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Product Review: Amazoo Acai Drinks for Kids


Globalbev from Brasil has launched their famous Amazoo Acai drinks in childrens presentations.  The products retail in 200ml containers with kids designs.  Flavors include Banana, Strawberry and Guarana.  Amazoo products are produced with Organic Acai, are a strong source of Vitamin C, Fiber, Omegas and Anthocyanin.  Amazoo is also Gluten Free. This range of products compliments the 250ml and 1 liter versions already available.


Analysis & Impact

More companies are looking to offer natural sources of energy in their products.  Acai is extremely popular in Brasil and has begun to show up in a variety of drink products over the past five years internationally.  This creamy drink offered by Amazoo is a natural source of energy and offers ingredients with numerous health benefits. Targeting children is a great way to extend their product line and reach a new demographic of consumers.   This is a very unique offering that includes Acai and Guarana that is traditionally targeted towards an active older demographic.  The natural claim will appeal to many parents that look for more natural sources of energy for their children.  The success of this product could lead to a whole new category of natural energy drink products targeted towards the younger demographic.


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