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Product Spotlight: Campina Yoki Low Sugar Drinkable Yogurt


Campina from the Netherlands has launched Yoki, a flavored yogurt drink in a 1 liter Elopak.

Product Features
Improved recipe. Less sweet. No additives. 0% fat. 100% Natural. 32% less sugar. Produced with Dutch grazing cow's milk.

Skimmed Yogurt, Liquid Lactic Elements, Sugar, Fruit Juice (1.1%) (Banana (1%); Lemon); Cornstarch, Natural Flavor.

Fat: 0g; Protein: 2.4g; Total Carbohydrates: 8.8g

Per Serving size: 100ml, Energy (kj): 201, Energy (kcal): 48, Protein (g/mg): 2.4g, Calcium (g/mg): 77mg, Calcium: 10%, Fat (g/mg): 0g, Saturated Fat (g/mg): 0g, Salt (g/mg): 0.10g, Total Carbohydrate (g/mg): 8.8g, Sugar: 7.8g


Company: Frieslandcampina
Brand:  Mona Yoki
Category: Yogurt
Origin: Netherlands
Packaging: 1 liter
Varieties: Banana, Raspberry, Strawberry
Claims: Low Sugar
Website: frieslandcampina.com



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