point to Namacha’s unique makeup containing amino-acids, chlorophyll and L-theanine as the source of its invigorating properties. We are continuing to research the root of the natural stimulation we are experiencing, and are excited to share any results.

As with any good thing, don’t overdo it. Our tea packs a punch so drink with care.




Tea leaves as they have never been experienced: raw.


All varieties of tea come from the same bush (Camellia sinensis); the difference between categories like green and black tea stems from post-harvest processing such as roasting and fermenting. Protected from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, our unique organic raw tea leaves are harvested in the Southern Japanese island of Kyushu. By providing a new outlet for sustainable pesticide-, fertilizer-, and herbicide-free practices, we aim is to reinvigorate organic tea farming in Japan. The leaves are washed on the bush, just before harvest, so they can be frozen immediately without wilting. Pulverized and cold-steeped, the tea leaves retain the original flavor, texture, fragrance, and nutrition of the raw plant. A complicated process to keep tea simple.


Similar to tea, using raw peppermint leaves is not a common practice. We source Organic peppermint leaves exclusively from farmers in California. Unlike the standard dried or extracted uses, we blend fresh raw and organic peppermint leaves with our raw tea for an original blend.
USDA Certified Organic



Sourcing organic honey is no easy feat. Bees travel up to 4 miles from the hive for food, and the entire area must be free of contamination in order to ensure an organic honey. We work with beekeepers that are committed to organic processes, placing hives deep in the Brazilian wilderness where bees forage on wild flora. All of the land where a bee might feed are free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, protecting the honey from adulteration. Farmers in rural Brazil have found organic beekeeping to not only provide a stable income for their families, but also force a huge amount of land to remain untouched by chemical fertilizers.
USDA Certified Organic
Fair Trade



We search for the highest quality organic options for all of our ingredients. When they turn out to be locally grown, it’s always the best possibility. We source local California organic lemons, and squeeze the raw juice ourselves.
USDA Certified Organic



Our use of agave actually has little to do with adding sweetness. Very small amounts of the neutral raw syrup give body to the tea, highlighting and extending the peppermint flavor. The agave is sourced from organic fields in Mexico, providing a stable and profitable alternative to tequila for agave producers. This support helps protect the communities, traditions and natural environment where the agave is sourced. Farmers harvest mature agave plants, crushing the pina or core and collecting the juice. The liquid is heated at a very low temperature for a long period of time, a process called thermal hydrolysis. This converts the agave sugar from difficult-to-digest insulin into a fructose and glucose combination. The juice is lightly filtered through organic materials to remove excess plant matter and cooled.
USDA Certified Organic
Fair Trade


The water used is more important than some people might think. Triple-filtered reverse osmosis water has a neutral base that puts the focus on the raw ingredients.



Creating Namacha meant developing the sourcing and processing from scratch.

The raw & organic tea leaves are frozen immediately after harvesting. They are then pulverized and cold-blended with water (along with other ingredients depending on the variety). The time and temperature of these steps must be controlled precisely to deliver optimal quality. Heatless high pressure processing maintains that quality while allowing for a longer refrigerated shelf life, resulting in tea as it has never been experienced: raw.


Cold brewed raw tea leaves—tea in its purest form.

Raw Honey & Lemon
A spoonful of raw honey, lemon juice, and raw tea leaves for the perfect sweet tea.

Raw Peppermint
Peppermint tea like never before—fresh and invigorating. A generous handful of peppermint leaves with a hint of agave.





Company:  Harmless Harvest
Brand: Harmless Harvest
Origin: USA
Category: Tea
Packaging: 10fl oz
Claims: Raw, Cold Brewed
Variants: Unsweetened, Raw Honey & Lemon, Raw Peppermint
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: harmlessharvest.com






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Product Spotlight: Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water



Harmless Harvest offers a 100% Raw Coconut Water product.  On a recent visit to NYC we came across this product and found the clean white packaging with green cap attractive.  Unless you have been living under a rock you would know that the two biggest trends to hit the US over the past 5 years are Greek Yogurt and Coconut water.  The coconut water explosion has been dramatic and an industry that went from almost zero brands now has more than a dozen competitors battling one another for market share, many with high income celebrity endorsements.

Most of these products make bold claims about their benefits and most fall short of delivering on those claims.  Other products we have tried in the Coconut water range have really been disappointing in their flavors, tasting very little like actual coconut water.  For those that have had a coconut cracked open in front of you with a machete and tasted the sweet, natural liquid inside, you know exactly what coconut water should taste like.  Harmless Harvest Coconut Water is without a doubt the most natural tasting Coconut water on the market.



How do they do it?
To get coconut water you really just need to open it up and drain the water however to ensure quality and freshness Harmless Harvest applies thousands of pounds of pressure.  This pressure eliminates potentially harmful bacteria without the use of high temperatures that destroy nutrients and taste.  Unlike some other coconut waters, this is not a heated ultra-processed blend, but the real, unadulterated water of organic young fresh coconuts.



Pink Coconut Water?
No, this is not coconut water that supports breast cancer awareness.  According to Harmless Harvest, Raw coconut water contains naturally occuring variations in levels of antioxidants, such as phenols, that can make it turn pink. It´s as good (if not better) as the others.


Company: Harmless Harvest
Brand: Harmless Harvest
Slogan: Never Heated, Always Harmless
Category:  Drinks, Functional Drinks
Origin: USA
Packaging: 235ml
Price: Depends on state and store, we paid $5.00
Claims: Certified Organic
Varieties: 235ml
Website: harmlessharvest.com







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