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Company Spotlight: MUHU Spirits



Travel Inspired Spirits

MUHU Sweet Hibiscus Gin with Added CBD

The first in our travel influenced line, inspired by voyages through Asia. A distinctly floral gin infused with citrus botanicals which give way to a delicious sweet hibiscus.

Each bottle is infused with CBD from responsibly farmed, high quality hemp. A drink engineered for relaxation. Enjoy with tonic and a sprig of thyme.



Benefits: Naturally sugar and sweetener free
Extract: Our CBD is flavourless and colourless. You will only taste our special blend of botanicals and sweet hibiscus
Material: Fine flint glass



Why add CBD to gin?

Studies have suggested that CBD affects 5-HT1A receptors which control the levels of serotonin in our bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter which plays a key role in maintaining mood balance.

CBD also stimulates Endocannabinoid receptors which affect our stress and energy levels.

Together, this means that combined in a cocktail or a large G&T, the addition of CBD could make the drinker feel more relaxed and less anxious in a social environment, enabling them to engage with more confidence.

We believe (from plenty of road testing our product!) that infusing CBD into cocktails can truly add something a little more exciting than a grapefruit slice to your Friday night drink.

That's why we've taken quality, full-spectrum CBD extract from Colarado grown hemp and infused it into everyone's favourite drink - gin.

Our CBD extract is flavourless so you don't have the bitter taste that you find in oils. Just delicious floral gin that packs a punch.

After all, why does gin just have to be about boring old copper stills?




Around 9 months ago, our founder was sipping on a G&T and realised something. There's almost not a village, town or city in the U.K. that's not got a gin named after it!

Now we love the U.K. as much as anyone else (we're proudly distilled in one of the best distilleries in the country) but we pined for something more EXCITING in our drinks.

And not gimmicky either... (who actually drinks that pink unicorn stuff?)

So the idea to start a line of infused spirits, each offering something extra to the drinking experience, came about. And what's more, we decided to ditch the stuff you DON'T actually want in your gin such as sugar, artificial colourings and sweeteners.

And so MUHU was born! Proudly British, but inspired by flavours and ingredients from across the world - the perfect fusion.



Company: MUHU Spirits
Brand: MUHU Spirits
Slogan: Travel Inspired Spirits
Origin: UK
Category: Spirits
Claims: Naturally sugar and sweetener free
Price: £34.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Spirits Spotlight: Drink Pink, America: Beefeater Pink Makes Its Debut In The U.S.


World's most awarded gin introduces contemporary, strawberry-flavored pink expression for a new "gin-eration" of cocktail lovers

NEW YORK, Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The nation that's fallen in love with all things pink has another reason to rejoice: Beefeater®, the world's most awarded gin, has announced the U.S. launch of Beefeater Pink, a new bold expression created by Master Distiller Desmond Payne – a world-renowned leading expert in gin.

Beefeater Pink begins with the traditionally distilled Beefeater dry gin base, fusing it with natural strawberry flavors, citrus and classic juniper botanicals to deliver a delicate, finely balanced gin. Its transparent glass bottle was created to showcase its statement-making pink shade while its graffiti style logo brings to life the playful spirit of its London home.

"Gin consumption is on the rise, because there is a real appetite for new and innovative expressions that offer a different drinking experience for consumers," says Shefali Murdia, Beefeater Brand Director. "Beefeater Pink delivers exactly what U.S. consumers are looking for – high-quality taste and flavors that make for fun and delicious cocktails."

As a London Dry Gin still distilled in London, Beefeater has strong historical ties. Payne was inspired by Beefeater's founder James Burrough, a distiller whose inventions included raspberry gin, cherry brandy, British Brandy, bitters and mint. Burrough's creativity, curiosity and passion for combining craftsmanship with experimentation influenced Payne to create this strawberry flavored gin for the new generation of gin drinkers. Beefeater Pink captures the contrast between tradition and modernism.

Beefeater Pink is best served with tonic water, lemonade or on the rocks with chopped fresh strawberries and served in a goblet. It is now available in the U.S with the suggested retail price of $19.99/750 ml bottle.

For more information please visit: https://us.beefeatergin.com/our-gin/pink

Beefeater® Pink. Strawberry Flavored  Gin. Product of the U.K.  100% Neutral Spirits. Distilled from Grain. 37.5% Alc./Vol. (75 Proof). ©2018 Imported by Pernod Ricard USA, New York, NY.

About Pernod Ricard USA®

Pernod Ricard USA is the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S., and the largest subsidiary of Paris, France-based Pernod Ricard SA. The company's leading spirits and wines include such prestigious brands as Absolut® Vodka, Absolut® Elyx, Aberlour® Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Avión® Tequila, Chivas Regal® Scotch Whisky, The Glenlivet® Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Jameson® Irish Whiskey,  Kahlúa® Liqueur, Malibu®,  Martell® Cognac,  Olmeca Altos™ Tequila , Beefeater® Gin, Del Maguey® Single Village Mezcal, Monkey 47® Gin, Plymouth® Gin, Seagram's® Extra Dry Gin, , Hiram Walker® Liqueurs, Lot No. 40® Canadian Whiskey, Midleton® Irish Whiskey, Powers® Irish Whiskey, Redbreast® Irish Whiskey, Smithworks® Vodka, Smooth Ambler® Whiskey, Lillet®, Pernod® and Ricard®; such superior wines as Jacob's Creek®, Kenwood® Vineyards, Campo Viejo® and Brancott Estate®; and such exquisite champagnes and sparkling wines as Perrier-Jouët® Champagne, G.H. Mumm™ Champagne and Mumm Napa® sparkling wines.

Pernod Ricard USA is based in New York, New York, and has roughly 750 employees across the country. Pernod Ricard USA urges all adults to consume its products responsibly and has an active campaign to promote responsible drinking. For more information on this, please visit: www.responsibility.org.

SOURCE Beefeater



Beefeater Pink






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Industry News: Glasgow Distillery Causes A Stir At International World Spirits Challenge With a Six Medal Sweep



Experimenting pays off for multi award-winning Glasgow Distillery Company who have won a staggering six medals at a world industry competition against 400 of the finest gins from 35 countries.

Raising the bar for craft distilling, the single malt and gin specialist is causing a stir with its newest botanical offerings to the market – Makar Old Tom and their cask matured expressions – Makar Oak and Makar Mulberry.

Rewarding excellence since 1969, the annual International World Spirits Challenge (IWSC) hosted the 10th Annual Spirits Tasting at Vintners’ Hall in London last week, and presented The Glasgow Distillery with an outstanding silver for Makar Old Tom which scored an impressive 89.9% result – an excellent gin.

Makar Old Tom is hand distilled in a copper still with botanicals including Angelica, Black Pepper, Liquorice, Coriander, Orange, Sweet Almond, Juniper berries and finished with a drizzle of honey to re-create a sweeter and more traditional style of gin. Made in small batches, this is a super-premium gin made in the heart of Glasgow.

Judges found the distillery’s newest expression to be ‘an interesting interpretation of the category’ with an ‘assorted abundance of aromas ranging from orchard fruit to explosive herbal notes to focused juniper and beyond’. The cocktail gin also picked up a bronze quality award for design and packaging. While each Makar expression picked up an additional silver award. Makar London Dry was highlighted as amongst the best in the world to enjoy with tonic, garnering a silver award based on type, age and strength.

Only 200 global quality spirits across 90 categories were recognised by an intense two-stage judging process that sets the IWSC apart from other competitions. 400 judges from 30 countries are entrusted to seek out the world’s best spirits over a seven-month period which includes both double-blind tastings and a second round chemical and microbiological analysis of the winners. The Competition’s independent Technical & Judging Committee meet once a quarter to ensure the utmost integrity, accuracy and impartiality during the judging process.

Overall, each gin in the Makar Gin portfolio was awarded:
· Makar Old Tom – Silver (Outstanding)
· Makar Original (G&T Category) – Silver
· Makar Oak - Silver
· Makar Mulberry – Silver
· Makar Original (London Dry Category) – Bronze
· Makar Old Tom – Packaging Bronze

The award wins are the latest in an exciting flurry of awards from every notable global spirits competition this year.

Commenting on the multiple award wins was Liam Hughes, CEO of The Glasgow Distillery Company, the crafters behind Makar:

"Scotland is a global destination for outstanding food and drink and this is a fantastic result for the industry. Winning six awards from such a distinguished judging process highlights our commitment to innovation and our confidence in creating super premium products for our customers to enjoy across the globe. The gin market is booming, taste profiles are evolving; customers are looking for big botanical flavours and unusual combinations. We’re passionate about our products and winning these awards gives our distillers the confidence to continue to challenge flavours, experiment and create more handcrafted products.”


MAKAR OLD TOM: Old Tom re-creates an old-fashioned, sweeter style of gin which became extinct, but has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. Before today’s dry gins, the popular style was both richer and sweeter. Makar Old Tom revives this tradition, complementing the bold juniper of makar with orange peel, almonds and a little honey. The result is an exceptionally well-balanced, complex and rewarding Old Tom Gin perfect for traditional cocktails such as the Tom Collins and Martinez.

The name Old Tom, allegedly came from wooden plaques shaped like a black cat (an “Old Tom”) mounted on the outside wall of some pubs above a public walkway in 18th century England. Owing to the popularity of Gin the British Government tried to stem the flow of gin with prohibitive taxes and licensing, which drove Gin sales underground. Under the cat's paw sign was a slot to put money in and a lead tube. From the tube would come a shot of gin, poured by the bartender inside the pub.

Botanicals include Juniper, Angelica, Black Pepper, Liquorice, Coriander, Orange, Lemon, Sweet Almond, and Honey.

For more information visit Glasgow Distillery


Makar Glasgow Gin

The first gin to be distilled in Glasgow, Makar Glasgow Gin is a vibrant, hand-crafted, super premium, juniper-led gin.

Makar is distilled in our copper pot still named Annie, named after one of the founder's grandmothers (she loved a G&T).

Makar gin combines seven carefully selected botanicals with Juniper to create the iconic Makar taste. Angelica root, black pepper, liquorice, cassia bark, rosemary, coriander seeds and lemon peel combine to create a delicate, yet distinctly bold juniper-led gin. These seven botanicals are represented in the iconic seven-sided Makar Gin bottle.

Makar derives its name from the traditional scotch word for 'the maker' or 'the crafter'. This reflects the care and attention that is invested in crafting this super-premium spirit, whilst paying respect to its Scottish heritage.

The perfect serve for Makar Glasgow Gin is equal measures of Makar and a quality tonic water, over ice, with a slice of mild green chili pepper.

Makar Gin is the first product release from The Glasgow Distillery Company and was released in late 2014.

Makar Gin is truly as bold and forward as the city from which it is from. Proudly Glaswegian, Makar is putting Glasgow firmly and squarely on the gin-lovers' map.

The entire Makar range:

  • Makar Glasgow Gin
  • Makar Old Tom Gin
  • Makar Oak Aged Gin
  • Makar Mulberry Aged Gin


The Glasgow Distillery Company

Glasgow's first single malt distillery in Glasgow since 1902 and the original pioneers of Scotland's new wave of single malt distilleries.

We take our name from one of Glasgow's oldest and original distilleries. Founded at Dundashill in 1770, the original Glasgow Distillery Company remained active until the beginning of the 20th Century where The Great Depression, Prohibition and two World Wars led to the original distillery, alongside hundreds of others, to sadly close.

In 2011, our three founding partners envisaged an opportunity to bring single-malt whisky distilling back to Glasgow. An opportunity to build a brand new craft distillery in the heart of metropolitan Glasgow and product Scotch Malt Whisky and Premium Gin in the spirit of the original pioneers in which this great merchant city was built.

In 2014 The Glasgow Distillery Company was reborn with new premises in the city and our first whisky was laid down before the years' end,

marking the next step in our journey. This whisky will mature for three years and one day from the original cask-date, waiting patiently until it's birth as a fully-formed single malt scotch whisky. In 2018 Glasgow will see the result of this patient waiting game as it welcomes it's first single-malt whisky in over 110 years.

At The Glasgow Distillery Company we look at our trade a little differently. We take on the bold character of the city from which we come; bottling the passion, personality and unmistakable character of Glasgow into our range of unashamedly bold products.

Our spirits are magically hand crafted in our three unique copper stills: Annie, Mhairi and Tara, each named after family members of our three founding members. Each of our products is hand crafted and endorsed by the Craft Distillers Association, of which we are founding members and passionate champions.


Makar Glasgow Gin:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MakarGlasgowGin
Instagram: www.instagram.com/makarglasgowgin
Twitter: twitter.com/MakarGlasgowGin


The Glasgow Distillery Company:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glasgowdistillery
Twitter: twitter.com/GlasgowDC









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Drink Spotlight: The Isle of Harris Gin



Isle of Harris Gin

Our new gin captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris, rewarding the drinker with maritime pleasures. The unique inclusion of local, hand-harvested Sugar kelp speaks of our island's deep connections to the sea while working with eight other carefully chosen botanicals.

Well-defined juniper note with pine needles, immediately followed by the fresh citrus notes of bitter orange, lime and grapefruit. Develops a complex floral note of rose and wallflowers with crushed green herbs, coriander and gooseberry all underpinned by mixed spice. Sugar kelp adds to the complexity and richness with a dry maritime note.

Refreshing gin with good balance between the bitter juniper and pine and the sweet fruit flavours of mango, grapefruit and orange. A green herb flavour has developed with crushed coriander. Distinctive and smooth with a dry, flinty taste.

Overall a long, clean finish. As the juniper and citrus peel notes fade away, sweet vanilla and black pepper remain with a gentle reminder of the sea.

Suggested Serve

We recommend that you enjoy this citrus, herbal and coastal gin with Walter Gregor’s Scottish Tonic Water, a few drops of our Sugar Kelp Aromatic Water and either a cut piece of pink or red grapefruit or simply a wedge of fresh lime.



About The Isle of Harris

The Isle of Harris, standing out in the Atlantic on the far northwestern edge of Scotland, is an elemental place, full of contradictions: wild and gentle, warm and calm, ancient and yet bubbling with life.

There are few places on earth where time spent around the fire can be as welcoming or as full of cheer. At the head of the harbour in East Loch Tarbert, visible to everyone arriving there by land or sea, the first distillery in Harris is now creating true island spirit.

Opened in October 2015, we welcome guests to our hearth every day bar the Sabbath to witness and share in our work. It is a welcoming place, with a peat fire glowing at its heart, the flavours of the island in the canteen and the feeling that here in the distillery you will find something of the essence of Harris.



Company: The Isle Of Harris Gin
Brand: Gin
Origin: UK
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 700ml
Claims: 45% Vol
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £35.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Spirits Spotlight: Empire Spirits Smoked Gin



The first of its kind in the U.S. This innovative flavor profile features applewood smoked juniper notes matched with caraway and peppercorn. This overt profile asserts itself, bringing a smoky backbone to traditional gin drinks.




About the Company

We love spirits. Love what they can do. They compel us to get creative. To mess with them. To break them down to their very essence, then reimagine and recreate them with a modern twist.  To innovate. To create something unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. That’s our idea of fun.



Company: Empire Spirits
Brand: Smoked Gin
Origin: US
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750ml
Claims: Features applewood smoked juniper notes.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: From $39.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Spirits Spotlight: Desgin Gin


Desgin Gin is a premium American Modern gin. Elegantly designed both inside and out, it’s flavor merges the traditional and the unconventional. The spirit consists of a classical juniper base complemented with 6 botanicals that include lemongrass, peppercorn, cardamon, and the special inclusion of pistachio. This blend creates the unique experience of a light citrus flavor, met with a full floral body ending with a warm peppered finish that is thorough down to the last detail. Desgin is best served on the rocks with a twist or with your choice of sparkling beverage.

The Modern Spirit is part of an exclusive release on Mash+Grape with a mission of promoting quality and experience design into the spirit industry. Great gift for a design-thinker, gin drinker, or as an essential for any versatile bar.

**Named BEST New Gin of 2016 by Supercall**

**Currently one of the Top 5 Best Selling Gins on Mash+Grape**
•Distilled from all natural high grade grains
•Ingredients, bottles, and packaging are all sourced from the United States
•Botanicals include: Juniper, Lime Peel, Lemon Peel, Cardamon, Lemongrass, Peppercorn and Pistachio
•40% Alc by Vol, 80 Proof
•Designed in New York, crafted and bottled in Florida




Company: Desgin
Brand: Desgin
Origin: USA
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750ml
ABV: 40% alcohol
Price: $41.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online








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Alcohol Spotlight: Cotswolds Gin



The Distillery

The Cotswolds is full of rich history, stunning scenery, charming old towns and great hotels and dining. Everything but a working distillery... Until now.

Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty famous for its horticultural heritage and set in five acres of beautiful Cotswolds countryside, our state-of-the-art distillation equipment is perfectly poised for the creation of our fine spirits

We believe that our distillery in Stourton, one of the most unspoilt villages in the Cotswolds, is the most beautiful in England. We built the distillery to mirror the beauty of our artisanal spirits, showcasing the rich agricultural terroir of the Cotswolds. We've also made a big investment in the beauty of our land, re-planting native trees, shrubs, flowers and even botanicals to be incorporated into our gin recipes.

Dan, the Cotswolds Distillery pioneer, living only a few fields away (and the rest of the team not much further), believes in being a valued member of our local community, committed to being as clean and green as possible, so we’re making certain that our production waste is recycled. The spent grains of barley from our mash go to feed our Cotswold cattle, and the other co-products created by our distilling process will be turned into biogas at a nearby anaerobic digester.


The Gin

Not wanting to produce just another gin on the market, we decided to bring on board an expert botanist to help us in our search for unusual Cotswolds botanicals for use in our Cotswolds gin recipes, thus creating craft spirits that are unique and perfectly balanced.

Using the finest wheat spirit, we distil our locally sourced botanicals, along with a few more familiar London dry style botanicals in our bespoke copper Holstein still.

After we add our raw spirit into our still at well over 90%, we either place our specially selected botanical mix into our still for maceration or vapour infusion and then we crank up the steam. Whether we adopt either the maceration or vapour infusion method is determined by the botanicals in question. Each has been tested under both distillation conditions so that we get the best possible flavour in our finished recipes resulting in wonderfully pure spirits and perfectly balanced gins.
As the spirit heats, the botanicals gently infuse with the liquid, vapors pass through the still taking on the flavors and characteristics of our botanicals, thus creating our gin.

A rare, non-chill filtered gin, Cotswolds Dry Gin gives off a beautiful cloudy-pearl appearence when diluted with ice, water or when chilled. Don’t be alarmed, it just means there is more ‘meat on the bone’ to make delicious cocktails with!



Company: Cotswolds Distillery
Brand: Cotswolds Dry Gin
Origin: Stourton (Shipston on Stour), England
Category: Spirits, Gin
Packaging: 750ml, 70cl
Claims: 46% ABV
Variants: Whisky, Liqueurs. Calvados
Where to Buy: US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Spain, France
Website: www.cotswoldsdistillery.com







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Boston, MA; May 9, 2016Bully Boy Distillers today announces the launch of Estate Gin, a bright and balanced gin crafted with regionally indigenous ingredients that reflect New England character and the terroir of the region. Estate Gin will serve as Bully Boy’s flagship gin and join the distillery’s current line of premium regionally-inspired spirits.

While most gins utilize a neutral grain base, Estate Gin starts with a unique blend of neutral apple and grain, which is made in-house by distilling Stormalong cider, a local Massachusetts hard cider. To complement the apple base, Bully Boy uses wild juniperus virginiana and McIntosh apples, both sourced from the Bully Boy co-founders’ family farm in Sherborn, Massachusetts, alongside coriander and lemon as the main botanical charge. To add additional depth, the gin features hints of hibiscus, pink peppercorn and lavender.

“When we began developing our gin, both Will and I knew we wanted to make a strong and traditional gin in structure, but enhanced with bigger, bolder flavors that celebrated home,” said Dave Willis, co-founder of Bully Boy Distillers. “Estate Gin is our answer to the traditional London Dry Gins that have come before, but rooted with flavors that reflect New England, including some from our own backyard at Charlescote Farm.”

To celebrate the launch of Estate Gin, co-founders Will and Dave Willis will be at The Urban Grape, located at 303 Columbus Ave. in Boston, on May 12 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. This complimentary tasting event will provide a casual and intimate environment for spirit enthusiasts to sip on Boston’s newest gin while hearing about the creative production process from Will and Dave themselves.

Priced at $29.99 for a 750ml bottle, Bully Boy Estate Gin is 47% alcohol by volume and available alongside Bully Boy’s portfolio of premium hand crafted spirits at retailers, restaurants and bars throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. For more information about Bully Boy Distillers and Estate Gin, please visit bullyboydistillers.com




Founded by brothers Will and Dave Willis, Bully Boy Distillers is Boston’s first craft distillery and is committed to crafting innovative and premium spirits. Utilizing a 750 gallon copper pot still, all Bully Boy products are handcrafted in small, limited-run batches, resulting in complex and unique spirits that celebrate New England’s rich history. The name Bully Boy pays homage to former U.S. president, Teddy Roosevelt. The Willis family named its favorite farm workhorse after the popular Roosevelt-coined term, “bully,” meaning superb or wonderful. Today the endearing spirit of Roosevelt lives on in Bully Boy Distillers.

For more information, visit www.bullyboydistillers.com or follow Bully Boy on Facebook (/BullyBoyDistillers), Twitter and Instagram at @BullyBoyBooze. Press Inquiries: tdabakis@marlomarketing.com







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Alcohol Spotlight: Makar Glasgow Gin Wins Top Medals At Global Gin Masters 2015



Makar Glasgow Gin has been awarded 2 'Master' Medals at the recent Global Gin Masters 2015.

The Global Gin Masters competition, one of the most renowned competitions strives to find and reward the finest brands on the world stage.

Each entry is blind tasted by a panel of specialist judges and is assessed on appearance, aroma, flavour and balance in an effort to win the coveted Silver, Gold or Master medals.

Makar Glasgow Gin achieved the highest medal award in the Super Premium and Contemporary Gin categories.

Mike Hayward of The Glasgow Distillery Company who make Makar commented "We are extremely proud of this achievement — it is very humbling to be recognized and rewarded with these medals in a competition that attracts such a great range of other gins from across the globe"

Makar Glasgow Gin was launched in November 2014 and is the first gin to be produced in Glasgow. Handcrafted in small batches in a copper pot still — named Annie, Makar Glasgow Gin is a juniper forward gin entwined with seven other botanicals that are shipped to Glasgow from around the world to create the perfect balance.

For more information regarding Makar Glasgow Gin, email sales@glasgowdistillery.com










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deathsdoor feat

Spirits Spotlight: Deaths’ Door Gin



Death's Door Gin has a surprisingly simple botanical mix of juniper berries, coriander and fennel. Using juniper berries that grow wild on Washington Island with coriander and fennel sourced from within the state, Death's Door Spirits is able to showcase how complementary and complex simple expressions can be. Like our vodka, Death's Door Gin employs a base of Washington Island wheat and malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin.

Death's Door Gin has a full London Dry flavor without all of the bitterness because of our extraction process and the base spirit we use (i.e., our vodka). In fact, you can taste all three botanicals: loaded juniper berries up front; spicy, citrusy notes from the coriander seeds in the mid-palate; and a soft, cooling finish provided by the fennel seeds. Death's Door Gin is big enough to stand up to classic or vintage cocktail treatment, but soft enough to be enjoyed on the rocks or as a dry martini. It truly is the "utility" gin of our time.



About the company

Washington Island, Wisconsin is at the heart and soul of everything produced by Death's Door Spirits. This 22 square mile island hosts 700 year-round residents and has a school, a rec center, a medical clinic, a downtown strip with bars and a grocery, churches, a bank and a gas station. What Washington Island also has miles of beautiful uninterrupted shoreline, protected coves and inlets, and acres upon acres of open land with rolling hills and hardwood stands.

Washington Island was once known for its potato farming. Washington Island "spuds" made their way around the world for their quality and flavor. However, in the early 1970's, vertical integration in the potato industry left Washington Island without contracts to grow its crops. Without customers, island farmers stopped planting and instead switched to other jobs that were either more tourism-based, or moved off the island to find a livelihood elsewhere.

Fast forward to 2005, a small group of like-minded people began exploring reinvigorating farming on Washington Island. Armed with enough seed to plant 5 acres and enough know-how to get it done — brothers Tom and Ken Koyen began growing wheat on the island. What started as wheat to use as flour at the Washington Island Hotel has grown into a select specialty grain for use in Capital Brewery's Island Wheat Ale and all of Death's Door Spirits products.

Since 2005, Death's Door Spirits and Capital Brewery have supported the farmers' efforts on Washington Island to expand the acreage of hard red winter wheat from five (5) to 1,200.



Company: Death's Door Spirits
Brand:  Gin
Slogan:  Death's Door Spirits
Origin:  US
Category:  Spirits
Packaging:  750ml
Claims:  Washington Island wheat and malted barley from Chilton, Wisconsin.
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  US, Store Locator
Website: http://www.deathsdoorspirits.com/


deaths door1



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