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Drink Review: Fünf Sangria



Fünf Sangria bursts with bright flavors of citrus and ripe summer fruits. It’s an easy-to-drink, medium-bodied wine with just the right amount of sweetness and lush flavors to suit any taste. Serve chilled or add ice and fresh fruit for a tropical experience. Perfect for picnics, backyard parties, or lazy afternoons by the pool.




Have Fün on the Run!
New Fünf Sangria 187ml PET bottles are portable and perfect for sharing. Plus, the bottles are ünbreakable — so they're safe for the beach, the park or poolside




Company:Funf Wines
Brand: Funf
Slogan: Fun Begins at 5!
Origin: USA
Category: Wine
Packaging: 187ml, 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 7-7.5%
Variants: Riesling, Sweet Red, Moscato, Sangria, White Sangria
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator on website
Website: funfwines.com






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