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Industry News: Dairy Leader Grupo LALA Launches LALA U.S. Division



DALLAS, Aug. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Grupo LALA, a leading dairy company headquartered in Mexico, recently announced a new division named LALA U.S., a value-added dairy company headquartered in Dallas.

LALA U.S. features a portfolio of established brands including LALA yogurt smoothies, Promised Land premium milk and cream products, Borden cultured products, Frusion smoothies, Skim Plus milk, and Nordica cottage cheese.

"Our parent company, Grupo LALA, has a rich history that spans six decades, and LALA U.S. with our growing family of brands continues to add to that story," said Toby Purdy, chief marketing officer of LALA U.S. "We strive to deliver innovative products that exceed consumer expectations from taste to nourishment."

To strengthen ties with existing retailers and consumers as well as introduce newcomers to LALA U.S., the company announced the launch of a new website www.lala-us.com. The website is part of a national company awareness campaign that started in mid-August.

"We look forward to delivering delicious, healthy products that enrich consumers' lives," said Purdy. "We have always believed in providing the best, freshest, highest quality value-added dairy products. Consumers can expect great things from LALA U.S."

About LALA U.S.
LALA U.S. is a value-added dairy company dedicated to delivering leading brands that provide nourishment for life. LALA U.S. creates unique consumer experiences that expand category growth through innovative products, packaging, and promotional strategies shaped by collaborative partnerships. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, LALA U.S. is owned by Grupo LALA.




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Dairy Spotlight: Borden Dairy Co. Introduces LALA Low-Fat Greek Smoothies And Yogurts




DALLAS, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Borden Dairy Company, a leading U.S. dairy processor and distributor, today announced the debut of two new products that unite the signature taste and creamy texture of Greek yogurt with Borden's historic, beloved American brand.

LALA Greek smoothies and LALA Greek yogurt combine sweet fruits and serious dairy nutrition in both convenient bottled smoothies and spoon-loving cups. Smoothies are available in strawberry, peach and mango blends and yogurts come in strawberry, mixed berry, peach, coconut and pineapple flavors.

"LALA is the longtime U.S. leader in drinkable yogurt, capturing more than double the share of the second most popular brand. Greek yogurt is one of America's favorite protein-packed snacks, and our smoothies are the first drinkable Greek dairy product available nationwide. One in five Americans regularly eats on the run, but people don't want to sacrifice flavor or nutrition. That's why we created LALA Greek smoothies—to be the Greek that goes with you," said Kristen Williams, Brand Manager for LALA.

LALA's Greek smoothies are rich in phosphorus, riboflavin and vitamin B12, which keeps nerves and blood cells healthy. Each serving contains one third of an average adult's daily recommended calcium, and LALA yogurt delivers twice the calcium of other Greek yogurt brands.

Greek yogurt's popularity in the U.S. has surged in the last few years. According to data from IRI, a leading market research firm, Greek yogurt has been fueling category growth, rising from only 5% of the yogurt category in 2009 to more than 50% of the category in 2014. More than half of U.S. households now buy Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurts have a thicker, creamier texture than traditional yogurts, and have more than two times the amount of protein as normal yogurt.

LALA Greek smoothies and Greek yogurt are both gluten free and made with real fruit and natural sweeteners. They contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Doctors recommend adult women consume about 46 grams of protein per day, and pregnant or breastfeeding women consume about 71 grams. LALA Greek smoothies have 12 grams of protein per bottle, so meeting daily protein needs is a cinch, even if you're in a rush. Multiple studies have proven protein's benefits, which include building vital lean muscle, repairing tissue, and strengthening hair and nails.

"Greek yogurt is filling, delicious and good for you. Borden is a brand people trust, and our Greek LALA products make it easy to savor a satisfying breakfast or snack any time, anywhere," said Williams.



About Borden Dairy
Borden Dairy Company, headquartered in Dallas, employs approximately 3,900 people throughout the United States who support the processing, distribution and sale of milk in local markets. The Company produces best-in-class milk products for foodservice and retail customers.

Additional brands include Promised Land Dairy, Frusion, LALA and Nordica. Promised Land Dairy produces rich and creamy white and flavored milks and creams from pampered Jersey cows. Frusion yogurt smoothies deliver intense fruit flavor in convenient drinkables. LALA produces yogurts, yogurt smoothies, probiotic dairy beverages, Mexican style cream, and milk. Nordica offers high quality cultured dairy products including cottage cheese, dips and sour cream, each made through a natural processing method.

Borden Dairy Company carries on the legacy of Gail Borden, Jr., who brought stability and structure to dairy farming methods, milk distribution and business practices. Today, Borden strives for the highest quality and nutrition standards just as its founder did. For more information, visit www.bordendairy.com.




















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Dairy Spotlight: Lala Café con Leche



Lala Café con leche is a ready-to-drink coffee with milk, best served hot. It is made from coffee beans from Veracruz, a state that runs along the Gulf of Mexico, and is rich in vitamins A and D. The Lala product differs from most cold coffee beverages on the market with its low price, larger presentation, and the fact that it is lactose free.


About the Company
Lala is one of the biggest producers of dairy products in Mexico. The company primarily manufacturers low-cost milk, yogurt, margarine, butter, cream, milk-based desserts, and juice.



Company: Lala
Brand: Café con leche
Origin: Mexico
Category: Milk
Packaging: 1 liter carton
Claims: Rich in vitamins A and D
Price: $19.80
Where to Buy: Supermarkets and convenience stores
Website: www.grupolala.com










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Dairy Spotlight: LALA Strawberry Kiwi Yogurt Smoothie


LALA Yogurt Smoothies are delicious, convenient and easy to enjoy anytime. They’re made with yogurt and real fruit so you get a wholesome boost of calcium, protein and vitamins, all in a size that’s just right for you.

Enjoy their delicious fruity taste and simple goodness in every convenient 7oz bottle.
•Made with Real Fruit
•Excellent Source of Calcium and Vitamin D
•Good Source of Protein and Vitamin A
•Low Fat
•No Artificial Colors or Flavors
•No High Fructose Corn Syrup

In addition, our Yogurt Smoothies are made with live and active cultures. Studies suggest that live and active cultures may enhance the immune system.


Grade A Pasteurized Cultured Reduced Fat Milk, Sugar, Strawberry Puree, Kiwi Puree, Water, Corn Starch-Modified, Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Juice (For Color), Pectin, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate (To Maintain Freshness), Turmeric (For Color), Stevia Leaf Extract (Natural Sweetener), Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3. Contains: Milk





About the company
LALA is the premier dairy products company in Latin America with over 60 years in the market and a broad portfolio of milks, dairy and non-dairy foods that nourish consumers throughout all stages of their lives.

Our mission is to “nourish for a lifetime” and we accomplish this with a team of Associates who live by the highest quality and ethic values every day. With a strong manufacturing and distribution presence in the US, Mexico and Central America, LALA provides fresh quality products to thousands of consumers every day.




Company: Lala
Brand: Lala
Slogan: Drink the Perfect Snack
Origin: United States
Category: Drinking Yogurt/Fermented Beverages
Packaging: 207ml (7oz) Plastic Bottle
Claims: More fruit flavor. With 20% DV calcium, 10% DV protein and 2% DV vitamin D. Made with active yogurt cultures. Certified kosher.
Variants: Creamy Coconut, Mango, Mixed Berry, Peach, Pecan Cereal, Pina Colada, Prune Cereal, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Banana Cereal, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry
Price: $2.92
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: lalafoods.com

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