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Product Spotlight: RIO Fusion Drink


RIO Fusion Drinks is a wild concoction of tropical fruits blended to perfection, enriched with honey & vitamin C - to add a zing to your celebrations! Add ‘em to your drink, or sip ‘em just like that - these fusions drinks are designed to take away the monotony and add a splash of fresh fun!


agni - citrus wave

Citrus is all that’s fresh, fruity and vibrant.

Loaded with the goodness of Vitamin C, this flavour is a concoction of different Citrus fruits such as Lemon, Sweet Lime, and Orange. Squeezed in every sip is the sour essence of Lemon, the aromatic tangy taste of Sweet lime and the sweet freshness of Orange.

The mix is a refreshing tangy taste, which will leave you with a burning desire for more!



karma - blueberry & peach
Indulge in this first-of-its-kind combo of blueberry and peach with Rio Karma. It’s sweet and tart taste blends to form a nice and fruity flavour. Perfect to give a fruity punch to your mood, pop it open for instant freshness.

Unique in every sip, include this refreshing karma in your daily life!



nirvana - mango passion
Who is not a mango lover?!

‘Nirvana’ is a drink specially created for the land of mango lovers. Every sip gives you the sweet and tangy raw mango flavour, completed with a clean mouth feel.

Free yourself by over indulging…it’s the quickest and most fun way to attain Nirvana!



moksha - wild berry
Are you ready to experience inner peace with the exotic taste of wildberry?

This nutrient rich fruit has a more intense, sweet and tangy taste than cultivated blueberries.

Its rich mesmerizing flavour is set to make you forget all your worries. Surrender to the power of this unique concoction of berry flavours



chakra - acai berry
The love child of raspberries and grapes, Acai berries are packed with natural antioxidants, making it a heath fruit choice for many around the world.

Apart from tasting great, the juice of these berries detoxes and cleanses your system.

Here’s a drink that will give you the power to receive and give out the right energy from every Chakra of your body.

About the Company
Silver Ice Beverages (SIB) was formed in 2007 with a goal to develop a dynamic beverage company by introducing fresh and innovative beverages for the cola and lemonade saturated Indian market.

By sourcing out combinations of exotic fruits and flavours, the company aimed at creating great tasting Indian products, having an International feel, in terms of packaging too.


Company: Silver ICE Beverages
Brand: RIO Fusion
Slogan: Fusion Drink
Origin: India
Category: Juice
Claims:  Vitamin Enriched
Packaging: 330ml can, Bottle
Varieties: Citrus Wave, Blueberry & Peach, Mango Passion, Wild Berry, Acai Berry
Website: enjoyrio.in

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Product Spotlight: San Pellegrino Incontri Sparkling Juice

San Pellegrino from Italy has launched Incontri (meetings), a new range of fizzy juice drinks with a unique and unexpected taste thanks to the union of quality and different ingredients. The new range of drinks by Sanpellegrino blend Sicily, rich in art and history, a land to discover and admire with its typical flavors and the Piedmont region that offers extraordinary natural resources and a particular gastronomic tradition.

The two flavor varieties are a union of regional flavors. First we have Sicilian lemon mixed with Piedmont peppermint and the second variety is orange mixed with Indian Fig. This unique line of sparkling juice drinks have no added preservatives

"Incontri" Sanpellegrino come in clusters of 3 bottles in the best bars and supermarkets of Italy.

Company: San Pellegrino
Brand: Incontri
Category: Juice, Sparkling
Origin: Italy
Packaging: 200ml glass bottle (sold in packs of 3)
Claims: Sparkling, No Preservatives
Varieties:Lemon Peppermint, Orange Indian Fig
Website: sanpellegrino.com

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Product Spotlight: Skyy Infusions Vodka Moscato Grape

Skyy Vodka is extending its line of infused vodkas made with natural ingredients with the launch of SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape, the first Moscato grape infused vodka on the market.

The popularity of Moscato wine is exploding in the US. It is the fastest growing wine category in America, recently jumping to the third most-popular white wine varietal in the industry. According to Nielsen, Moscato sales grew 73% in 2012, the largest gain of any varietal. Consumers and bartenders have recently discovered a love for the unique Moscato flavour and are now exploring new and innovative ways of integrating it into their nightlife and drinking occasions.

Skyy Infusions Moscato Grape is the first vodka to combine the number-one flavour in the wine category with the number-one spirit in the beverage alcohol industry, offering consumers a new spirit that is perfect for sophisticated cocktails, capturing the current energy behind both vodka and Moscato wine.

Skyy Infusions Moscato Grape joins the brand’s existing line of premium flavours, which includes Wild Strawberry, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit. It will be available in 50ml (US$1.99), 375ml (US$10.49), 750ml (US$18.49), 1litre (US$23.49) and 1.75litre (US$26.99).

The launch will be supported by a fully integrated marketing campaign featuring advertising, social media activities, and on-/off-premise promotions.


Company: Campari America
Brand: Skyy Infusions
Category: Vodka
Origin: USA
Packaging: 50ml, 375ml, 750, 1 liter, 1.75 liter
Varieties: Wild Strawberry, Coconut, Dragon Fruit, Blood Orange, Pineapple, Ginger, Cherry, Grape, Citrus, Raspberry and Passion Fruit
Alcohol Volume: 35%
Website: campariamerica.com, skyy.com

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Product Spotlight: Bacardi Pineapple Fusion

CORAL GABLES, Fla., April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BACARDI®, the world's best-selling and most awarded rum, announces its newest innovation is now available nationwide.  BACARDI® originally unveiled the latest addition to the brand's flavored rum lineup, BACARDI® Pineapple FusionTM, during NBA All-Star 2013 in February.

Pineapple Fusion is a one of a kind product that fuses the sweet notes of pineapple rum with the toasted flavors of coconut rum. With this new flavor, BACARDI® delivers an unforgettable taste experience, fusing the attitude and energy of the Caribbean to keep the party going all night long. After all, BACARDI® has more than 150 years of experience mastering the craft of rum-making and starting great parties.

"BACARDI rum has always been a pioneer when it comes to creating truly unique flavor combinations, and we are proud to be first to market with our latest offering,," said Toby Whitmoyer , vice president and brand managing director, rum category, at Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. "We were inspired by the fusion of pineapple and coconut rums to deliver an integrated 'fusion' platform that resonates with our target consumers by combining music, sports, and great cocktails."

In the spirit of fusion, BACARDI and the NBA on TNT will bring fans today's hottest tunes paired with epic highlights from the game through the "Highlight Mix Presented by BACARDI Pineapple Fusion" during "Inside the NBA" on TNT.  Every week from April 11 through May 16, the Miami HEAT'S DJ Irie will be on-set with new music mashed with the night's biggest basketball moments. Viewers can visit www.nba.com/bacardihighlightmix to check out the latest mix and create their own highlight reel with tunes mixed by DJ Irie.

The new flavor can be chilled and served as shot drinks or mixed with fruit juice or coconut water for a twist on traditional favorites.

BACARDI® Pineapple Fusion™ is available in 750 ml for a suggested retail price of $14.99, in addition to 50 ml, 200 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1 liter and1.75 liters.

BACARDI® Pineapple Fusion Cocktails:

Pineapple Fused: 1 part BACARDI® Pineapple Fusion™ Flavored Rum 3 parts pineapple juice Pour ingredients over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a pineapple wedge

Pineapple Arnold Palmer : 1 part BACARDI® Pineapple Fusion Flavored Rum 2 parts lemonade 2 parts iced tea Garnish with a pineapple wedge

Full Article @ PR Newswire

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Campbell Soup Has Introduced a New Range of Sparkling Juices

Campbell Soup Company has introduced a new product line, the carbonated V8 V-FusionSparkling juice drinks that “plus the benefits of fruits and vegetables”.

According to SymphonyIRI InfoScan FDMx data Fiscal Years, carbonated beverages is the most popular drink in the U.S., and the sparkling juice category has doubled in the past year to $20 million.

The new V8 V-Fusion Sparkling juice drinks offer consumers a 50-cal only, combined serving of fruits and vegetables and contain no added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The range includes Tangerine Raspberry, Black Cherry Pomegranate and Strawberry Lemonade that are already available in grocery and mass merchandise stores nationwide.

“We know that people love the refreshing taste of soft drinks, but they’re looking for healthier options. That’s why sparkling juices have enjoyed an unprecedented boom,” said Dale Clemiss, Vice President, V8 Beverages. “V8 V-Fusion Sparkling is the perfect choice–it has the sweetness and refreshing bubbles people crave, plus the nutrition they want and need.”

This spring, Campbell also launched V8 V-Fusion + Energy drinks, which is claimed to be the healthiest alternative to most energy drinks on the market. These drinks provide natural energy from green tea and taste of vegetables and fruit—Pomegranate Blueberry and Peach Mango.

In the last two years, Campbell introduced 18 new beverages, including juices, smoothies and energy shots.



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Rexam’s FUSION bottle Gives Pepsi Twist a New Look

Rexam’s award winning FUSION aluminium bottle has given Pepsi Twist a new look, with the original lemon flavoured cola from PepsiCo Italy being repackaged and launched for a trial run in Italy.

PepsiCo Italy has designed the new Pepsi Twist bottle to appeal to young, dynamic consumers, seeking new trends and fashionable drinking solutions. The FUSION bottle guarantees a striking image and a contemporary feel, with Rexam’s innovative design and printing solutions ensuring the bottle has stand-out shelf appeal.

Full Review @ EP


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V8 Debuts Its Take On Sparkling Juice

Campbell Soup Co. continues to transform the juice aisle with new V8 V-Fusion® Sparkling juice drinks, the only carbonated juices that provide light, fruity refreshment plus the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Carbonated beverages remain the most popular drink in the U.S., and the sparkling juice category has doubled in the past year to $20 million. V8 V-Fusion Sparkling juice drinks not only offer great taste but also provide a combined serving of fruits and vegetables without any added sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives—all for 50 calories.

Full Article @ TSR

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New Fusion


“At China Poblano in Las Vegas, José Andrés is mashing up Chinese and Mexican; at Red Rooster in Harlem, Marcus Samuelsson has a lot of Swedish and African accents on his very American food; and Roy Choi, known for fusing Korean and Mexican flavors at Kogi in Los Angeles, has inspired a number of follow-up spots like the just-launched Kimchi Taco truck in New York City.”

Kate Krader, Restaurant Editor, Food & Wine

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