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Supplement Spotlight: Gold’s Gym Introduces Protein Powders and Kitchen Appliances




LOS ANGELES, Feb. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Gold's Gym, the world's leading authority on health and fitness, continues to expands its brand footprint, this time entering into a partnership with C+A Global to develop Gold's Gym's own line of protein powders and small kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers, healthy grills and more.  The launch of these products speaks to Gold's Gym's commitment to overall health and acknowledgement that diet and nutrition are essential components to maintaining an active lifestyle.

"While we are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the gym-going experience, the launch of Gold's Gym protein powders and small kitchen appliances also gives fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to further engage with Gold's Gym in their homes," said Michael Cobb, chief marketing officer of Gold's Gym.  "C+A Global's experience and spirit for innovation makes them a strong partner for us in these categories and we are excited about seeing products in the marketplace."





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Health Infographic: Skip the Gym and Work on the House


Brought to you by GreenPal

Do you have a busy weekend planned working around the old homestead? Those home maintenance chores can be a real workout literally.
Whatever you have planned I can guarantee it will get your heart rate elevated and your muscles will be tired and sore. Like I said the chores you have planned will rival any workout you might have done in a gym.

All exercise programs have one thing in common and that is to burn calories while getting the heart rate up, toning and conditioning muscle groups for strength and flexibility.

If you take a look at home maintenance tasks you will find that all of them meet this requirement at some level.
The more strenuous the job the more calories you will be burning. It is that simple. Not to mention there will be no gym membership fees involved Waiting in line to use equipment will be a thing of the past. Because I doubt there are many people waiting in line to use your lawn mower, rake and paint brush.

Having a do it yourself mentality not only saves you money it will help to keep you healthy and fit.
It is not hard to work up a sweat when pulling out the old carpet and laying down the new. Or maybe replacing the old roof is on the agenda, just think of the calories you will burn carrying those shingles up the ladder.

So pull out those old appliances and get those muscles working. Take on that project of tiling the kitchen. The benefits to your home and physical health will be enormous.

Get your home project list ready, calculate the calories burned per hour and plan your attack.
A well maintained home is a source of enormous pride as is a well-toned and healthy body.
Luckily you can accomplish both at once.



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