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Product Spotlight: Nestle Gastro Protect Drinkable Yogurt


Nestlé ® , Lactobacilos La1 ®,  are probiotics which have proved effective in reducing gastric inflammation. These Lactobacilli are present in your stomach helping you control gastritis, diminishing the aggression that this might cause.

It is important to know that Nestlé ® GASTROPROTECT ® helps decrease gastritis, but does not eradicate the problem.  That´s why it is recommended to take every day, accompanied by a proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, as well as having the support of a suitable and customized a Gastroenterology specialist.

Nestlé ® GASTROPROTECT ® can be consumed daily by all members of the family more than 3 years of age. We recommend eating two presentations of GASTROPROTECT ® in the morning and at night.

Did you know that the * 66% of the Mexican population suffers from gastritis?

Nestlé ® GASTROPROTECT  contains La1 which helps lower gastritis  which inhibits the adherence to the stomach of these pathogenic strains by reducing inflammation and promoting your health through some of its functions.


Company: Nestle
Brand: Nestle
Origin: Mexico
Category: Drinkable Yogurt
Claims:  Probiotic, Digestive
Packaging: 110ml, 225ml
Varieties: Prune
Website: gastroprotect.com.mx



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