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Drink Spotlight: Natalie’s Orange Beet Juice


Made with pure Florida oranges and fresh Oregon beets, Natalie’s Orange Beet juice is rich in Vitamin C, folates, and nitrates known to improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

Oranges, Beets

Clean & pure
No preservatives, no artificial ingredients, no added sugar, no GMOs.
Our promise
Honestly sourced, freshly handcrafted, minimally processed.
Care instructions
Must be kept refrigerated between 32-36 degrees






About the company

The Natalie’s story begins in a family orange grove where Marygrace Sexton was pulling her daughter Natalie in a red wagon. Her husband, a fourth generation citrus grower, dreamed of producing fresh squeezed juice, but was too busy running the family’s packinghouse to see it through. Marygrace was determined to bring his idea to fruition. On that crisp fall morning, in the middle of the grove, Marygrace decided to begin her labor of love, and name it after her daughter Natalie. Read More



Company: Natalie's
Brand: Natalie's
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 32 fl oz / 16 fl oz
Claims: No Preservatives. No Artificial Ingredients. No Added Sugar. No GMOs.
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locator







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Drink Spotlight: Evolution Fresh Cold Pressed Organic Green Lemonade



This refreshing twist on lemonade has a smooth finish & SOME of our favorite leafy greens.






About Evolution Fresh

It began over 30 years ago when I picked an orange from a tree in my backyard. Just one handpicked orange, squeezed into pure juice perfection. No processing. No heat pasteurization. From then and there, the chase was on in pursuit of the authentic juice experience. Evolution Fresh pursues that experience every day, that’s why we take the most flavorful fruits and vegetables, cold-press them using high pressure processing, and provide healthy options for every step of the wellness journey.

Health and happiness,

Jimmy Rosenberg,
Evolution Fresh Founder



Company: Evolution Fresh
Brand: Cold Pressed Protein Power Berry
Origin: USA
Category: Juice
Packaging: 15.2 fl oz.
Claims: 27g protein per bottle, made on equipment that processes tree nuts.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator



Organic Green Lemonade


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Drink Spotlight: Fresh Craft Co. Mango Citrus Wine Cocktail



Mango Citrus

A bright, vibrant and luscious concoction of crisp white wine, infused with the natural flavors of juicy mango, natural citrus and a spritz of bubbles.



Pair with creamy cheeses, smoky black bean salsa or teriyaki chicken wings.


Grape Wine, Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Carbon Dioxide, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Potassium Sorbate, Sulfur Dioxide

Contents: 250 ml / 8.5 fl oz.
ALC: 6.5% by vol.





Calories...140 | Total Fat...0mg | Sodium...10mg | Total Carbohydrates...12g | Sugars...11g | Protein...Less than 1g


About the company

Fresh, Fizzy Flavor Anytime, Anywhere


Get ready to flavor the moment.



Company: Fresh Craft Co.
Brand: Mango Citrus Wine Cocktail
Origin: U.S
Category: Wine
Packaging: 250ml can
Claims: Contains natural flavors, 6.5% alcohol content.
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: http://www.freshcraftco.com/






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Industry News: Zipmesh.com Launches Farm Fresh Delivery


Local and organic produce delivery service has started operations


SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Zipmesh is a new delivery service that runs an online marketplace for local foods at Zipmesh.com. The start-up company launched in July 2016. They enable consumers to access local foods and support the region's economy by ordering products directly from farmers and producers in the area. Zipmesh then delivers the freshly harvested order straight from local producers to consumers' doorsteps


Co-Founders Phil Neuwald and Davi Neves recognized the impact that eating local and organic food could have for an individual's health and wellness, as well as the health of the local economy. Neuwald is the former CEO of an IT company and Neves has professional experience in marketing and launching an eco-friendly market. They saw the opportunity that technology could have on connecting farmers with consumers and spent months conducting a service design study to find out the needs and wants of consumers.

Zipmesh is not a farm box, nor an organic grocery delivery services. While companies such as Instacart deliver goods to consumers doorsteps, they lack the close relationship with local producers. They may source produce that is out of season and imported from many miles away. Zipmesh is hyper local. We partner just with producers in the areas in which we work.

The launch of Zipmesh comes at an exciting and strategic time. According to the Organic Trade Association, in 2015 US consumers set new records by spending $43.3 billion on organics. Demand for organics is so strong that supply issues plague the industry. Zipmesh provides a remedy to logistics with its model that sources organic and healthy foods directly from producers and delivers straight to consumers in the same day. Zipmesh takes its services one step further by recognizing the distinctions between local, fresh produce and organics. By sourcing only from local growers, Zipmesh is magnifying the power of the farm fresh and organic industry and keeping the immense economic benefits in the Sacramento region. The Farm to Fork movement is present in Sacramento and Zipmesh is taking it one step further by providing online ordering and logistics service for area farmers and producers.

Feedback from the beta testing of Zipmesh shows that customers love the convenience of Zipmesh and the access to local foods that it brings. One of the participants told us, "I honestly loved the service! The produce came surprisingly quickly and is all fresh and delicious."

Zipmesh is growing rapidly with new partnerships and products from local producers being added to their online marketplace everyday. In celebration of their launch, Zipmesh is offering free delivery and 15% off to customers placing their first order.



Zipmesh.com is an online, localized marketplace that delivers freshly harvested food to customers' homes daily.

Zipmesh sources the healthiest produce only from farmers and producers in the local area. This close relationship with producers means that customers can support and strengthen their local economy while conveniently accessing the freshest local and organic produce, meats, cheeses, and other pantry staples. Order online today to have your order harvested and delivered tomorrow.



Zipmesh.com Launches Farm Fresh Delivery (PRNewsFoto/Zipmesh)

Zipmesh.com Launches Farm Fresh Delivery (PRNewsFoto/Zipmesh)



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Food Spotlight: Tommy’s Superfoods


Founded in Austin in early 2015 by Tommy Williams, Tommy’s Superfoods is a leading producer of premiere flash frozen superfoods committed to sustainability and bringing gourmet cuisine to the frozen food aisle. Made with all-natural ingredients and offering non-GMO verified options, Tommy’s Superfoods flash freezes their superfoods to lock in freshness at their nutritional peak of ripeness. Tommy’s Superfoods provides a delicious medley of flavors while still maintaining low sodium, low calories and no cholesterol. All of their blends are gluten free and are a great source of antioxidants and essential nutrients. To learn more, visit www.tommyssuperfoods.com.




Brand: Tommy’s Superfoods
Slogan: farm fresh, flash frozen, fork friendly
Origin: USA
Category: Frozen Foods
Packaging: 3lbs or 10 oz.
Varieties: Natural Greens with Uncured Bacon, Cauliflower and Green Beans, Root Fusion, Asparagus with Uncured Bacon, Super Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetable Medley, Brussels Sprouts, Fiesta Quinoa
Where to Buy: http://tommyssuperfoods.com/where-to-find/
Website: www.tommyssuperfoods.com


Package illustration


Tommy's SUPER GREENS Proof #6 MCKP




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vitamin gum feat2

Product Spotlight: Vitamin Gum Fresh



Give yourself a nutrition boost while freshening your breath.


  • Antioxidants
  • B-Vitamins
  • Vitamin D









About the company

Vitaball, Inc. is an innovator and developer of nutritional chewing gums utilizing U.S. Patent #5,569,477. Our advanced gum technology gives consumers a better way to gain valuable nutrients in-between meals, while exercising, or "on the go." Active ingredients are quickly absorbed through the mucous lining in the mouth right into the blood stream and through the small intestines.



Company: Vitamin Gum
Brand:  Fresh
Slogan:  Vitamin Gum
Origin: US
Category: Oral Care
Packaging:  12 pieces per pack
Claims:  Good source of Vitamin D, B-Vitamins and antioxidants.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $8.95
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://chewvitamingum.com/index.html



vitamin gum 2



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patagonia feat3

Food Spotlight: Patagonia Provisions Wild Sockeye Salmon, Lemon Pepper



This 6 oz portion of delicious, lightly smoked wild sockeye salmon is fully cooked and ready to eat. Unopened package requires no refrigeration and is pack, dry-bag and shelf stable. Enjoy as is or, for a hot meal, heat the sealed package in hot water for 7 minutes.  Open, drain and serve over rice, grain or greens. Once pouch is opened, keep refrigerated and eat within 3 days.




Wild Sockeye Salmon, Kosher Salt, Contains 2% or less of the following: Organic Brown Sugar, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Lemon Pepper Blend (Sea Salt, Organic Garlic, Organic Lemon Peel, Organic Onion, Organic Spices & Citric Acid), Natural Wood Smoke




Serving Size 55g (about 1/3 pouch)
Calories 85 (Calories from Fat 30)
Total Fat 3g (5% Daily Value)
Saturated Fat 1g (3%)
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 30mg (11%)
Sodium 340mg (14%)
Total Carbohydrate 0g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugars 0g
Protein 13g



bout the company

We've been passionate about food for a long time.

The tradition and culture of food have always been important to us at Patagonia. On our many travels, the meals—cedar-planked salmon with First Nations friends in BC, tsampa in yak-hair tents in Tibet, asado and chimichurri with Patagonian gauchos —become a vital part of the experience. What we eat does more than just fill our stomachs and nourish our bodies; good food lifts our spirits and helps us understand the world a little better.

So it only makes sense that we’d want to share some of our favorite food with our customers. But that’s just the beginning; we also believe there is great opportunity—and an urgent need—for positive change in the food industry. With Patagonia Provisions, our goals are the same as with everything we do: We aim to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most important, inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.



Company: Patagonia Provisions
Brand:Wild Sockeye Salmon, Lemon Pepper
Slogan:  Patagonia Provisions
Origin: US
Category:  Fish
Packaging:  170g each
Claims:  Fresh from the North Pacific, harvested from specified migration routes
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $12.00
Where to Buy: UK, Store locator, Buy Online



patagonia 3a


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Product Spotlight: BAO Fresh Kombucha Drinks

BAO is dedicated to doing good for people while making people feel good.  BAO (rhymes with wow) has seen tremendous growth since launching in April 2010 as the first licensed kombucha brewer in New York State.

BAO Fresh Kombucha is available in 7 flavors - original, berry, ginger, grape, mango, spice and super green

Only 40 calories and 5 grams of sugar per 8 oz serving.  Click "More Images" for complete Nutrition Facts and ingredients.

BAO FRESH KOMBUCHA is brewed longer and is not bottle fermented. This results in a smoother, less effervescent beverage than the other kombuchas on the market.

BAO Fermented foods…

… are naturally tart and full of flavor.

... strengthen your digestive and immune system.

… support and build the natural ecosystem in your gut.

... offer serious flavor addition to any meal or snack.

… have no added sugar.

… have no preservatives or synthetic binders.

… have  no GMOs.

... are certified organic.

BAO also offers a line of Slaw products, Hot sauce and Ketchup



Company: BAO
Brand:  Fresh Kombucha
Category:  Drinks
Slogan: Using the 7000 Year Old Method of Fermentation
Origin: USA
Claims: Fermented, Low Calorie, No GMO, Certified Organic, No Added Sugar
Packaging: 16 fl oz bottles
Varieties: Grape, Ginger, Mango, Super Green, Berry, Original
Price: $2.66 per bottle, $32 for a case of 12 bottles
Website: baofoodanddrink.com



BAO Fresh Kombucha

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Tender Greens: Farm to Table Restaurant Chain

The restaurant business is notoriously brutal, but SoCal farm-to-table chain Tender Greens has found a new way to build profitable careers for chefs.

"I realized there was nobody in the food chain above me whose job I wanted,” recalls David Dressler of the moment eight years ago when he and two of his colleagues experienced enough entrepreneurial angst to quit their jobs.

The former director of food and beverage operations for the Four Seasons and two fine dining executive chef--Erik Oberholtzer and Matt Lyma--had each spent some 15 years in some of the most prestigious kitchens. But while working at the luxury beachfront resort Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica, the then-thirtysomethings decided it was finally time to take a risk. “We were all at same stage of life, same point in our careers, had seen the luxury experience over and over again and it wasn’t changing,” says Oberholtzer.

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Innovative Bottle Cap Keeps Tea Fresh

The patented "Gizmo Closure and Delivery System"—a pressurized bottle cap design that infuses a drink with fresh, preservative-free ingredients upon opening—has been used for the first time with Tea of a Kind beverages.

Tea of a Kind launches at a pivotal point in the beverage industry, when there is a growing demand for premium, ready-to-drink teas but few options available that are free of preservatives and artificial additives. With flavor profiles including Peach Ginger Black Tea, Citrus Mint Green Tea and Pomegranate Acai White Tea, Tea of a Kind is 100 percent natural brewed tea, packed with antioxidants and contains only 20 calories per 16-oz bottle.

The Gizmo Closure and Delivery System holds the tea's active ingredients in a pressurized nitrogen chamber, keeping them whole and preserved without the use of chemical preservatives. The chamber defends them against things like UV light, oxidation and other damaging conditions that degrade nutrients in most pre-mixed beverages. Once the cap is twisted, the ingredients burst into the bottle and self-mix, creating a color change and a visual confirmation that the drink is fresh and ready to consume.

Tea of a Kind

















Full Article @ PD

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