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Tech Spotlight: Budiu GPS Tracking Shoes


Created in China, Budiu are a pair of kids’ sneakers that feature embedded GPS locators so parents know where they are.

Developed by Angela & Lucas, each pair features a GPS chip integrated into the tongue of the shoe, able to pinpoint their location to within 3 meters if the child is outdoors and 50 meters if they’re indoors.

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Trackable suitcase automatically follows its owner

The hop! suitcase from Ideactionary is Bluetooth-enabled and can follow its owner around as well as being traceable when lost.

Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but with all of the organization involved they can quickly become more hassle than they’re worth. We’ve already seen Ogomo save stressed travelers from worrying about the little things by delivering travel-size toiletries to the hotel, and now the Bluetooth-enabled hop! robotic suitcase from Ideactionary could make lost luggage a thing of the past.

The work of designer Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, the suitcase contains a caterpillar system at its base which enables it to drives itself forwards as well as turn. Three Bluetooth receivers can connect to the owner’s smartphone, allowing it to triangulate the signal and determine where the user is in relation to the suitcase. When the phone moves, the suitcase follows and if the handset goes out of range, it is automatically locked and a vibrating alert lets the owner know. The hop! Could be particularly useful for bellhops at hospitality venues or those who struggle to maneuver heavy objects, although its convenience could appeal to a potentially large traveler base.

The current version is a prototype and, as reports point out, flaws do exist which would need ironing out before bringing the product to market. While we wait, are there any other ways in which new technologies could make traveling less painful?

Website: www.ideactionary.eu
Contact: rgarcia@zipizip.com

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Never lose a sock again with RFID-chipped socks

Definitely helpful when attempting to locate the sock the dryer supposedly ate, socks with RFID chips brings a digital spin to laundry.

Detailed on the Blacksocks site, the clothing company has added a radio ID tag to a line of socks that allows consumers to keep track of the footwear within the bedroom or when being washed. The Swiss company attached the tag at the top of the socks and it can be scanned with the included RFID reader. Shaped like a small garage door remote control, the RFID reader communicates with an iPhone over Bluetooth in order to transmit specific information about the sock. Within the Blacksocks application, the user will be able to match up the same two socks over and over in addition to tracking data like the amount of times that the sock has been washed or the original production date of each individual sock.

blacksocks-rfid-readerHowever, anyone can download the iPhone application in order to use the camera tool to measure the black level of their current socks. Using the iPhone camera, the application measures the black level on the image and offers a recommendation regarding the purchase of newer socks. The camera also takes a light reading on a white surface in order to calibrate the application for the room’s lighting.

Regarding keeping track of socks with the application, the app allows the user to pair socks together. If a sock is destroyed or fades after repeated washing, it can be paired with another tagged sock using the app.

Called the Plus+ socks, the radio ID tag looks like a small button on the outside of each sock. The socks are mostly made out of Peruvian pima cotton and basically look like a standard dress sock.

However, the socks are definitely on the expensive side. Blacksocks sells 10 pairs of RFID-tagged socks in three different sizes along with the RFID reader for a steep price of $189. In addition, replacement Plus+ socks can be purchased in 10-pair allotments without the RFID reader for $120.

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In Brazil, locator chips in uniforms detect if kids are in school

The Brazilian city of Vitoria da Conquista is introducing student uniforms fitted with radio tags, as part of a system that will automatically text parents with the whereabouts of their child.

We’ve seen RFID technology used to protect children on farms in the past, and now we’re seeing that same technology being used to keep track of school children too. The Brazilian city of Vitoria da Conquista is introducing radio tags on the clothes of students in order to tackle the problem of truancy among younger citizens.

According to the Associated Press, some 20,000 pupils across 213 schools in the city have been targeted by the initiative, with that figure set to grow to 43,000 – 100 percent of its students aged four to 14 – by 2013. The children will be given t-shirts with locator microchips embedded in them that will detect if they are within the vicinity of their school at the start of the day.

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