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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sant – dried superfruit infuses into a fresh beverage



Sant creates experiences that promote balance in minds, bodies, the environment & communities. First up, the superfruit beverage.


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The fruit, Garcinia indica, is super.  It's been used in Ayuervedic medicine for 1000's of years to prevent & treat illnesses and to balance the mind & body. It has Garcinol, HCA, xanthones; vitamins B1, B3, B9, B12, C; maganese, magnesium, and potassium and 5x more antioxidants than Kale.


• Promotes digestion
• Regulates sleep and mood
• Increases muscle tone and manages weight
• Strengthens heart
• Stabilizes cholesterol
• Cleanses skin
• Decreases inflammation
• Neutralizes ph levels
• It makes you feel good!


pic 2Simply drop fruit in water. It really is that easy.

pic 3Or get creative with additional ingredients

How long does it take the fruit to infuse?

The fruit can infuse for hours.  Since the fruit is organic and sun-dried, the fruit’s moisture content varies, which affects the infusion time.  I try to tell the earth elements to be exactly the same everywhere we grow and the sun to emit the exact same temperature when we dry, but the messages don’t seem to be getting through. There are some things you can control though.  If you want a faster infusion make the temperature of the water hotter or add more fruit up front.  You can also keep a pitcher infusing in you fridge to drink whenever you like.

What will the $$$ go to?

The money raised will go to the farmers and the women self-help groups to harvest this years crop.  The crop can only be harvested 1 month out of the entire year.  So we need to get enough fruit for the entire year, now.  $10,000 is the minimum we need, but more funds equals more fruit for everyone to enjoy.

Our stretch goal is $60,000

pic 4We work with farmers and women self-help groups in India.

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Visit www.idrinksant.com

Visit Their Crowdfunding Page

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