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Drink Spotlight: Go & Fun Isotonic Sport Drink


Why should you drink Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink?
Because is an energizing hydrosaline drink free from chemicals and preservatives.

It offers a refreshing and hydrating formula, studied for the needs of athletes that, thanks to Ginseng ingredient, will receive a natural boost of energy.

The isotonic, signed Go&Fun, introduces you a new interesting ingredient: the baobab! Rich of mineral salts, natural fibre and amino acids that make Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink the tasty way to hydrating during the training.

Not only a complete formula for a quickly replenish of electrolytes and liquids, but also a comfortable format with practical Thumb Up plug.

The only problem of Go&Fun Isotonic Sport Drink? No more excuses to justify an inadequate performance!


The Green Concept reaches the sports world and fulfills the needs of athletes who want a refreshing drink, but especially careful to the natural moisturizing and unique taste Go&Fun.

Thus the Go&Fun Isotonic Sports Drink was born, a salt and water energy that interprets the values of the Green Concept offering the benefits of an isotonic and energy of ginseng without the addition of artificial ingredients such as colorants, preservatives, flavourings, nor sweeteners.

Featured Ingredients
Organic Baobab - Pulp
Organic Ginseng



Company: Erba Vita
Brand: Go & Fun
Slogan: The Only Green Energy Drink
Origin: Italy
Category: Sports and Energy Drinks
Packaging: 500ml
Claims: Isotonic, Green, 100% Natural






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Product Spotlight: Go & Fun Green Energy Drink

A unique taste, distinctive, inimitable.

The only Green Energy Drink 100% Natural, with the active power of 4 vegetable extracts and one antioxidant, enriched with the strength of vitamin C and vitamins of the B group.
Go&Fun Green Energy Drink is free from chemicals and preservatives, non-alcoholic and refreshing, made of only natural extracts.


Adaptogenic, tonic, immunostimulant activity.
It increases resistance.
It restores energy and optimizes mental performances.


Source of natural caffeine.
It tones the body.
Stimulates the production of adrenaline.
It increases the resistance to fatigue, increasing heart and muscle tone.


Source of natural caffeine.
Stimulating effect on the central nervous system.


Stimulating effect for mental activity.
It improves concentration, lucidity and mnemonic potential.

Green Tea:

Antioxidant effect.
Beneficial effects of theanine: tonic-stimulating and stress-free.

Vitamins of B-group:

B3: useful to reduce the level of blood cholesterol and to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
B5: determinant for the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids.
B6: it stimulates the immune system; it gives energy and tone counteracting physical and mental fatigue.
B12: it produces a sense of vigor and vitality that is useful in case of asthenia and fatigue. Also necessary in the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin C:

It reinforces the immune system.
It supports energetic metabolism.
It is useful to protect cells from oxidative stress.
It promotes the absorption of iron.
It assists the normal formation of collagen for the correct functionality of the blood vessels.


It provides energy that can be quickly used by the body.
It makes the drink even more tasty.


Company: Go & Fun
Brand: Go & Fun
Slogan: The Only Green Energy Drink
Category: Sports and Energy Drinks
Origin: Italy
Claims: Green, 100% Natural
Packaging: 250ml




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