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Dessert Spotlight: Ciao Bella Bartlet Pear Hibiscus Gelato



Smooth Bartlett pear swirled with the sweet tartness of exotic red hibiscus sorbetto.
It’s as delicious as it is beautiful.





Culinary exploration is a favorite pastime of ours. How do you think we discovered the pleasantly tart and flavorful tea made from exotic red hibiscus flowers? And we didn’t stop there. To balance the refreshing zest, we swirled the hibiscus sorbetto with our sweet and buttery Bartlett Pear sorbetto. We know this sounds crazy, but this flavor combination tastes even better than it looks. It’s shocking to believe, but this is truly a combination that tastes even better than it looks.




About the Company
Ciao Bella was founded in 1983, when we started making authentic gelato and sorbetto based on an Italian family recipe in our first Scoop Shop in NYC’s Little Italy. Our innovative approach to flavor profiles and meticulous attention to ingredients quickly made us a favorite among chefs and consumers throughout NYC. While our flavors and locations may have changed, our unwavering dedication to the art of gelato and sorbetto has never faltered. Read More




Company: Ciao Bella
Brand: Ciao Bella
Slogan: Gelato + Sorbetto
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: 14oz
Claims: All Natural
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $6.99
Where to buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: ciaobellagelato.com





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Dessert Spotllight: figo! Pure Pistachio Organic Gelato



Figo! Organic Gelato launched March 2013. Figo! is Italy inspired gelato. Each batch is slow churned, only 10 gallons at a time. The butterfat and air content are low, typical of what you'd find in an Italian gelateria. The brand features 7 unique flavors; gluten free; GMO-free; BPA-free packaging and sustainable manufacturing. Figo! is manufactured by Boulder Organic Ice Cream which as been delivering all natural and organic products to the specialty and grocery channels for over 20 years.


Our Pure Pistachio Gelato is packed with an abundance of tempting organic pistachios.  Your mouth will savor every bit.


About the Company
Italian for cool, figo! organic gelato lives up to its name. Vibrant flavors. Batch-crafted. Rich and creamy. Only the finest gourmet ingredients.


Company: Boulder Homemade
Brand: figo!
Slogan: Gelato at its Coolest
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: 1 pint
Claims: Organic, Non GMO
Varieties: Cool Limone, Salted Caramel Café, Coconut Almond Chip, Chocolate Duet, Vanilla Trio, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Pure Pistachio Boulder Organic Ice Cream
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: figogelato.com




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Dessert Review: Graeter’s Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffles Italian Gelato




Presenting Graeter’s Gelato, the most authentically made gelato in North America. Like all Graeter’s Ice Cream, Graeter’s Gelato is made by hand one 2½-gallon batch at a time, in a slowly spinning chilled pot, which, just like the vintage gelato-making machines of Italy, produces gelato filled with flavor—not air. Used, of course, are nothing but quality, natural ingredients, like our heaven-on-Earth truffles, sourced from a family-run confectioner. At long last, authentically made gelato is here. Now. And only from Graeter’s.






Imagine vanilla gelato. Made with pure Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean extract. Combined with pieces of melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate truffles. Now open your eyes (and mouth). And enjoy this, Graeter’s sumptuous new twist on Italian Stracciatella




Company: Graeter's
Brand: Graeter's
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Desserts
Packaging: 1 Pint
Claims: Handcrafted, Small Batch
Variants: Dark Chocolate Truffle, Hazelnut Truffle, Vanilla with Milk Chocolate Truffles, Caramel Truffle
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: graeters.com





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Product Spotight: Mr. Gelato’s Donut on a Stick


Mr.Donuts is the Traditional Italian Gelato flavored Donut and covered with glaze and decorations like real american donuts.
Mr. Donuts is an ice cream on a stick with the taste, the shape, the colors and decorations of the famous donut so loved by Homer Simpson.


Mr. Donuts is the right mix between tradition and innovation that combines all the pleasure and tradition of the real Italian Gelato with the sweetness of the legendary American Donut: a new way to enjoy a delicious and fresh dessert.
Original like a donut, tasty like a gelato!




Company: Toschi Vignola
Brand: Mr. Donuts Gelato
Slogan: Original like a donut, tasty like a gelato!
Origin: Italy
Category: Frozen Desserts
Variants: Tray, Stick
Website: toschi.it



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Product Spotlight: Talenti Gelato Pops




Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto, one of the world’s best-selling packaged gelato, announces its expansion into the novelty category with the launch of Talenti Gelato Pops. This innovative product began rolling out to retailers nationwide in May 2013.

The new line of Talenti Gelato Pops will feature eight of Talenti’s best-selling gelato flavors all dipped in rich, dark chocolate for a decadent on-the-go treat. Talenti Gelato Pops will be sold in a sleekly designed three-bar pack inspired by the brand’s distinctive, clear pints and will display Talenti’s new logo and branding. Each pack will contain three 3-ounce individually wrapped gelato pops on a stick.

“This is an exciting time for Talenti. On the heels of our recent re-branding, we’re thrilled to be expanding our premium gelato line into the novelty category and affording gelato lovers yet another fun and delicious way to enjoy Talenti,” says Josh Hochschuler, founder of Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto.

Talenti Gelato Pops flavors include:

Banana Swirl –Rich banana gelato blended with a golden Argentine caramel swirl and dipped in dark chocolate creates a bold banana flavor reminiscent of the best banana flambe.

Black Raspberry –The pleasantly tart, floral flavor of farm-fresh black raspberries combined with crunchy dark chocolate makes for a unique and elegant flavor pairing.

Caribbean Coconut – Tender shredded coconut imported from the Philippines is the perfect pairing for rich, dark chocolate.

Coffee –Assertive Italian espresso blends with dark chocolate to create an enticingly rich mocha flavor.

Double Dark Chocolate –Dark chocolate gelato dipped in more dark chocolate is the chocolate lover’s dream.

Mediterranean Mint –Smooth, refreshing mint gelato dipped in dark chocolate upgrades a favorite flavor combination.

Sea Salt Caramel –A rich, golden Argentine caramel gelato is brought to life with Fleur De Sel sea salt and dipped in dark chocolate.

Tahitian Vanilla Bean – Tahitian vanilla beans imported from Papua New Guinea produce a classic vanilla gelato that’s dipped in dark chocolate for the ultimate flavor pairing.

Talenti Gelato Pops are now available in major retailers nationwide at a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.99.




Company: Talenti Gelato & Sorbetto
Brand: Talenti Gelato
Category: Frozen Desserts
Origin: USA
Packaging: Pack containing 3 3fl oz bars
Claims:  Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan
Price: $4.99 - $5.99
Website: talentigelato.com



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Product Spotlight: Häagen-Dazs Gelato


Häagen-Dazs, makers of world famous ice cream, has launched a line of Italian Style Gelato products.

Cady Behles, Häagen-Dazs brand manager, said in a company press release, "We wanted to make sure we got every detail exactly right by providing those who know and love our brand with the perfect expression of the Italian experience." The flavors definitely represent the essence of Italian gelato. They include: Stracciatella (smooth sweet cream gelato with chocolate shavings); Sea Salt Caramel (ribbons of sea salt caramel blend with caramel gelato); Dark Chocolate Chip (dark chocolate gelato with bittersweet chocolate chips); Vanilla (rich vanilla gelato with flecks of real vanilla bean); Cappucino (a blend of cappuccino and sweet cream gelato); Limoncello (zesty and creamy lemon gelato with a touch of vodka); and Black Cherry Amaretto Gelato (a blend of black cherries with Amaretto, an Italian liqueur).

the philosphy
of the Häagen-Dazs® brand is simple: find the purest and finest ingredients in the
world and craft them into the best ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt available. it is
a way of doing business that is as demanding as it is uncommon. and it is the reason
why the Häagen-Dazs brand has epitomized fine ice cream for half a century.


Company: Häagen-Dazs
Brand: Häagen-Dazs
Slogan: Made Like No Other
Category: Ice Cream
Origin: USA
Packaging: 14oz
Claims: Premium
Varieties: Stracciatella, Sea Salt Caramel, Dark Chocolate Chip, Limoncello, Black Cherry Amaretto, Vanilla Bean and Cappuccino.
Price: $4.79
Website: haagendazs.com



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Product Spotlight: Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt

Ciao Bella Gelato now offers Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt by Ciao Bella, the company’s newest line of all natural, better-for-you desserts. Adonia marks an innovative extension to Ciao Bella’s established collection of award-winning gelato and sorbet products as the first frozen yogurt offering at mass retail for the brand which won a NASFT sofi™ Gold Award for its specialty Lebanese Yogurt flavor in 2007.

What do you get when you combine beloved flavors and Greek yogurt? A guilt-free indulgence that’s heaven-sent. Introducing Adonia Greek Frozen Yogurt by Ciao Bella, the fat-free, low calorie frozen dessert that’s high in protein and rich in taste. Full of flavor and free of guilt… Lovingly crafted by Ciao Bella.



Company: Ciao Bella
Brand: Adonia
Slogan: Greek Frozen Yogurt
Category: Frozen Desserts
Origin: USA
Varieties: Vanilla, Raspberry, Blueberry, Key Lime, Peach, Mango, Espresso, Peach Bars, Blueberry Bars
Claims: Fat Free, Low Calorie, 9g of protein
Website: adoniabyciaobella.com



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