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Company Spotlight: PHLUR



Imagine fragrance that’s great for your skin.
Imagine fragrance that’s great for the planet.
Imagine fragrance that’s just… great.


Great scents. By, and for, mindful people.
We're here to create sustainable, stunning fragrances that transform everyday moments into memories. Designed with select perfumers, our products were created without the typical constraints of time, cost, and creativity. And we're proud of that.


We've worked closely with our partners to ensure our products and processes are as ecological and deliberate as possible. Our suppliers are committed to supporting the communities that make their products possible. And for every bottle sold, we donate $5 to support sustainable initiatives.


Fragrance should be enjoyed. Not in a mall. Not on a strip of paper. But by you, at your pace and in your place. Our line was developed to meld with you and evolve on you. Because we know you're more complex than a strip of paper.



Company: PHLUR
Brand: PHLUR
Slogan: Fragrance reimagined
Origin: USA
Category: Fragrance
Claims: Great for skin
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: USA, Direct on Website





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bodypower feat1

Personal Care Spotlight: Dedicated by BodyPower





DEDICATED by BodyPower is an energizing, sporty fragrance that blends fresh, fruity essences to create the perfect accompaniment to a modern man’s healthy lifestyle and dedication.

A trendy composition of resonant aromas, this signature scent combines nutmeg, amber, patchouli, mandarin orange, juniper, pink grapefruit, bergamot and geranium.

This Eau du Toilette is a symbol of your dedication to exercise, fitness and work ethic. Wear it with pride.

Stock will be arriving in September 2016 and you’ll be contacted via email to confirm dispatch once stock has arrived.

£29.99 including P&P





About the company

Started in 2009, BodyPower Expo has grown into the most celebrated and comprehensive fitness event in the UK, inspiring and motivating 90,000 plus health and fitness enthusiasts.
Set within the easily accessible NEC, Birmingham, BodyPower has developed into a staple event for the international fitness market, welcoming visitors and athletes from over 100 countries. Now into its seventh year the show provides three relentless days of fitness, covering the full spectrum of products, services and athletes.

Offering something for any fitness enthusiast, the show provides a premier visitor experience with countless international stars and industry renowned experts, an extensive exhibition, interactive feature areas and national competitions.

As well as welcoming consumers, BodyPower Expo also welcomes trade delegates to the ever-popular Industry and Preview Day, hosting thousands of industry delegates for a day of networking and education.

Don't miss out on BodyPower Expo 2015, providing motivation, education and inspiration for a nation!



Company: Bodypower
Brand: Dedicated
Origin: UK
Category: Personal Care
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Energizing and sporty fragrance.
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Preorder now
Website: https://www.bodypower.com/





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Personal Care Spotlight: Otter Wax Spruce Cologne Solid


Piloted by Cedar, this fragrance is accentuated by the intricacies of Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Douglas Fir rounded with subtle notes of bergamot, lime, and valencia orange.


About Solids
Solids last longer than their liquid counterparts because the essential fragrance oils don't easily evaporate. The scent develops slower over time allowing the deeper notes to come out and react with your own body's temperature and chemistry.

Create a divot in the center of fragrance. Massage a small amount of solid onto neck, wrists, and pressure points

Beeswax, shea butter, vetiver (vetiveria zizanioides) essential oil, virginian cedarwood (juniperus virginiana) essential oil, sri lankan black pepper (piper nigrum) essential oil, bergamot (citrus bergamia) essential oil, valencia orange (citrus sinensis) essential oil, douglas fir needle (pseudotsuga douglasii) essential oil, lime (citrus aurantifolia) essential oil, sandalwood (santalum spicatum) essential oil.


About the Company
At Otter Wax, we know that quality can't be rushed. Our line of all-natural Fabric Care, Leather Care, and Apothecary products, are formulated and hand-made right here in Portland, Oregon.

Right down to the recyclable packaging, our products are simple and natural. We do not use any animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives.

At Otter Wax, we believe that labeling a product as All-Natural should not be used as a marketing tool, but rather as a way of demonstrating our commitment to making products that are pure, honest, (and most importantly) effective. Read More


Otter Wax: Embrace the Elements from Aubree Bernier-Clarke on Vimeo.




Company: Otter Wax
Brand: Otter Wax
Origin: USA
Category: Cologne
Packaging: 1oz
Claims: Solid
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $30.00 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Stockists
Website:  otterwax.com






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Personal Care Spotlight: BOD Man Warrior Body Spray


BOD Man® Warrior Fragrance Body Spray is a woody, aromatic fragrance that opens with a fresh hit of citrus and dries down full, sexy, and masculine with notes of amber, vetiver, and musk.


Alcohol Denat., Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Parfum), Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Ethylhexyl Salicylate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane


Yellow 5, Red 4,33, Blue 1, Violet 2.

Flammable. Avoid spraying in eyes. May mar surfaces.


Company: BOD
Brand: BOD
Slogan: “I want your BOD®!”
Origin: USA
Category: Body Spray
Packaging: 8oz
Claims: Not Tested on Animals
Price: $7.19
Where to Buy: Click Here
Website: Click Here



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Perfumers Launch Whiskey, Tea Perfumes

And in the future, expect mimosa, gin, and pinot perfumes

It was only a matter of time before wine-inspired perfume would lead to harder liquors, like whiskey and gin, showing up in fragrances. Good thing it's all happening tastefully, with perfume company Commodity making a case for boozy perfumes with smart marketing and smart minimalism.

The start-up has a Whiskey scent for men and a Tea scent for women available for pre-order, but other scents on the drawing board include Paper, Gold, Dew, Gin, and Oak. In the future, the start-up hopes to allow customers to fill out a scent profile, mailing samples that fit said profile. And while we might not really want to smell like single malt Scotch Whisky for the majority of our days, we would probably dig the Tea scent, or perhaps the Mimosa.

This isn't the first time food and drinks have inspired perfume and scents; stranger scents like tamale or pizza have been marketed in the past, not to mention perfumes to pair with wines.

Watch their pitch over at their website, and decide for yourself if whiskey cologne might be worth a shot; we imagine it'll be a bit more refined than the dark, boozy smell of a few questionable nights in a whiskey bar.

Full Article @ TheDailyMeal

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Product Launch: Bentley Fragrances for Men

Bentley has joined luxury car marques including Mercedes and Ferrari in branching out to the fragrance market with the launch of its first men’s scent collection.

The brand claims the new men’s range, which starts at £24, “has skillfully transformed the quintessence of the luxury automotive brand Bentley into a superb and unmistakable fragrance experience”. Alongside the range, Bentley has also partnered with French glass design firm Lalique to create a limited edition range called Lalique for Bentley Crystal Edition. Bottles feature a crystal falcon with the winged Bentley mascot.

Only 999 bottles will be available at selected retailers priced at £3,000 from April 2013. The fragrance has been created by French perfume house Robertet to include “fine woody notes and exquisite leather” to complement Bentley’s craftsmanship.

Full Article @ SOC

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Y-3 Launches Black Label Fragrance

This year Yohji Yamamoto and adidas celebrate ten years of Y-3 with the introduction of Y-3’s first men’s fragrance Black Label. The fragrance opens with a masculine sparkling accord of cardamom and elemi associated with a modern touch of Tagete.

The heart reveals an elegant mix of Virginian Cedar Wood and Lavandin supported by the sensual warmth of black pepper. The wake releases the captivating power of Patchouli, Vetiver and Tonka Bean which gives the fragrance its unique character. Black Label comes in a 75ml bottle and is in Y-3 flagship stores and online.

via SOC

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Product Spotlight: Tamale Perfume

“I could go wild and try to create a ‘pollo’ one or an ‘al pastor’ one,” perfumer Zorayda Ortiz tells DNAinfo Chicago, referring to a chicken or pork tamale scented oil she’s thinking of designing. Honey, just having a plain tamale scented one is bad enough.

Fortunately the first two ideas seem to be just that – ideas – but that third one. That third one, titled simply “Tamale,” is part of Ortiz’s newest perfume line and attempts to capture the culture of the Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood.

Now, like with the sushi perfume we discovered a while back, it’s hard to imagine what effect any sort of food-inspired scent could have on a person aside from making them hungry.

H/T Huff Po, PixThx Tavallai

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Pizza Perfume: Pizza Hut Releases ‘Eau de Pizza Hut’

Be careful what you wish for on the internet: Pizza Hut Canada has released a limited edition Pizza Hut perfume. After a Facebook post jokingly asked what fans of the pizza chain would call a perfume that smelled like "a box of Pizza Hut pizza being opened," the company culled the whopping 266 responses to come up with the super original "Eau de Pizza Hut." The company actually produced a cologne, which has "top notes of freshly baked, hand-tossed dough" and "commemorate[s] Pizza Hut Canada reaching 100,000 Facebook fans." Commemorating Facebook fans is apparently something that happens now.

Sorry to disappoint, but the sole 110 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut have already been distributed to random Pizza Hut Canada fans via Facebook. But don't worry, a rep for the chain says via press release, "The good news is people can enjoy the great smell of fresh Pizza Hut pizza any day of the week by ordering one of our signature crust pizzas." So don't worry about how you're going to end up smelling like pepperoni.

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Consumers Demanding More Exotic Cleaning Scents

While vacationing last month in Aruba, Michael Papas ran on the beach at different times each day, hoping to sniff out new tropical aromas for the cleaning-product fragrances he creates.

"At one time everyone wanted these clean, traditional scents, but now consumers want a whole experience when they're doing their laundry or washing their floors," says Mr. Papas, an executive perfumer at Givaudan SA, GIVN.VX +0.54% which works with manufacturers to create scents for products.

Forget lemon and pine. People are fumigating their homes with exotic essences of ginger and hibiscus while scrubbing floors and bathtubs. That's because packaged-goods makers, in their endless hunt for the new and improved, are ramping up the complexity of product fragrances. Adding an elaborate bouquet that consumers crave to a product line helps build loyalty, marketers say.

Windex's Magic Meadow scent smells like "fresh greens, morning dew and white jasmine." Mr. Clean has New Zealand Springs, promising "ferns, forests and glacier-carved waterfalls."

No matter that consumers may not know what a glacier-carved waterfall actually smells like. "They're fanciful. You want to evoke a feeling or emotion, like when you're out in a meadow," says Deborah Betz, a senior fragrance development manager at International Flavors & Fragrances, an industry supplier. "It doesn't have to smell like an actual meadow."

Scent trends once progressed into consumers' homes along a path that began with perfume, moved to soaps and then to room fresheners, laundry products, dish soap and finally cleaners. Now, more scents are leaping immediately from perfume counter to under-the-sink cupboard.

Advances in chemistry have made more varied and intricate cleaning-product scents possible. New surfactants and solvents that have boosted cleaning efficacy over the years also tend to have less odor than older formulas that used bleach and ammonia. Consumers have gradually accepted that cleaning products work even without a chemical smell.

[image] Proctor & GambleMr. Clean's New Zealand Springs promises 'ferns, forests and glacier-carved waterfalls.'

When working on a fragrance for laundry detergents or fabric softeners, Mr. Papas tests using a rigorous regimen. First, the scent must give off an inviting bloom from the bottle's plastic cap, to win over a shopper sniffing in the store aisle. Pouring the product into a washing machine should deliver an even bigger, more pleasant waft, Mr. Papas says. The scent must be immediately noticeable when removing clothes from the washer, and it must survive the heat of a dryer. Finally, it should linger on clothes that have been folded and placed in a drawer.

There's a different dynamic in floor cleaners. "You need that bloom as soon as it hits the water," says Mr. Papas. "Then it should offer a satisfying dry down after it's used."

Chemistry breakthroughs have helped companies employ the same scent across different products. Someone who loves a fragrance in a laundry detergent might also buy it in a floor cleaner, a dish soap and a disinfectant. In 2004, Procter & Gamble introduced a lavender-vanilla scent in Downy fabric softener, and a year later in Tide detergent. Today, P&G's lavender-vanilla fragrance spans Mr. Clean bathroom cleaner to Swiffer sweepers to Febreze fabric refresher.

Cleaning-product perfumers monitor food exhibitions, farmers' markets, architecture, runway fashion shows and even bars for new ideas. "All the pomegranate you see today in home products started as a popular ingredient at gourmet food fairs," says Ana Paula Mendonca, creative director of the "olfactive design studio" at IFF.

[image] Method.Method's pear-and-ginger scented products by Orla Kiely for Target

Ms. Betz says she often brings a popular fine fragrance to her perfumer colleagues and asks them to recreate it in a cleaner. Estée Lauder Cos.' fragrance Calyx has influenced many complex cleaning scents, as has Dior's J'adore, she says. Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue is another big force. "You get this marine smell of fresh air, with a touch of lavender and woodiness," Ms. Betz says. "Those notes are very desirable in cleaners."

Runway trends also are influential. Ms. Betz and her team are working on scents for cleaners that incorporate a popular color this year, bright-orange. The scents will go beyond simply citrus. "You're going to see citrus but with other notes—a citrus bouquet—and you're going to see more combinations with tropical notes," she predicts.

For the bluebell fragrance in Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day product lineup, Pam Helms, chief innovation officer for SC Johnson & Son's Caldrea unit, says fashion inspired the choice, "We looked at what kinds of colors are important right now, and navy is really big."

Getty Images (candle); iStockphoto (6)

Food is influential, too. Next month, Method Products will launch cleansers in Target stores inspired by fashion designer Orla Kiely. Method developed a pear-ginger scent to accompany Ms. Kiely's vibrant pear-patterned bottles of all-purpose cleaner, dish soap and hand wash. Americans' increasing demand for ginger and other nontraditional cooking ingredients, as well as Ms. Kiely's design, shaped the fragrance choice, Method says. Five years ago, raw ginger was hard to find, says Don Frey, Method's vice president of product development. "Now you'll find it at almost any big grocery store in the country."

Not all food, of course, smells good in a cleaning product, he says. "We've learned that people don't want to clean their kitchens with something that smells like cooked food, but they will clean with something that smells like raw food," he says. Cooked-food perfumes—such as baked apple or caramel—get confused with actual cooking aromas.

For Method's pear-ginger cleaning spray, Mr. Frey wanted the pear fragrance to smell fresh without being too sugary. The addition of ginger helped balance it, he says. "Anything that smells too juicy you associate with your fingers being sticky, which you don't want on your countertops."

[image] S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.The Windex Magic Meadow fragrance has 'fresh greens, morning dew and white jasmine'

Chocolate is surging in popularity but remains a bit of a reach for cleaning products. Though it's a trendy aroma in body sprays and soaps and it is catching on in candles, "whenever we test it in cleaners it always bombs, says IFF's Ms. Betz. "It's just not so clean and fresh."

Naming cleaning-product fragrances can be as nuanced as concocting them. Consumers tend to love hints of banana in their cleaning products. "But if you put it on the label, it doesn't work," says Steve Nicoll, an IFF senior perfumer. "Papaya is the same way. It's so unexpected that they can't accept it, yet the smell they like."

Lavender works in reverse. "People like the idea of lavender but don't tend to like the real thing," says Ms. Betz. Most of the lavender-scented products are actually lavender "fantasies," an industry term for a hint of a scent that is combined with others. Lavender is usually combined with fruit, floral, woody or vanilla notes, she says.

Fragrance names conveying texture help win over shoppers and add a whiff of sophistication. Just as fine fragrances incorporate textures into their names, notably Donna Karan's popular "Cashmere Mist," so, too, do cleaners. Commonplace names like "Berry Burst" are all but gone, says Mr. Nicoll. "Now it's called 'Velvet Raspberry.' "

Karen Adams, of Orange, Conn., uses lavender-scented cleaners for her windows, mirrors, laundry and sink, and lavender-scented bleach, too. "Cleaning is such a mundane task and not anything that I love doing," says Ms. Adams, who helps run a fragrance fan club called Sniffapalooza. "I try to find any way to make it more pleasant."

Full Article @ WSJ

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