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Dairy Spotlight: Greek Gods Chocolate Mocha Greek Yogurt



The Greek Gods® brings the rich flavors of chocolate and coffee together into a smooth, creamy Greek-Style Yogurt! Satisfy your cravings any time of day (or night).



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About the company

In ancient times, the Greek Gods were considered by many as the defining power that distinguished different forces and emotional qualities. Today, similar attributes exist through the Greek Gods line of Authentic Greek-style products.

The Greek Gods Yogurt mission it to deliver authentic Greek-style products that embody those flavors found on a Greek dining table.



Company: Greek Gods
Brand: Chocolate Mocha Greek Yogurt
Origin: U.S
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: 227g
Claims: Contains natural flavors, cultured pasteurized milk.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.greekgodsyogurt.com/



24oz Choc Mocha Greek Yogurt_forweb



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