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Drink Spotlight: Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beers and Ginger Ale Launch



BCGA Concept Corp., manufacturer of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Brooklyn Organics, Expands Portfolio of Craft Beverages

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Aug. 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- BCGA Concept Corp., manufacturer of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale and Brooklyn Organics, is proud to announce the launch of Brooklyn Crafted. Spicing up the beverage category, Brooklyn Crafted is a line of ginger ale and beers made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually SEE. The Brooklyn Crafted collection includes Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Extra Spicy Sugar Free Ginger Beer and Sugar Free Ginger Ale.

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beers and Ale is in response to consumer demand for even more zesty ginger taste, with all three SKUs designed to be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into cocktails. With the launch of these three new flavors, BCGA Concept Corp. brings ginger lovers a spicy yet refreshing unfiltered ginger brew, crafted in Bushwick, Brooklyn. It is a strikingly different ginger beer, one where the simplicity of the ingredients shines through effortlessly, and drinkers can taste the freshness and authenticity.

"We created Brooklyn Crafted to offer our loyal customers the spice that they crave and the freshness that they expect," said Terry Tang, Co-founder and CEO of BCGA. "The craft beverage industry continues to grow and consumers are searching for refreshing and unique beverages made with NATURAL ingredients. We noticed a largely untapped and growing category, specifically within the sugar free space, which presented Brooklyn Crafted with the opportunity to deliver a line of delicious ginger beers and ale."

Brooklyn Crafted makes its retail debut in select New York City retailers and online at Taldepot.com, with national and additional online distribution rolling out Fall 2017.

About Brooklyn Crafted:

Brooklyn Crafted is a line of ginger ale and beers made with 100% fresh, unfiltered ginger pieces you can actually SEE. The collection includes Extra Spicy Ginger Beer, Extra Spicy Sugar Free Ginger Beer and Sugar Free Ginger Ale. Perfect on their own or incorporated into cocktails, the new Brooklyn Crafted collection is ideal for cooling off while turning up the heat! Brooklyn Crafted is manufactured by BCGA Concept Corp., the Brooklyn-based craft beverage maker of Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, a line of unfiltered ginger ales, and Brooklyn Organics, a line of sugar-free ginger ales.


(PRNewsfoto/Brooklyn Crafted)

(PRNewsfoto/Brooklyn Crafted)









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Drink Spotlight: Honest Fizz Golden Ginger Ale



Golden Ginger Ale

Your very own zero calorie pot of gold.

Just when we were thirsty for another honestly great-tasting drink, a refreshing idea hit us. Sure we had lemonades, but we what we didn't have were... bubbles! Say hello to Honest Fizz, our organically sweetened soda with zero sugars and zero calories. It's so-da-lightful you'll wish we thought of it sooner.


Sweetened with Stevia  and Erythritol

Honest Fizz features a tasty blend of two sweeteners – stevia and erythritol. Stevia, a plant originally from South America, has been used as a sugar substitute for hundreds of years. We blend it with erythritol (a sugar alcohol) for the perfect one-two punch of zero-calorie deliciousness.








About the company

Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, drank a lot of liquids. An active person, Seth was continually in search of the perfect drink to quench his thirst after a run, a game of basketball, or between grad school classes. Yet, Seth found most drinks either too sweet or too tasteless. Read More



Company: Honest Tea
Brand: Honest Tea
Origin: USA
Category: Ale
Packaging: 12 fl oz (355 ml)
Claims: Organic. Gluten Free. Non GMOs
Variants: View Product Range Here
Where to Buy: USA





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bai feat2

Drink Spotlight: Bai Black Jambi Ginger Ale



Ginger ales have the most fun

Sure, blondes are great. Brunettes, too. But sparkles are sweet , and sparkling Jambi Ginger Ale is the sweetest. With 5 calories and 0g of sugar per can, this flavor is fierce. There are no artificial sweeteners, but there's a whole lot of fire. One sip will have you seeing red. In a good way.


drinkbai nutr2


About Bai

This is our envisioned future. We are working every day to make this world a reality. It’s a world where doing what’s right doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyment. A world where flavor and natural goodness go hand in hand. A world of beverages without borders — with no limits on taste, geography or imagination.

Everyone at Bai is committed to bringing this world to life. We are in the throes of a “bevolution” and we want to bring everyone along on our journey, because we know this is a world in which we all want to live.

Bai’s core values guide us in our quest. We are unwavering challengers — audaciously declaring that we’re not satisfied with conventional wisdom and status quo. We are impassioned explorers — relentlessly searching to unearth the best that nature has to offer. We are uninhibited dreamers — obsessively creating new realities that others could never see.

And with every sip you take, we all are one step closer to our envisioned future.



Company: Bai
Brand: Black Jambi Ginger Ale
Origin: US
Category: Beer
Packaging: 12 pack, 11.5 fl oz. cans
Claims: 5 calories per can, no artificial sweeteners, antioxidant infused.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $19.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator



Jambi Ginger Ale



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Drink Spotlight: Mixwell Premium Mixer



We believe that the secret to life is the same as the secret to a decent cocktail: mix well. We crafted a range of premium mixers with flavor profiles specifically designed to complement the quality spirits they’re paired with. Then we set about finding like-minded people who wanted to mix well with us. We’re glad we found you. And we hope you share a drink with someone who’s ready to mix well, too.


What is Mixwell?

Mixwell is a range of premium mixers created by veteran Hollywood bartender Billy Ray. Each flavor is inspired by Los Angeles and specifically crafted to pair with quality spirits. The unique, resealable can is designed to lock in the freshness between each pour ensuring every mix is a perfect mix.


Whiskey Ginger Animation


Tonic Cockatial Animation


Paloma Cockatail Animation








Have a question about Mixwell, where to get it in your drinks, or just want to say hi?
Fill out the form below here we’ll get back to you in a hurry.





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Drink Spotlight: Coney Island Hard Ginger Ale



ABV: 5.6%

What we have behind the curtain will amaze you! Astound you! Astonish you! Hailing from deep in the ground in a far off land comes an ingredient so fragrant and so delightful that a single sip will wash away your worries like waves crashing on sunny shores.

Feast your eyes on Coney Island Hard Ginger Ale: a tantalizing libation enhanced with exotic West African ginger. Are you tall enough to ride?

Available In
Bottles and 6-Packs



About the company

With spinning thrills, games of skill, treats on the boardwalk, the Atlantic ocean and the horizon beyond, Coney Island is the end of the earth; the place where dreamers come together to share in the best moments, the high hills of the roller coaster ride called life. Coney Island Brewing Company brews craft beer that captures the spirit, flavor and romance that is Coney Island.



Company: Coney Island
Brand: Hard Root Beer
Origin: USA
Category: Beer
Packaging: Bottles and 6-packs
Claims: ABV 5.6%
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://coneyislandbeer.com/






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Industry News: Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale Launching in the US


Dr Pepper Snapple Group is to expand the distribution of its Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale to the US.

The company launched the product in Canada last December. DPSG said at the time that the variant was created to provide consumers with a "darker and richer flavour experience".

Two-liter bottles of Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale will initially be available in north-eastern states, including New England (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island) as well as in New Jersey, New York and selected regions in Pennsylvania. Additional pack formats are to roll out in the Spring.

Scott Smith, brand manager for Schweppes said the product "taps into a growing flavour trend".

About Schweppes
Swiss-born watchmaker, amateur scientist, and ruthless dreamer, Jacob Schweppe was drawn to the new art of carbonating water discovered by Joseph Priestly in 1770. Schweppe refined and patented his own process of creating mineral water in 1783. Read more

About Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
From the invention of the first soft drink more than 200 years ago to some of the industry's most beloved beverage brands, Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) has a proud legacy of innovation, bold and distinct flavors, and entrepreneurial spirit.

On May 7, 2008, DPS became a stand-alone, publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange as the result of a spin-off by Cadbury, plc which held the Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages business group of entities.

One of North America's leading refreshment beverage companies, DPS markets more than 50 brands of carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas, mixers, waters and other premium beverages. The company's strategy, brands and people have made it a strong, sustainable and profitable business.

The company's integrated business model enables the company to manage the entire value chain from innovation to the store shelf.


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blenheim feat1

Company Spotlight: Bleinheim Ginger Ale



We welcome you to the Blenheim Ginger Ale Company; the earliest, smallest and many say finest, independent soda bottling company in the United States of America. Located on the grounds of the massive South of the Border Tourist Attraction in Hamer, South Carolina, the company retains the same small town, family-style production as when Good Ole' Blenheim Ginger Ale began being bottled in 1903.

Blenheim’s philosophy is to preserve the rich heritage and family tradition of making an old-time ginger ale that has captured the heart of South Carolina and the many visitors to our state since the 1800’s

Our product will always remain pure and true to its historical beginnings, while moving into the future with new creations and an expanding operation to ensure Good Ole’ Blenheim will be around for all to enjoy for a very long time.



Company: Blenheim Ginger Ale
Brand:  Blenheim Ginger Ale
Slogan:  Blenheim Ginger Ale
Origin: US
Category: Ginger Ale
Packaging:  Coming soon
Claims:  Century old tradition of excellence and amazing flavor
Variants: View product range here
Price:  24-pack $26.00
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator, Buy Online
Website:  http://www.blenheimgingerale.com/



blenheim 1a



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Drink Spotlight: Frize Ginger Ale



The new Frize Ginger Ale has a lot to say about them . Made with Natural Mineral Water , has only 40kcal per bottle. What makes it a very special drink to drink only in the late afternoon , evening beginning, mid-morning, late-night , early morning , late morning , afternoon beginning, middle of the night and until the middle of principle early afternoon .





Company: Sumol Compal
Brand: Frize
Slogan: Pure Madness (A Pura da Loucura)
Origin: Portugal
Category: Water
Packaging: 250ml
Claims: No Additives, No Added Sugar
Variants: View Range Here
Website: frize.pt


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Drink Spotlight: Double Dry Ginger Ale



Double-Dry isn’t just ginger ale. It’s the all-natural, great tasting, smile making, feel good ginger ale that you grew up on. Reviving Tradition, because looking back takes you forward.



Reviving Tradition
Double-Dry Ginger Ale stays true to the original formula some ginger ale fans may remember. Introduced back in the 1930’s, Double-Dry has always been made with 100% natural flavors, including real ginger. So it may look different on the outside, but it’s still as lively on the inside!






The Legacy
Since our founding in Chattanooga, TN in 1922 we have been dedicated to providing refreshingly different products to people throughout the country - and all over the world. As a parent company, we work closely with our network of hard-working and committed bottlers and distributors to produce our one-of-a-kind family of brands.



About the Company
The Double Cola Company was founded in Chattanooga, TN in 1922. And ever since then, we've been proud to offer refreshingly different products to people throughout the country—and all over the world. We are a parent company, with a dedicated and passionate group of bottlers and distributors, who help us to produce our one-of-a-kind family of brands




Company: The Double Cola Company
Brand: Double Dry
Origin: USA
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging: 2 Liter
Claims: 100% Natural Flavors
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator






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Candy Spotlight: Jewel Ginger Ale Jelly Beans

Jewel Ginger Ale jelly beans incorporate real ginger in their ingredients for a true-to-life experience. Ginger Ale has sweet notes with a subtle "bite" of ginger which create a delightful taste adventure. Shimmering amber-gold color makes these beans perfect for weddings, parties or baking decorations.



About the Company
1869- Gustav Goelitz, 24, opens a candy business in Belleville, Illinois, and sets the family on its sweet destiny. That's him in front with his foot on the barrel. Read More


Company: Jewel
Brand: Jelly Belly
Origin: USA
Category: Candy
Packaging: 7.5 oz re-sealable bag.
Claims: Limited Edition, OU Kosher. Gluten free, peanut free, dairy free, fat free and vegetarian friendly.
Price: $5.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: jellybelly.com






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